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System and method for tracking lost articles by means of a global computer network, providing a theft deterrent and advertising

Downloadable identification labels which are downloaded from a world wide computer network to a remote computer and printed on paper using a printer. Each label is printed with the contact information of a central lost and found registry and attached to one or more personal possessions. The labels can also be printed with an identification code, notification that a reward will be paid for a possession which is returned to the owner, sponsor advertising and a warning that the possession has been indelibly marked with identification indicia such as the internet address of the lost and found registry. The central lost and found registry stores, on a database, information about lost possessions and owner contact information as well as information about found possessions and finder's contact information. If a match is found between a lost possession and found possession the registry communicates the contact information of the finder to the owner so that the possession may be recovered by the owner. Owners do not preregister their belongings, codes, or contact information with the central registry. They only register with the registry if a possession should be lost or missing and the owner desires assistance in their recovery.
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