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Self-adaptive differential phase-shift quantum key distribution system based on deep neural network and implementation method of system

The invention discloses a self-adaptive differential phase-shift quantum key distribution system based on a deep neural network and an implementation method of the system. A quantum key sending end modulates a quantum signal and sends the quantum signal to a quantum key receiving end through a quantum channel; the quantum key receiving end carries out differential detection on the received signaland sends a detection result to a signal-to-noise ratio monitoring and post-processing module; the signal-to-noise ratio monitoring and post-processing module adopts a deep neural network algorithm tomonitor a signal-to-noise ratio of the received signal in real time, and adaptively selects a coding scheme to carry out error correction negotiation and privacy amplification according to the monitored signal-to-noise ratio. According to the system and the method, the signal-to-noise ratio of the system can be accurately calculated in real time through the deep neural network algorithm, a channel state is monitored, an appropriate negotiation scheme can be adaptively selected according to the monitored channel state, the self-adaptive differential phase-shift quantum key distribution is achieved, and the system resources are effectively saved.

Session initiation protocol registry method, certification and authorization method, system and equipment

ActiveCN101521660ASave system resourcesAvoid repeated authentication and authorizationUser identity/authority verificationClient-sideAuthorization
The invention discloses a session initiation protocol registry method. The method comprises the following steps of: receiving a register message sent by a user for requiring security assertion markup language certification; generating the security assertion markup language certification assertion of the user according to user identity information; storing the certification assertion; and returning certification assertion position information to the user. The invention also discloses a session initiation protocol certification and authorization method. The method comprises the following steps of: receiving a session initiation protocol session request, and sending the session initiation protocol session request to a receiver network proxy server, wherein the session initiation protocol session request carries a storage address with the declaration entity being a declaration generated at a user proxy client for certification so as to realize the certification and the authorization. The session initiation protocol registry, certification and authorization method comprises registry and certification authorization. The invention also discloses a corresponding system and a device. By applying the invention, SAML can be more effectively applied in SIP for registry, certification and authorization.

Transmission method and device of mobile multimedia broadcasting service parameter information

A transmission method for movable multimedia broadcast business parameter information comprises the steps: a front end seals the parameter information of a target business as a specific ESG business frame and seals the business mark a marking the ESG business frame, a timeslot number thereof, the business mark and a timeslot number thereof of a corresponding target business in a control frame; respectively modulates the control frame and the business frame on the control channel and the business channel of the network to transmit periodically. The terminal is tuned on the control channel to receive the unsealed business mark a and the timeslot number, switches to the corresponding timeslot receiving unsealing ESG data information, sets the parameters of a video/audio decoder according to the parameter information of the resolved target business; switches to the business data in each corresponding timeslot receiving unsealing business frame to play according to the business mark and the timeslot thereof of the resolved target business. The invention saves the system resources, enhances the flexibility and reliability of deployment and simultaneously reduces the requirement of a user terminal as well.
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