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Multi-functional elevator

The invention discloses a multi-functional elevator, comprising a chassis component and a lifting table component, wherein, a scissors mechanism is hinged between the chassis component and the lifting-table component to support or drive the lifting table component; a driving device is arranged on the chassis component to drive the extension and retraction of the scissors mechanism; the driving device is controlled by a controller arranged on the chassis component. The driving device adopts a worm-wheel and worm type speed reducer, and is internally provided with a self-locking mechanism; the chassis component is provided with a roller component with an induction device, and the usage safety of the chassis component is greatly improved. The multi-functional elevator of the invention has small and exquisite appearance structure in design with the thickness being less than one foot under complete compression state, can be completely stored at the bottom of chambers and under beds and other places, occupies less space, and is convenient to be stored. The invention also has multiple functions of being used as an experiment workbench in a laboratory, being used as a table after being lifted to a proper height and being used as a lifting device for placing heavy objects and the like, realizing multiple use of one machine.

Automatic tableware cleaning table

InactiveCN107028346ACompact designSmall footprintRevolvable tablesFeetExterior spaceEngineering
The invention discloses an automatic tableware cleaning table which belongs to a mechanism design field of mechanical engineering. At present, the work of collecting, sorting and cleaning tableware after a meal is mostly completed by people. Moreover, the existing robots for collecting, sorting and cleaning tableware are mostly belong to individual components with a big occupied space and a low efficiency. The table can be divided into five parts: a desktop rotation and turnover mechanism, a tableware transport mechanism, a tableware sorting and collection mechanism, a collection mechanism for big dishes and a carrier vehicle. The desktop of the table can be divided into three circular areas: an inner circular area which is provided with the desktop rotation and turnover mechanism, a center circular area which is provided with big dishes on the table for placing food, and an outer circular area which is provided with small dishes, bowls, chopsticks, spoons and some other tableware. The tableware sorting and collection mechanism and the collection mechanism for big dishes are positioned below the desktop, and the transport cart is positioned below the collection mechanism for big dishes. The automatic tableware cleaning table is capable of saving massive exterior space, extremely decreasing new-coming customers' time for waiting for waiters to collect tableware and clean desktop, and improving the customers' experience of having dinners.

Pipeline inner wall bionic groove surface machining device and machining method thereof

ActiveCN107139251AGuarantee the quality of workCompact designMetal working apparatusTorsional deformationMachining process
The invention provides a pipeline inner wall bionic groove surface machining device and a machining method thereof. The device comprises a drive mechanism used for providing drive force, a traveling mechanism used for supporting the inner wall face of a pipeline, a machining mechanism used for machining a bionic groove in the inner wall of the machined pipeline, and a controller. The drive mechanism is installed on the traveling mechanism through bolts. The machining mechanism is fixedly connected with the traveling mechanism through bolts. The drive mechanism and the machining mechanism are electrically connected with corresponding control ends of the controller. The method comprises the steps that according to the diameter of the pipeline needing to be machined, a front and back traveling unit is adjusted in a rotating manner, after the machining mechanism is moved to the position, to be machined, on the inner wall of the pipeline, the traveling unit stops moving and presses the inner wall of the pipeline, the cutter position of the machining mechanism is adjusted, and the groove in the inner wall of the pipeline begins to be machined. The device has the beneficial effects that tangential counter force borne by three tools in the cutting machining process can be offset, thus, bending deformation and torsional deformation are avoided, and meanwhile the device is high in precision, simple in structure and easy to operate.

Novel quantifiable intravenous injection and puncture simulation training device

The invention relates to a novel quantifiable intravenous injection and puncture simulation training device, including a shell, a syringe needle, a cap, a connecting rod, a base and a force sensor. The syringe needle is clamped on the connecting rod and is connected with the force sensor, the force sensor is fixed to the shell through the base, and puncture force is transmitted to the force sensor through the connecting rod, thereby realizing measurement of the puncture force. The beneficial effects of the novel quantifiable intravenous injection and puncture simulation training device provided by the invention are that a blood return situation is observed through a special extraction method of a syringe needle plastic tube; and the puncture force can be measured in real time, a change of the puncture force in processes that the syringe needle misses a blood vessel and advances after stabbing into the blood vessel is displayed, the internal structure limits a maximum stroke of movement of the syringe needle, thereby protecting the force sensor from being damaged, and medical staff reduce the puncture force by adjusting a technical action, thereby achieving an optimal injection and puncture training effect. In addition, small and exquisite design of the device enables the device to be similar to a real application situation, thereby facilitating transition of the technical action mastered by the medical staff from practice to clinical application.

