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Method for comprehensively recycling valuable metals from spent lithium ion battery

The invention discloses a method for comprehensively recycling valuable metals from a spent lithium ion battery. The method comprises the following steps: carrying out electric discharge treatment on a spent battery, crushing, pre-roasting at 300-400 DEG C, adding a reducing agent, and carrying out reduction roasting at 450-700 DEG C; carrying out water extraction and evaporative crystallization on fine aggregates obtained through the reduction roasting, so as to obtain a high-purity lithium product, leaching copper, nickel and cobalt from leached slag and roasted lump materials by virtue of ammonia oxide, carrying out magnetic separation and sieving on ammonia leaching slag so as to obtain iron and aluminum enriched products, and carrying out reduction acid leaching, purification and edulcoration on sieved products, so as to obtain a high-purity manganese sulfate solution; and carrying out extraction and selective reverse extraction on ammonia leaching liquid, so as to obtain a high-purity nickel sulfate solution and a high-purity copper sulfate solution, and carrying out vulcanization cobalt precipitation, oxidation acid leaching and extraction purification on raffinate, so as to obtain a high-purity cobalt sulfate solution. The method is high in extraction rate of valuable metals and applicable to the treatment of multiple waste lithium ion battery raw materials and efficient utilization of multiple elements, and sorting is not required.
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