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Megasonic cleaning is a type of acoustic cleaning, related to ultrasonic cleaning. It is a gentler cleaning mechanism, less likely to cause damage, and is used in wafer, medical implant, and industrial part cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaner

The invention discloses an ultrasonic cleaner and belongs to the field of mechanical equipment cleaning. The ultrasonic cleaner solves the problems that cleaning fluid in an existing ultrasonic cleaner cannot remove impurities in time, and the cleaning fluid is wasted. The ultrasonic cleaner comprises a rack (1), an ultrasonic generator (2), a cleaning tank (3) and ultrasonic vibrators (4). A water circulation device is arranged on the outer side of the cleaning tank (3) and comprises an overflow tank (5) arranged on one side of the cleaning tank (3). The water circulation device further comprises the overflow tank, an oil contamination tank (7), a water storage tank (8), a water pump (9), a filter (10) and a water injection tank (11). The bottom of the water injection tank (11) is communicated with the cleaning tank (3). The bottom of the cleaning tank (3) is an inclined plane. The ultrasonic cleaner integrates the functions of heating, ultrasonic waves, circulating filtration, oil-water separation and article movement, the cleaning speed is high, and the cleaning effect is good; besides, the ultrasonic cleaner is multifunctional, low in energy consumption and capable of prolonging the replacement cycle of the cleaning fluid and reducing environmental pollution, thereby being wide in application range.

Method of electrolytically extracting and detecting fine inclusions in steel

The invention discloses a method of electrolytically extracting and detecting fine inclusions in steel, belonging to the technical field of metal physical research methods. The method comprises the following technical steps of: using an organic electrolyte to carry out electrolysis on a steel sample; after electrolysis, washing the electrolyte mixed with the inclusions by absolute ethyl alcohol, and carrying out magnetic separation on the electrolyte by a magnet; separating the electrolyte after magnetic separation and collecting the inclusions by adopting a method of centrifugation by a centrifugal machine; putting the collected inclusions into a solvent easy to volatilize, carrying out ultrasonic dispersion on the inclusions by an ultrasonic cleaner, and then dripping a solution after ultrasonic dispersion on a carrier drop by drop by a trace pipette; and after the solvent volatilizes, putting the carrier which is distributed with the inclusions into a scanning electron microscope to analyze. The method has the advantages that the fine inclusions can be extracted in an undamaged way, the obtained inclusions are good in dispersion under a field of view of the scanning electron microscope, the shapes of the inclusions are perfect, and a good space statistic analysis result can be obtained so as to supply accurate data for a product.

Circulating water electrolytic descaling device and descaling method thereof

The invention discloses a circulating water electrolytic descaling device and a descaling method thereof, and belongs to the technical field of environment protection. The device comprises a reaction chamber, a water inlet, a water inlet valve, a water outlet, a water outlet valve, a drain outlet, a drain valve, an anode, a control system, an end plate and a bracket. The reaction chamber therein is provided with a test anode, the reaction chamber is made of metal materials, and the inner wall thereof is used as the cathode of an electrolytic reaction and connected with a cathode wiring terminal; the anode and the test electrode pass through the end plate and are and fixed on the end plate, the test electrode approaches the inner wall of the reaction chamber, the outer wall of the reaction chamber is coated with an epoxy resin layer and provided with an ultrasonic cleaner, the bottom of the reaction chamber is spherical or tapered, and the inner surface thereof is coated with the epoxy resin layer. The descaling method comprises an electrolytic descaling process and a cleaning descaling process. The invention uses ultrasonic waves for automatically descaling and cleaning, has the functions of automatically sterilizing, removing alage and softening water quality after descaling, has multiple functions, compact, firm and durable structure, and is suitable for sterilization, algae removal, descaling and corrosion resistance of circulating cooling water.

