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Method and apparatus for accelerating the cyclic firing rate of a semi-automatic firearm

InactiveUS6101918AFiring/trigger mechanismsGun mountingsCycle rateTrigger finger
An accelerating assembly effectively to increase the cyclic rate at which the trigger of a semi-automatic firearm can be actuated to discharge the weapon. The firearm has a supporting device, a receiver housing supported from the supporting device, a trigger and trigger mechanism secured to the receiver housing. The accelerating mechanism incorporates structure that permits the receiver and the trigger to translate rearwardly a predetermined distance with respect to the supporting device in response to the recoil imparted by the discharge of the semi-automatic firearm. A biasing arrangement continuously urges the receiver, and trigger, to translate forwardly with respect to the supporting device substantially that same predetermined distance. A locating stop is mounted on the supporting device. The locating stop is disposed to be engaged by the shooter's finger after the trigger has been actuated to fire the semi-automatic weapon. That engagement of the shooter's trigger finger with the locating stop effectively immobilizing the shooter's trigger finger with respect to the supporting device until the shooter releases the trigger. The method of the present invention operates by depressing the trigger with a shooter's trigger finger in order to discharge the firearm. The shooter's finger is then immobilized in the position it has assumed to discharge the firearm. The trigger is translated away from the immobilized trigger finger to effect a total disengagement therebetween. Sequentially thereafter the trigger is biased into engagement with the immobilized trigger finger to effect successive discharges of the firearm.

Gas powered gun and assemblies therefor

An improved air gun for firing paint balls, pellets,, consisting of a passively venting and freeze resistant regulator, a pressure differential trigger mechanism, and a muzzle break with angled sidewalls. The freeze resistant regulator regulates incoming high pressure gas to a user predetermined pressure to operate the gun while avoiding freezing of the regulator associated with frigid incoming compressed gases and high firing rates. This is accomplished by using a heat transmission component formed by the engagement between a hemispheric shaped tip of a regulating pin and a hemispheric cavity of an adjustment piston. Passive venting of gas from the gun upon removal of the pressurized gas supply is provided by the regulator using a reciprocating regulating pin and adjustment piston which combine to compress a seal into a seat only when pressurized gas is attached to the air gun. Once detached from a pressurized air supply the compressed air in the gun vents through the seat. Firing of the gun is achieved using a pressure differential trigger mechanism capable of fine pull adjustment using a trigger biasing mechanism. Greater accuracy of projectiles leaving the gun is provided by the muzzle break featuring of a plurality of elongated oval slots having angled sidewalls to parse propulsion gases from the projectile which reduces air turbulence encountered by the projectile upon exit from the gun.
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