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Online lake water quality monitoring system based on internet of things

InactiveCN102890142AExpand the scope of the fieldComprehensive scopeTesting waterWater qualityThe Internet
The invention relates to the fields of applications of the internet of things technology, the wireless sensor network technology, the global positioning system (GPS) positioning technology and the GIS electronic map technology, and discloses an online lake water quality monitoring system based on internet of things. The online lake water quality monitoring system comprises a node monitoring device, a data video base station and a remote monitoring center; the node monitoring device is arranged in a lake to be monitored, and is used for monitoring the lake water quality and transmitting the monitoring data obtained from the monitoring to the data video base station through an ZigBee network; the data video data base is arranged in the lake to be monitored for transmitting the received monitoring data, and water quality information and video information which are collected by the data video base station are transmitted to the remote monitoring center through a mobile communicating network; the remote monitoring center comprises a GIS module, and is used for controlling navigation of the data video base station by remote means depending on water quality map information which is provided by the GIS module after receiving the monitoring data and all information, and for assisting to treat water quality of the lake to be monitored.

Service application-oriented IT contralized operation and maintenance analyzing system

The invention provides a service application-oriented IT contralized operation and maintenance analyzing system which comprises an operation and maintenance analyzing platform and an acquisition server, wherein the operation and maintenance analyzing platform is used for sending an acquisition command to the acquisition server, analyzing originally acquired data uploaded by the acquisition server to obtain index data, and processing the index data, wherein the procedure of processing the index data comprises the step of judging whether an alarm event is generated or not according to the index data; and the acquisition server is used for driving a corresponding acquisition plug-in to acquire data for a system/service to be monitored after receiving the acquisition command sent by the operation and maintenance analyzing platform or according to a preset acquisition period, receiving originally acquired data acquired by the acquisition plug-in, and transmitting the received originally acquired data to the operation and maintenance analyzing platform. According to the invention, operation states of an application system and servicees of enterprises are monitored, an alarm can be immediately sent out, failures can be quickly solved, hidden dangers are predicted, and risks are controlled in advance.

Online oil way abrasive particle monitoring device

InactiveCN103217365ARealize monitoringGet health status in real timeMaterial analysisElectricityPhase difference
The invention discloses an online oil way abrasive particle monitoring device. An amplitude difference and a phase difference of excitation signals on two groups of excitation coils of an oil way abrasive particle sensor are adjusted during initially electrifying, so that the polarities of magnetic fields generated by the two excitation coils of the oil way abrasive particle sensor are reversed and neutralized in a middle detection coil. Consequently, when oil liquid without abrasive particles passes through the oil way abrasive particle sensor under ordinary circumstance, only a small carrier signal is output from the detection coil; when oil liquid with abrasive particles passes through the sensor, generated abrasive particle signals are modulated on the carrier signal and subsequently transmitted into a signal detecting circuit to amplify and demodulate, so that effective abrasive particle signals can be acquired; the abrasive particle signals are transmitted to a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) to process so as to acquire parameters, such as the size, the number and the material, of the abrasive particles; and due to the parameters, the abrasion condition of a monitored mechanical device is reflected, so that the health condition of the monitored device is acquired in real time and the online monitoring on the oil way abrasive particles is realized.

Scientific gymnasium, scientific fitness system and scientific fitness method

The invention relates to a scientific gymnasium, a scientific fitness system and a scientific fitness method. The scientific fitness system comprises the scientific gymnasium, a family fitness room and outdoor fitness auxiliary equipment. The scientific gymnasium comprises a registration unit, a body detection unit, a fitness scheme disposal unit, a fitness guide unit and fitness terminal equipment, wherein the registration unit and the body detection unit collect identity information and physique data of an exerciser, the fitness scheme disposal unit generates a fitness scheme according to the identity information and the physique data in combination with exercise data, the fitness guide unit invokes the fitness scheme and presets the state of a fitness terminal, and the fitness terminal equipment is used by the exerciser to exercise in the preset state, records the exercise data of the exerciser and transmits the exercise data to the fitness scheme disposal unit so that the fitness scheme can be updated. The scientific gymnasium, the scientific fitness system and the scientific fitness method enable the exerciser to obtain scientific fitness guide economically and are beneficial to popularization of scientific fitness and monitoring of national physique data.

Crop growth information monitoring system and method based on internet of things

The invention discloses a crop growth information monitoring system and method based on internet of things. The system comprises an information perception system, a wireless transmission system and anintelligent management system, wherein the information perception system includes a soil moisture content monitoring module, a plant disease and insect pest monitoring module, a crop nutrition statemonitoring module, a weed monitoring module and a crop condition monitoring module. After crop planting, relevant information and threshold values of a crop growth environment are set through an intelligent management system interface, the soil moisture content, diseases and insect pests, nutritional status, weed growth and growth vigor information of growing crops are acquired through the perception system in real time and are sent to a server for data storage, analysis and display, if the information exceed threshold values, workers are remind of corresponding processing, plants are helped to accurately judge the crop growth conditions, real-time effective decision information is provided for accurate operation, the problem is solved that the crop growth conditions in planting field pieces need to be checked regularly in traditional planting process and accordingly the labor intensity is high, the labor cost is reduced, and the operating efficiency and accuracy are improved.