Health-care blackberry and mulberry compound fruit wine and brewing method thereof

The invention relates to a blackberry and mulberry compound fruit wine and a brewing method thereof. The method comprises the following steps of: sorting blackberries and mulberries as raw materials, cleaning the raw materials by using deionized water matched with ultrasonic waves and mixing by according to a certain proportion; then pumping the mixture into heating equipment to heat to 40 DEG C to 50 DEG C, and carrying out enzymolysis, component adjustment, sterilization, compound yeast fermentation, clarification, allocation, filtering and formation of compound fruit wine; and checking and packaging the compound fruit wine into products. The brewing method makes the fragrances of the blackberries and the mulberries complement with nutrient components to prepare the health-care blackberry and mulberry compound fruit wine with the advantages of powerful fruit flavor, ruddy color and luster, sweet vinosity, reasonable nutrition and good texture, and the health-care blackberry and mulberry compound fruit wine has the functions of resisting aging, blacking hair and hairdressing, preventing and resisting cancers and enhancing immunities, especially has an obvious effect on preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and can improve the immunities of human bodies and be is beneficial to health when frequently drunk by people.

Method of manufacturing vacuum composite film coating on surface of neodymium iron boron magnet

The invention relates to the technical filed of vacuum plating, in particular to a preparation method for conducting vacuum compound plating on the surface of a neodymium iron boron magnet, which is characterized in that the preparation method comprises the following steps: A. pre-treatment, the mixed liquor of washing liquid and purified water is used for conducting oil removal and parting medium washing to the magnet surface in an ultrasonic wave cleaner; B. ion cleaning and activation, the pre-treated neodymium iron boron magnet which is dried at 80-100 DEG C for 5-10 minutes undergoes bombardment activation of a glow plasma in vacuum environment, so as to increase surface activation energy; and C. vacuum plating, vacuum plating treatment is conducted to the neodymium iron boron magnet washed by ions in a vacuum chamber, and a metal plating is prepared on the surface. The deposited metal film on the surface of the neodymium iron boron magnet has the advantages of good stability, high bonding force and tightness, stronger anti-corrosion performance in cold and hot alternation environment. Furthermore, in the physical vapor deposition plating process, the plating thickness is affected much less by the magnet workpiece corner than in electroplating and chemical plating, and the pollution problem is avoided in the preparation process.

Method and device for pre-treating oil field sewage by ultrasonic oxidation united with electrochemical oxidation

The invention relates to a method and a device for pre-treating oil field sewage by ultrasonic oxidation united with electrochemical oxidation, and belongs to the sewage treatment of oil field exploration and production. The invention discloses (1) an ultrasonic and electrochemical cooperated composite oxidation method for oxidizing and degrading organic pollutants in an oil field, wherein the frequency of the ultrasonic wave is 20 to 500Hz; and current density is 50 to 5000A/m<2>; and the invention also discloses (2) an ultrasonic washing method for washing cathode scales which are oxidized in a united electrochemical mode. The device is a composite oxidizing electrolytic bath device, wherein an electrolytic bath, an anode and a cathode are arranged in the composite oxidizing electrolytic bath device; and particularly an ultrasonic device is arranged on the electrolytic bath. The invention has the advantages of reducing and avoiding medicament doping, avoiding the medicament resistance of biological species in a water body and the phenomena of a discontinuous electrolysis process, a poor electrolysis effect and the like caused by the cathode scales in the traditional electrochemical electrolysis, ensuring the stable quality of discharged water and a better purification effect, and lowering water treatment cost.

Continuous cleaning equipment system for strip

The invention discloses a continuous belt material cleaning equipment system, comprising a station of a pre-spray cleaning area, a station of an ultrasonic cleaning area, a station of a spray cleaning area, a station for a first air knife water shearing, a station of an acidic or alkaline cleaning area, a station of a pure water spray cleaning area, a station for a second air knife water shearing and a station for hot air drying which are connected in turn and arranged on a frame; the stations are electrically connected with a PLC controller; the PLC controller detects and controls input of the belt material from the station of the pre-spray cleaning area; and the belt material is then output after ultrasonic cleaning, spray cleaning, air drying, acid and alkaline cleaning, pure-water cleaning and drying. The system adopts the PLC controller to automatically control and detect the production process without additional auxilians. The system has the function of removing oil and oxide on the surface of the belt material; and the secondary products meet the requirements of electronic-grade product manufacturing. Washing agent is used to carry out internal circle cleaning without discharging, thereby satisfying environment-friendly manufacturing. The system adopts a method combining rinsing and pre-rinsing, so as to reach the goal of water saving and energy saving.

