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Data ingestion is the process of obtaining and importing data for immediate use or storage in a database. To ingest something is to "take something in or absorb something.". Data can be streamed in real time or ingested in batches. When data is ingested in real time, each data item is imported as it is emitted by the source.

Method and system for secure cashless gaming

A secure cashless gaming system comprises a plurality of gaming devices which may or may not be connected to a central host network. Each gaming device includes an intelligent data device reader which is uniquely associated with a security module interposed between the intelligent data device reader and the gaming device processor. A portable data device bearing credits is used to allow players to play the various gaming devices. When a portable data device is presented to the gaming device, it is authenticated before a gaming session is allowed to begin. The intelligent data device reader in each gaming device monitors gaming transactions and stores the results for later readout in a secure format by a portable data extraction unit, or else for transfer to a central host network. Gaming transaction data may be aggregated by the portable data extraction unit from a number of different gaming devices, and may be transferred to a central accounting and processing system for tracking the number of remaining gaming credits for each portable data unit and/or player. Individual player habits can be monitored and tracked using the aggregated data. The intelligent data device reader may be programmed to automatically transfer gaming credits from a portable data device the gaming device, and continually refresh the credits each time they drop below a certain minimum level, thus alleviating the need for the player to manually enter an amount of gaming credits to transfer to the gaming device.

Traffic travel characteristic data extraction method based on big data

The invention discloses a traffic travel characteristic data extraction method based on big data, and belongs to the field of traffic big data analysis application. Mobile phone data act as the core of the big data, and GPS data, coil data and video data act as the auxiliary of the big data. Traffic travel characteristic data include OD data and job-housing ratio data. The main steps are listed as follows: 1) the mobile phone data, the GPS data, the coil data and the video data are acquired and the mobile phone data are preprocessed; 2) traffic cell allocation is performed through combination of the geographic attributes of administrative regions and base stations; 3) traffic travel chain identification is performed through combination of the multi-source data with the mobile phone data acting as the core, and passing points and stop points are identified; 4) inter-cell OD result output is performed through combination of the mobile phone data and demographic data; and 5) all the traffic travel chains within a week are analyzed, residential places and working places are judged through combination of turn-on and turn-off data and conversation data, and job-housing analysis is performed. Wide range of urban traffic travel characteristic data acquisition can be completed in a short period of time by the traffic travel characteristic data extraction method based on the big data.

Combination forecast modeling method of wind farm power by using gray correlation analysis

The invention discloses a combination forecast modeling method of wind farm power by using gray correlation analysis, belonging to the technical field of wind power generation modeling. In particular, the invention is related to a weighted combination forecast method of wind power based on a least square support vector machine and an error back propagation neural network. The forecast method comprises that forecasted values of wind speed and wind direction are acquired in advance from meteorological departments while real-time output power is acquired from a wind farm data acquiring system; that the forecasted values of wind speed and wind direction and the real-time output power are inputted into a data processing module for data analyzing extraction and data normalization, and then normalized data is loaded to a database server; processed data in the database server is extracted by a combination forecast algorithm server to carry out model training and power forecast, and the wind farm sends running data to the data processing module in real time to realize rolling forecasting. The method of the invention achieves the goal of combination forecast of wind farm output in a short time. The method not only maximally utilizes advantages of two algorithms but also increases forecast efficiency by saving computing resources and shortening computing time.
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