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Display, Device, Method, and Computer Program for Indicating a Clear Shot

An improved display provides information regarding a projectile trajectory so that a user is informed whether or not there is a clear shot. Such information facilitates accurate, effective, and safe firearm and bow use by providing indications regarding obstacles that are between the shooter and target and which may or may not be in the projectile trajectory. The improved display provides one or more path indicators shown over the cross hairs. In some embodiments the highest point in the projectile trajectory (being a true aim point) is indicated in relation to the visualized target and possible obstacles. An improved rangefinder device generally includes a range sensor operable to determine a first range to a target, a tilt sensor operable to determine an angle to the target relative to the device, and a computing element, coupled with the range sensor and the tilt sensor, operable to determine an accurate projectile trajectory based on the first range and the determined angle. In some embodiments any obstacle in the projectile trajectory is automatically ranged and an indication is provided that the obstacle will interfere with the clear shot. A game display embodiment provides education regarding the technology. Enhanced rangefinders have digital cameras and high-resolution displays. Some embodiments adapt a mobile smart device such as an iPhone with a range sensor to be a high resolution rangefinder with a touch screen, GPS, and video analysis capabilities.

Compound bows

Improved compound bows which are smaller, more compact, lighter, and more easily handled and serviced than compound bows of conventional construction but are nevertheless capable of propelling an arrow at an equal or higher velocity and with comparable or greater accuracy than a conventional bow. The improved bows are quieter than those of conventional construction and less apt to snag on brush or other obstacles. They have a rigid riser with ends to which string cams are rotatably mounted and cam-associated power units mounted to and towards the ends of the riser. Each power unit has a component which is elastically deformed to store potential energy as the bow is drawn and a power cable connecting the power storing component to the associated string cam. A bow string extends between and is connected at its opposite ends to the string cams. As the bow is drawn, the string cams are rotated in counter directions, pulling on the power unit cables and thereby elastically deforming and storing potential energy in the power unit components. When the bow string is subsequently released, the elastically deformable power unit components restore to rest configurations, this converting the stored potential energy to arrow propelling kinetic energy. A timing cable arrangement insures that the cams are synchronized to rotate in unison, avoiding the unwanted nock travel that might otherwise occur; and the power units have an adjustment feature which allows the force required to fully draw the bow to be changed.
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