Manufacturing method of hot bent 3D (Three Dimensional) glass white sheet

The invention relates to a manufacturing method of a hot bent 3D (Three Dimensional) glass white sheet. The manufacturing method comprises the following steps: (1) cutting a material: cutting a glass white sheet material into a plurality of small glass white sheets with proper sizes; (2) finely engraving: putting the small glass white sheets into a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) fine engraving machine, and punching and grinding edges; (3) cleaning: carrying out cleaning treatment on the glass white sheet by utilizing a glass cleaning machine; (4) carrying out ultrasonic treatment: washing surface residual waste dreg on the surface of the glass white sheet by utilizing an ultrasonic washing machine; (5) hot bending: putting the glass white sheet into a hot bending mold and hotly bending, machining and molding the glass white sheet into a 3D curve surface; (6) tempering: putting the hotly bent glass white sheet into a tempering frame; conveying the tempering frame into a tempering furnace and raising the temperature to 380 DEG C-420 DEG C, wherein the heating time is 4h-8h and the hardness reaches 7H; (7) carrying out plasma spraying: putting the glass white sheet into a fingerprint oil spraying machine and spraying fingerprint oil on a surface through plasmas; baking at a temperature of 140 DEG C-160 DEG C for 25-30 minutes until the fingerprint oil is dried; (8) fitting: fitting release films on upper and lower surfaces of the glass white sheet; and (9) packaging.

Flux-cored wire for fusion welding butt joint of titanium-steel composite board and preparation method of flux-cored wire

A flux-cored wire for fusion welding butt joint of a titanium-steel composite board comprises the components in percentage by mass as follows: 80-81% of vanadium powder and 19-20% of chromium powder, and the sum of the mass percentageof the components is 100%. The invention further discloses a preparation method of the flux-cored wire. The preparation method comprises the steps as follows: the vanadium powder and the chromium powder are dry-mixed to obtain flux core powder, the flux core powder is placed on a charging machine of flux-cored wire production equipment, a copper belt is placed on a belt unwinding machine, ultrasonic cleaning is performed, then U-shaped groove rolling and powder adding operations are performed, the powder filling rate is controlled, sealing of the copper belt is performed through a forming machine, and a wire with the diameter of 3.8 mm is formed; then the flux-cored wire is obtained through six reducing treatment processes and a nine-stage reducing finish drawing treatment process sequentially. By means of the flux-cored wire, a titanium layer and a steel layer weld structure of the composite board can be effectively joined together, and the fusion welding butt joint of the titanium-steel composite board is realized; an obtained weld joint has excellent toughness; and the preparation process is simple, and mass production is facilitated.

Graphene oxide/polymer composite antibacterial material and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a graphene oxide/polymer composite antibacterial material and a preparation method thereof. The composite antibacterial material is characterized in that a polymer is subjected to surface modification and then is combined with graphene oxide dispersed in water, thus obtaining a graphene oxide antibacterial coating bonded on a polymer matrix, wherein the thickness of the antibacterial coating is 1 to 50nm. The preparation method of the graphene oxide/polymer composite antibacterial material comprises the following steps: firstly, performing ultrasonic cleaning on the polymer; secondly, performing surface modification on the polymer subjected to ultrasonic cleaning; thirdly, immersing an activated polymer matrix into a coupling agent solution and soaking; fourthly, taking out the soaked polymer, leaching with deionized water, then putting into a graphene oxide suspension liquid for 0.2 to 24 hours, taking out, leaching and naturally drying in air to obtain the graphene oxide/polymer composite antibacterial material. The invention designs and prepares the composite antibacterial material by taking graphene oxide as an antibacterial ingredient; the composite antibacterial material has a transparent antibacterial layer, is excellent in antibacterial property and is firmly bonded with the matrix.
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