BIM (Building Information Modeling)-based curtain wall parametrization design method

The invention relates to a BIM (Building Information Modeling)-based curtain wall parametrization design method, which comprises the following steps: building a BIM mass model of a curtain wall; building multiple parametrization basic unit plate models; assembling each basic unit plate model to the BIM mass model in a simulating manner, checking collision, and judging the feasibility of the designing scheme according to the assembly situation; integrating the well-assembled BIM model with other crossed professional BIM model, and checking whether the integrated model conflicts or not. Through BIM, the parametrization design of a curtain wall project is realized, the problem of building a curved-surface curtain wall by using standard rectangular unit plates is handled, the parametrization dimension driven design and adjustment functions are integrated, so that the control dimension of the curtain wall units is amended at any time, thus the design efficiency is improved, the error rate is reduced, and a project delay risk is lowered; the collision checking function of the BIM technology is adopted, so the change, monitoring and dynamic management on the curtain wall design are realized. The BIM-based curtain wall parametrization design method can be used in the design of curtain walls.

Tobacco logistics distribution system and method

The invention provides a tobacco logistics distribution system and method. The tobacco logistics distribution system comprises an unpacking device, a sorting system, transfer containers, casing equipment, an information identity card reader-writer, a central control server and a handheld terminal. The tobacco logistics distribution system is used for sorting and distributing tobacco for customer orders in a tobacco logistics center, the transfer containers with RFID (radio frequency identity) tags are used for distributing the tobacco, and full sensing during cigarette distribution is realized. Each transfer container is provided with an RFID tag, and cigarette order information of the transfer containers is written into the RFID. In order to distribute customer identity cards to the customers, scanning time and places are recorded by scanning the RFID tags of the transfer containers and the customer identity cards during distribution, and orders can be distributed within the preset time and places and are well documented, so that tobacco distribution time and places are monitored, and tobacco logistics distribution speed is effectively guaranteed. By reading and checking the RFID content of the transfer containers in important logistics sites, cigarette in the transfer containers can be traced and managed.

Online monitoring system for corrosion state of oil and gas pipelines and method thereof

The invention provides an online monitoring system for the corrosion state of oil and gas pipelines and a method thereof, which can monitor sensitive corrosion points, such as an elbow, liquid accumulating parts at upper and lower slopes, and the like and insensitive corrosion points and realize the remote transmission of corrosion monitoring data in a wired or wireless manner, treat the data at a monitoring center, establish the corrosion state parameter of each point of the oil and gas pipelines via a modern digital signal treating method, judge whether the corrosion state is normal or not,and carry out the corresponding treatment and the control of the pipelines to timely monitor the corrosion state of the oil and gas pipelines so as to timely discover hidden troubles and prevent safety accidents. A three-dimensional corrosion state graph of the pipeline can be visually displayed at the monitoring center so that abnormal corrosion parts can be found out. The scheme of the system has the advantages of low cost and high benefit, and the key is that the system can realize real-time monitoring based on the prior art; and more important, the system can be applied to monitoring the corrosion state of newly-built long oil and gas pipelines such as pipelines for transporting the natural gas from the West to the East so that the system has a very wide market prospect. The oil and gas pipelines can be laid on the ground or buried under the ground.

High-voltage cable insulation defect partial discharge on-line monitoring diagnosis method

The invention discloses a high-voltage cable insulation defect partial discharge on-line monitoring diagnosis method, which involves analyzing obtained partial discharge data of various actual manufacturing typical defects from the perspectives of time domain waveform characteristics, spectrum distribution differences, separate spectrum analysis and the like, and establishing a discharge database and a comparison database of the various defects. By use of a high-voltage cable partial discharge detection system, through utilizing signal separating technologies including a three-phase amplitude relation atlas, a three-frequency range amplitude relation atlas and the like, pulse current waveform parameter characteristic value integrated information is analyzed, a discharge accumulation spectrum of on-site measuring data and a same-kind characteristic pulsed discharge cluster are formed, and finally a comparison is made between the discharge accumulation spectrum and the same-kind characteristic pulsed discharge cluster and the discharge database of the various defects so as to determine whether insulation defects exist for an on-site running cable line. The method can solve the problem of difficult on-line monitoring diagnosis of insulation defect partial discharge of a conventional cable device, and also can improve the accuracy and sensitivity of high-voltage cable insulation defect partial discharge detection diagnosis.

