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Mop assembly and cart

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A mop assembly including a mop head and handle, and a supply of liquid connected to a valve assembly on the handle adjacent the mop head. The valve assembly includes a length of resiliently flexible tubing that has a portion extending transversely through the handle and first and second members on opposite sides of the length of tubing that are relatively movable between a closed position at which the first and second members pinch together opposite sides of the length of tubing to stop the flow of liquid through it, and an open position at which the first and second members are spaced apart to afford flow of liquid through it. Should the tubing become plugged, it can easily be replaced by disconnecting one end from a liquid supply length of tubing, withdrawing the tubing from between the first and second members, and then installing a new length of tubing. A storage cart for use with the mop assembly includes an elongate upwardly projecting main portion having walls providing a side surface, and an elongate tray portion that provides a receptacle adapted to receive the mop head. The tray portion is mounted on a bottom end of the main portion for relative movement between a closed position at which the side surface covers an open side of the receptacle to thereby afford retention of the mop head in the receptacle; and an open position with the tray portion disposed at about a right angle with respect to the main portion so that the mop head can be inserted into or removed from the receptacle and so that the bottom wall can be supported along a horizontal surface such as a floor surface with side walls of the receptacle projecting upwardly.
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