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System and method for register mark recognition

A system, method, and process that determine and automatically correct registration errors between printed objects and mechanically produced objects using advanced image processing techniques is disclosed. Means are also presented for maintaining all registered functions to within very close tolerances during normal running, with other means for rapidly obtaining initial registration with substantial savings in material waste. The disclosed system and method / process are compatible with the printing and converting industry in which rolls of material are processed by printing a number of colors that require close registration especially in pictorial representation. These roll-fed printing machines are quite versatile and in addition to the printing of any number of colors on both front and back can perform any number of additional operations on the printed web at the same time. Some of these additional operations can be the punching of line holes, scoring, perforation and die cutting all of which impart a specific shape mechanically on the printed web. All of these functions must be initially registered to each other and maintained within close tolerances during normal running conditions. The presently disclosed registration system permits these initial registration procedures to be performed with high accuracy, speed, and across a wide variety of web materials and colors. The system generally applies to any web material (5701) on which register marks (5702) are applied, wherein images of the web are obtained (5703) and image processed (5704) under optional control of an operator interface display (5705), resulting in web press motor control (5706) to affect improved print registration on the web material (5701).

On-site land mine removal system

A method of deactivating land mines buried in ground comprises projecting high-pressure water jets into ground, cutting through ground with the high-pressure water jets, and making at least one cut through a land mine or cutting through at least one land mine that had been under the ground, the cutting of the land mine reducing the performance of the land mine. The method may reduce the performance of the land mine by rendering the land mine inactive to normal detonation procedures for the land mine. To reach as many surface areas on the buried landmines, it is preferable that at least two high-pressure water jets are spaced apart are used to cut through the ground. The method may be practiced with the high-pressure water jet being carried on a vehicle and cutting is done in a line that is formed at least in part by movement of the vehicle over the ground while the high-pressure water jet is cutting ground. An apparatus for the reduction in effectiveness of land mines buried in ground may comprise a self-contained push-cart unit or a unit attached or attachable to a vehicle. A complete system could comprise a vehicle having a source of liquid, a high-pressure pump to move the liquid under high pressure, a nozzle directing a liquid jet path for the liquid, a support for the nozzle, abrasive delivery system, and nozzle being controllable to direct the liquid towards the ground while the nozzle is fixed relative to the vehicle.

Intelligent cabinet with comprehensive functions of fresh product purchasing, express delivery and table reservation and realization method of intelligent cabinet

The invention discloses an intelligent cabinet with comprehensive functions of fresh product purchasing, express delivery and table reservation and a realization method thereof. The intelligent cabinet includes a principal cabinet, a centralized inbox and a plurality of goods storage cabinets, wherein the principal cabinet is designed for customers to handle comprehensive services such as membership registration, purchasing of plastic bags for containing merchandises, printing of express waybill and the like in a self-help mode; the goods storage cabinets are used for storing fresh products, take-out food, delivered express packages and the like; the centralized inbox is used for centralizing and receiving express packages which people are about to deliver. The intelligent cabinet includes comprehensive functions of fresh product purchasing, express delivery and table reservation, in particular the functions of on-site self-help shopping of fresh products, on-line order and purchasing, self-help goods picking, on-line table reservation and self-service meal taking, and self-service delivery and receiving of express packages, thereby optimizing the utilization of equipment resources, saving costs of services and purchasing, solving a series of problems in the prior art such as a high vacancy rate of fresh food delivery cabinets, high costs of operation, bad user experience and the like, and providing people' life with great convenience.
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