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Analyte concentration determination meters and methods of using the same

Devices and methods for determining the concentration of an analyte in a physiological sample are provided. The subject devices are meters characterized by having an internal structure that includes a test strip selecting element having a continuously reduced cross-sectional area configured to select a single test strip at a time and means for determining the concentration of an analyte in a physiological sample applied to the selected test strip. In the subject methods for containing at least one test strip and dispensing a single test strip at a time, a meter having at least one test strip contained therein is provided. The meter is positioned with respect to the ground to cause the single test strip to move from a contained position to a dispensed position. The subject invention also includes kits for use in practicing the subject methods.

Light emitting diode driver circuit and method

A mirco-controller and boost converter circuit provide constant current to light emitting diode array. A micro-controller operatively coupled with a semiconductor switch and the boost converter circuit measure the ability of a DC power supply to change the inductor. Duty cycles of the semiconductor switch are modified according to the measurement so as to supply substantially constant current to the LED array through an inductor regardless of actual battery voltage.

Inverter for a Distributed Power Generator

Provided is a maximum power point (MPP) tracker for a PV cell inverter, and a PV cell inverter. The MPP tracker decouples output power oscillations from the input power generation and extracts maximum available power from the PV cell. The PV cell inverter uses the MPP tracker and generates a sinusoidal output current from the MPP tracker output. The sinusoidal output current may be fed to a power distribution grid. The PV cell inverter may use a pulse width modulation technique to cancel harmonics in the sinusoidal output current. The circuits use a minimum number of components and avoid use of large electrolytic capacitors.

Reciprocating compressor driven by a linear motor

A reciprocating compressor driven by a linear motor, comprising a shell, within which are mounted: a reference assembly formed by a motor and a cylinder (1); a resonant assembly formed by a piston (2) reciprocating inside the cylinder (1), and by an actuating means (3) operatively coupling the piston (2) to the motor; two spring means (10) mounted to the resonant assembly and to the reference assembly and which are elastically and axially deformed in the displacement direction of the piston (2); a mounting element (40) coupling an end of one spring means (10) to an end of the other spring means (10); and a coupling element (50) mounted to the piston (2) and to the mounting element (40), which is axially displaced together with the piston (2) and displaced freely and transversally to the displacement direction of the piston (2), said coupling element (50) transmitting the axial forces between the piston (2) and the mounting element (40) and minimizing the application of radial forces to the piston (2).

Bird feeder having lower movable shroud

A squirrel proof bird feeder wherein there is provided a lower movable shroud which extends about a lower portion of the feed container having feed access openings therein, a spring member biasing the shroud to a position wherein feed container access openings and shroud access openings are substantially aligned while permitting the shroud access opening to move out of alignment with the feed container access opening when a predetermined weight is placed on the shroud. An adjustment is provided for adjusting the weight required to move the shroud.

Session by-Session Adjustments of a Device for Treating Sleep Disordered Breathing

InactiveUS20080053440A1Effectively determine an appropriate pressure responseMinimizes pressure treatmentRespiratorsOperating means/releasing devices for valvesRegimenSleep disordered breathing
A method is disclosed for operating a device that treats sleep disordered breathing (SDB) during successive treatment sessions; where the device provides continuous positive airway pressure during sleep. The method comprises the steps of applying a constant treatment pressure during a first session (20) and deriving a sleep disorder index (SDI) (22) representative of the number of SDB episodes that occurred during the first session. If the treatment pressure should be increased based on the SDI, it is increase during a second, subsequent session (24).

Heat exchanger arrangement for heat uptake and air conditioning system of a motor vehicle

The invention concerns an air conditioning system for conditioning the air of a passenger compartment of a motor vehicle including a housing with a first flow channel and a second flow channel for conducting air and a refrigerant circuit with an evaporator and a condenser. The evaporator is arranged in the first flow channel and the condenser in the second flow channel. The air conditioning system is designed for cooling and heating the passenger compartment and for a reheat operation. The setting of the operating mode is done only via the controlling of air guidance mechanisms. One of the heat exchangers evaporator or condenser is arranged with a part of the heat transfer surface in both the first and the second flow channel.

Pulse width modulation sequence generating a near critical damped step response

A digital circuit implementing pulse width modulation controls power delivered in what one can model as a second order or higher order system. An exemplary control plant could embody a step-down switch mode power supply providing a precise sequence of voltages or currents to any of a variety of loads such as the core voltage of a semiconductor unique compared to its input / output ring voltage. An algorithm produces a specific sequence of pulses of varying width such that the voltage or current delivered to the load from the system plant closely resembles a critical damped step response. The specific pulse width modulation sequence controls a plant that provides a near critical damped step response in one embodiment without a feed-forward or feedback loop physically embodied in the control system thereby reducing the parts cost or control semiconductor production yield cost while enhancing noise immunity and long term reliability of the control system. The specific algorithm exhibits tolerance to variations of twenty percent or greater in output load or ten percent or greater in control plant element parameters thus maintaining near critical damped step response characteristics when actual parameter values deviate from initial estimates.

Visualization system and method for a web inspection assembly

A web inspection apparatus (20) and method for use in identifying surface anomalies (26) on a moving material web (21) including a scanning device (22) and data processing circuitry (23) for monitoring and analyzing the output data of the scanning device (22). The scanning device (22) is configured to continuously scan a surface (25) of the moving web (21) and generates output data representative of the surface of the web. The data processing circuitry (23) is responsive to selected output data representing at least one type of surface anomaly (26) such that Region Of Interest (ROI) data are automatically recorded. This ROI data represents the detected anomaly (26) and an immediate surrounding region (27) including the detected anomaly. The hands-free data processing circuitry (23) continuously monitors and analyzes the output data generated by the scanning device (22) while the ROI data is being stored. A storage device (28) is coupled to the data processing circuitry (23) for storage of the selected ROI data.

Dental distractor

This invention comprises an orthodontic dental distractor for rapid orthodontic tooth movement, particularly into a fresh extraction socket. The rapid movement can occur from the effect of distraction osteogenesis.The device can include four components: a molar tooth band with buccal tube, a canine tooth band with buccal tube, a threaded screw, and a screw retaining clip. The threaded screw is engaged internally to the molar band tube which is threaded internally. The screw head bears externally on the anterior (mesial) end of the clip, and the clip bears externally on the canine band tube so that when the screw is turned the canine tooth moves distally toward the molar tooth. Thus the movement of a tooth can be controlled to proceed at a rapid and prescribed rate.
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