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Airbag-loading potable weak and soft interlayer direct shear apparatus

The invention provides a simple, accurate and field airbag-loading potable soft and weak interlayer direct shear apparatus. In the direct shear apparatus, airbag loading is adopted to apply a normal force, and a piston system arranged on the upper part of a reaction frame can guarantee the verticality and application uniformity of the normal force when a sample produces shearing displacement; and a ball screw system applies a tangential force and linear guides under a sample seat can guarantee the horizontality of the application direction of the shearing force and the continuity and smoothness of the tangential force. A normal force applying system avoids bearing load, and airbag pressurization is accomplished by a potable pressurizing device and is high in precision, simple and easy to implement. A tangential force applying system uses a screw handle to apply force and the force application is steady and highly operable. Both the normal force applying system and the tangential force applying system are fixed, small in volume, high in reliability and convenient in on-site test. The test device can perform the quick shearing of field soft and weak interlayer and consolidated drained quick and slow shear tests and is simple, precise and high in operability.

Steel pipe external-surface smearing device capable of automatic addition of rust removal oil

The invention discloses a steel pipe external-surface smearing device capable of automatic addition of rust removal oil. The device of the invention comprises a pedestal, a support, a supporting mechanism, a conveying mechanism and a smearing mechanism. The support is fixedly installed on the upper end of the pedestal. Left and right ends of the support are symmetrically connected to a hydraulic telescoping rod A, the inner side of which is connected to the supporting mechanism. The supporting mechanism comprises a cylindrical block, an electric telescoping rod C and a non-skid mat. The smearing mechanism comprises an electric telescoping rod A, a connecting rod, an arc-shaped plate A, an arc-shaped plate B, an arc-shaped chute, an arc-shaped tooth bar, an electric telescoping rod B, a gear, a forward and reverse rotating motor B, an arc-shaped chamber, a chute, a slide block, a smearing roller, a connecting port and a movable block. The upper end of the support is also provided with the conveying mechanism. the device has a novel design, can be used to smear steel pipes with different diameters, has high smearing efficiency and good effect, can effectively prevent wastage of the rust removal oil during the smearing process and also can ensure full smearing of the rust removal oil. Then, the rust removal oil is smeared uniformly, and the device has strong practicality.

Building construction wall plastering equipment with reciprocating plastering function

InactiveCN107035116ARealize up and down repeated movementApply evenlyBuilding constructionsArchitectural engineeringThreaded rod
A wall painting equipment for building construction with a reciprocating painting function, including a base plate, four rollers are fixedly connected to the lower side of the base plate, a support column is fixedly connected to the upper side of the base plate, and an opening is opened on the support column to move toward the left. groove, a moving block is arranged in the moving groove, and a vertical threaded through hole is provided on the moving block, and a threaded rod is connected to the internal thread of the vertical threaded through hole, and the two ends of the threaded rod are connected to the support column in rotation, and the lower part of the threaded rod A first bevel gear is fixedly connected, a second bevel gear meshes on the right side of the first bevel gear, and a first rotating shaft is fixedly connected to the right end of the second bevel gear, and the first rotating shaft extends rightward through the support column, and the first rotating shaft The right end of the right end is connected with the first motor output end fixedly arranged on the side wall of the support column. The invention has the advantages of reasonable structural design and good painting effect, effectively liberates manpower, ensures the painting effect, improves the painting efficiency, and has wide application value.

High-efficiency glue spreader

The invention provides a high-efficiency glue spreader which comprises a rack, wherein a hopper is arranged at the top of the rack and communicates with blanking pipelines; a rotatable gluing roller is mounted below the hopper; a plate conveying belt is arranged below the gluing roller in a matched manner; a glue containing cavity is arranged in the gluing roller; the glue containing cavity communicates with the hopper through the blanking pipelines; a mechanism containing cavity is further arranged at the periphery of the glue containing cavity; a plurality of gluing partition plates and gluespraying partition plates are mounted in the mechanism containing cavity; the mechanism containing cavity is divide into a plurality of triggering cavities by the gluing partition plates and the gluespraying partition plates; the triggering cavities are internally provided with glue spraying air bags and gluing air bags; the gluing air bags and the glue spraying air bags communicate with the glue containing cavity respectively; the gluing air bags further communicate with gluing brushes mounted outside the gluing roller; the glue spraying air bags communicate with spraying heads mounted outside the gluing roller; and triggers are further elastically mounted outside the gluing roller. When the glue spreader works, the triggers are extruded to trigger the spraying heads to spray a plate; the gluing brushes glue the plate; the gluing quality is high; no secondary processing is required; and the working efficiency is high.

EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) composite emulsion type low temperature-resistant and environmentally-friendly all-purpose adhesive and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses an EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) composite emulsion type low temperature-resistant and environmentally-friendly all-purpose adhesive and a preparation method thereof, belonging to the field of water-based adhesives. The invention adopts the technical scheme that an EVA emulsion is modified by utilizing a rosin tackifying resin emulsion and a polyurethane emulsion together to prepare the EVA emulsion all-purpose adhesive. The all-purpose adhesive comprises the following components in parts by weight: 65-80 parts of EVA emulsion, 5-15 parts of rosin tackifying resin emulsion, 5-15 parts of polyurethane emulsion and the balance of auxiliary agent, wherein the auxiliary agent comprises an antifreeze agent, a plasticizer, a mildew-proof agent, a wetting agent and a pH regulator. When making, the preparation method comprises the following steps of: adding the EVA emulsion to a dispersion kettle with a stirrer, and uniformly stirring; adding the polyurethane emulsion, and stirring and mixing for 1.0-1.5h; then adding the rosin tackifying resin emulsion, the plasticizer of dibutyl phthalate, the antifreeze agent of glycol, the mildew-proof agent of Kathon and the wetting agent, and stirring and uniformly mixing; adding the pH regulator, such as ammonia water or triethylamine to regulate pH value to be 4.5-5.5, and filtering and discharging. The obtained all-purpose adhesive has indexes which reach or exceed common white latexes, convenient use and wide applicability, and can be widely used for architectural decoration, furniture making, cases, and the like and used at normal temperature but also at the low temperature from 5 DEG C to 5 DEG C below zero.

Preparation method of antibacterial mould-proof plywood for decoration

The invention mainly relates to the technical field of machining of artificial boards, and discloses a preparation method of antibacterial mould-proof plywood for decoration. The preparation method comprises drying, dipping, freezing, gluing, hot pressing and arrangement; the method is simple, safe and nontoxic; the obtained plywood for decoration reaches the mould inhibition rate of 76.3%, and contains no poisonous chemical reagent; the human health is guaranteed in the preparation and use process of the plywood; a veneer is firstly dried at low temperature, so that the water content is lower than the water content of a conventional veneer, the activity of the mould remained in the veneer is inhibited, the moulding is inhibited, the absorption of treatment solution in later treatment process is promoted, and the production efficiency is improved; and the dried veneer is put in sodium selenite solution for ultrasonic dipping, so that the sodium selenite solution is fully infiltrated in the veneer to inhibit growth of infectious microbes, the binding force of lignin to cellulose is reduced, the softness of the veneer is improved, breakage is prevented, and the machining performance and the use performance of the plywood are improved.
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