Round cylinder head assembly of refrigerating compressor

The invention discloses a round cylinder head assembly of a refrigerating compressor, used for the technical field of compressors. The round cylinder head assembly comprises a cylinder seat and a cylinder head assembly, wherein a cylinder body is arranged on the cylinder seat, a cylinder hole is arranged in the cylinder body, the far end of the cylinder body is provided with a round cylinder head,a mounting hole is arranged in the cylinder head, the cylinder head assembly comprises an air inlet valve, an exhaust valve, a cylinder cover and a fastening component which can be connected with thecylinder head so as to limit the air inlet valve, the exhaust valve and the cylinder cover in the mounting hole, and an air intake channel communicating with the air inlet valve and an exhaust channel communicating with the exhaust valve are arranged on the cylinder cover. By designing the round cylinder head component, the design is compact, occupied space is small, and an upper shell can be correspondingly reduced; at the same time, the weight of the cylinder head component is light, the gravity center of a machine core is closer to a geometric center, and the work of the compressor is morestable; by adopting thread connection, the fastening stress of the cylinder head is uniform, and the working environment of a piston is better; and besides, as the number of parts is small, materialcost is saved.

Uniform paint spraying device for mechanical production

InactiveCN107930938ACompact designThree-dimensional transmission operation process is smoothLiquid spraying apparatusSpray boothsEngineeringMechanical engineering
The invention discloses a uniform paint spraying device for mechanical production. The uniform paint spraying device comprises a supporting installing base. An arc face installing barrel is arranged at the upper end of the supporting installing base. An installing ejector plate is arranged at the upper end of the arc face installing barrel. The middle position of the lower half section of the supporting installing base is vertically downwards provided with a transmission groove. Synchronous steering motors are symmetrically and horizontally embedded in the parts, on the left side and the rightside of the transmission groove, in the supporting installing base. A limiting rotation column is vertically embedded in the middle position of the upper end of the transmission groove. An operationrotary disc is horizontally and coaxially arranged at the upper end of the limiting rotation column. A rotation bevel gear is horizontally and coaxially arranged at the lower end of the limiting rotation column. The synchronous steering motors are provided with synchronous driving bevel gears through cooperation of vertically-arranged motor rotation shafts and the rotation bevel gear. The uniformpaint spraying device has the beneficial effects that structure design is compact, the three-dimensional transmission operation process is smooth, paint spraying is uniform without dead angles, the paint spraying quality is high, and the recycling environment-friendly performance is good.

Wheel-type probe for ultrasonic phased array detection of train wheel set

The invention discloses a wheel-type probe for ultrasonic phased array detection of a train wheel set. The wheel-type probe consists of a set of ultrasonic array combined probe, a set of wheel-type scanning device, a wheel-type encoder and a set of following movement device, wherein the ultrasonic array combined probe is arranged at the center of the interior of the wheel-type scanning device; the wheel-type scanning device is filled with water and is closed, and the detection is carried out in a method similar to an ultrasonic water immersion method; when the wheel-type scanning device and the following movement device rotate along the circumferential direction of pedal surfaces, because of the scientific design of tire appearance, the tire is still reasonably pressed during rotation and can be perfectly coupled with the pedal surfaces; meanwhile, the water is sprayed in a spray mode, the surface of the tire is moisturized, when the detection is performed, the probe is perpendicular to a detecting surface during detection all the time, and the sound wave enters the interior of an iron rail through the water and a tire rubber layer to defect flaw, the sound wave returns along an original path after the defect is found, and the defect is fed back to an instrument to be displayed; the wheel-type encoder rolls together with the following movement device, and a circumferential movement track of the train wheel can be recorded, so that the defect positions of the train wheel set can be clearly judged in the scanning image of the instrument. By only needing one set of ultrasonic wheel-type probe device, the coupling is carried out without needing a large amount of water, so that on-line detection on the train wheel set can be realized, and the train wheels can be relatively and flexibly detected and the miniaturization and the environmental protection are achieved.
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