Method and system for monitoring virtual machine cluster

The invention discloses a method and a system for monitoring a virtual machine cluster. One specific embodiment of the method comprises the following steps that: a first physical machine sends virtual machine state parameter inquiry instructions to virtual machines in the virtual machine cluster at a first preset time interval; the virtual machines transmit response information to the first physical machine in response to the received inquiry instructions; the first physical machine is interrupted for a second preset time in response to the response information, determines that certain virtual machines fail, judges whether the failed virtual machines satisfy a preset restarting condition or not, and sends a virtual machine restarting instruction to a second physical machine for running the failed virtual machines if the failed virtual machines satisfy the preset restarting condition; and the second physical machine restarts the failed virtual machines according to the virtual machine restarting instruction. Through adoption of the method and the system, monitoring of the virtual machines is realized, failures of the virtual machines can be recovered automatically; the availability of the virtual machine cluster is enhanced; and the service interruption time is shortened.

Test system for deformation measurement of large spacecraft structure under vacuum and low-temperature environment

ActiveCN105928467AExcellent angleExcellent locationUsing optical meansMaterial thermal analysisPilot systemUmbrella antenna
The invention discloses a test system for deformation measurement of a large spacecraft structure under a vacuum and low-temperature environment. The test system includes a vacuum and low-temperature container, a portal supporting mechanism, a low-temperature cantilever moving mechanism, photogrammetry CCD camera and protection cabin assemblies, a test piece supporting mechanism, a low-temperature reference meter, a temperature and air pressure control system, a motion control system, and a measurement data acquisition and processing system; two sets of photogrammetry CCD camera and protection cabin assemblies are symmetrically hung at two ends of the low-temperature cantilever moving mechanism, and 3m-rotation radius and +/-360-degree-reciprocating rotary movement photographing can be realized under the vacuum and low-temperature environment so as to realize the deformation measurement of the large spacecraft structure. With the test system of the invention adopted, the thermal deformation measurement of a certain 5m large umbrella antenna can be completed under a simulated space environment by using photogrammetric techniques, and the repeatability precision of the measurement of spatial point positions can achieve 20 microns.

Multi-functional river management hull robot

The invention relates to a multi-functional river management hull robot. The multi-functional river management hull robot comprises a hull robot main body, a garbage cleaning unit, an oxygen aeration unit, a random detection unit, an intelligent drug delivery unit, an automatic filter unit and a control center; and the control center is connected with the oxygen aeration unit, the random detection unit, the intelligent drug delivery unit and the automatic filter unit through a wireless mode, the control center receives the pollutant data sent by the random detection unit and sends instructions to the oxygen aeration unit and the automatic filter unit to turn on or turn off the oxygen aeration unit and the automatic filter unit, and the control center sends the instructions of opening a corresponding agent unit valve to the intelligent drug delivery unit, so that agents of a corresponding agent unit are sprayed into a river to achieve treatment of pollutants. According to the multi-functional river management hull robot, the pollutants in the river can be cleaned completely in one effort, the solar energy and the wind energy are used as power generation ways, the problem that equipment power supply depends on the battery capacity or being close to power facilities is solved, and the functions of automatic cruise and obstacle avoidance are achieved.

Real-time monitoring device for water-inrush and mud-burst disasters in tunnels and underground engineering and operation method

The invention discloses a real-time monitoring device for water-inrush and mud-burst disasters in tunnels and underground engineering and an operation method. The real-time monitoring device comprises a model box, a ground stress simulation system, a water injection device, a monitoring system and a control system, wherein the model box is used for containing a water-body-containing similar material so as to simulate a rock body; the ground stress simulation system is used for applying a certain pressure to the water-body-containing similar material in a system of the model box and simulating a ground stress; the water injection device is used for injecting a certain amount of water into the water-body-containing similar material, a pressure controller and a flow control valve are mounted on the water injection device, are connected with a serve controller and are used for controlling simulated osmotic pressure at any time; the monitoring system comprises a sensor and a muddy water amount collecting device, the sensor is arranged in the model box, the muddy water amount collecting device is communicated to the inside of the model box, and the monitoring system is used for monitoring and collecting information before and after the occurrence of the water-inrush disasters in real time; and the control system is used for controlling the water injection device and simultaneously processing data collected by an information monitoring system.

Indoor/outdoor seamless positioning system and method

The present invention discloses an indoor/outdoor seamless positioning system and method. The seamless positioning system comprises a data processing center sub-system, and a Beidou reference station sub-system, an indoor ultra wide band (UWB) positioning sub-system, a Beidou/UWB mobile station sub-system and a system monitoring sub-system which are connected with the data processing center sub-system separately. The data processing center sub-system sends the current position coordinate of a working device which is determined by the Beidou positioning and the UWB positioning to the system monitoring sub-system to display visually, at the same time, calculates the spatial position relation of the working device, the inlet identification point, an outlet identification point and a switching determination identification area according to the current position coordinate of the working device, thereby realizing the bidirectional adaptive switching of the indoor/outdoor combined positioning. Compared with the prior art, the positive effects of the present invention are that by the fusion of the Beidou navigation positioning and a UWB real-time positioning system, the continuous positioning of the indoor/outdoor mechanical devices is realized, thereby realizing the uninterrupted positioning and monitoring of the mechanical devices.
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