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Outlet tube device for urinary drainage bag

An improved outlet tube device for a urinary drainage bag is disclosed wherein an outlet valve mechanism is contained with a rigid housing fixed securely to the drainage bag, rather than just being clamped to the outlet tubing, and thus cannot become separated from the bag. The outlet valve can be opened only by positive action on the part of the medical care personnel, thereby assuring that urine will be discharged only in a controlled manner. Further, because the valve mechanism does not require that a substantial length of tubing with a freely movable end be used in conjunction with the outlet port, there is no need to engage the free end of the tubing with a keeper. Thus the possibility of the tubing springing back to its straight configuration and flicking residual urine on the attending medical personnel is eliminated. In one embodiment the outlet tube device comprises a pinchcock-type valve which is fixedly mounted to the bag and which is normally operative to clamp off the outlet tube. In a second embodiment the outlet tube device comprises a syringetype fitting which is fixedly mounted to the bag. Depressing the syringe plunger closes the valve, and retracting the plunger opens the valve to permit fluid to be discharged through the outlet tube. In a third embodiment, a hose clamp is contained within a rigid housing and is selectively operative to clamp a hose to prevent fluid flow therethrough.

Method and apparatus for providing mobile and other intermittent connectivity in a computing environment

A seamless solution transparently addresses the characteristics of nomadic systems, and enables existing network applications to run reliably in mobile environments. The solution extends the enterprise network, letting network managers provide mobile users with easy access to the same applications as stationary users without sacrificing reliability or centralized management. The solution combines advantages of existing wire-line network standards with emerging mobile standards to create a solution that works with existing network applications. A Mobility Management Server coupled to the mobile network maintains the state of each of any number of Mobile End Systems and handles the complex session management required to maintain persistent connections to the network and to other peer processes. If a Mobile End System becomes unreachable, suspends, or changes network address (e.g., due to roaming from one network interconnect to another), the Mobility Management Server maintains the connection to the associated peer task—allowing the Mobile End System to maintain a continuous connection even though it may temporarily lose contact with its network medium. In one example, Mobility Management Server communicates with Mobile End Systems using Remote Procedure Call and Internet Mobility Protocols.

Intelligent vehicle control system based on digital key

The invention discloses an intelligent vehicle control system based on a digital key. The intelligent vehicle control system comprises a vehicle-mounted intelligent module, an intelligent mobile terminal and a cloud server, wherein the vehicle-mounted intelligent module is mounted in a vehicle and stores a digital key for controlling a vehicle door-lock system, receives a digital key sent by the intelligent mobile terminal, performs verification, sends out a corresponding control command to the vehicle door-lock system according to the verification result , and starts/closes a vehicle door or sends out an alarm; the intelligent mobile terminal transmits the digital key to the vehicle-mounted intelligent module at local so as to control a vehicle; the cloud server distributes a digital key generated at a cloud terminal to the intelligent mobile terminal for vehicle control, or receives the digital key generated and sent by the intelligent mobile terminal at local for backup management. The intelligent vehicle control system realizes the remote intelligent control for the vehicle. The intelligent vehicle control system is suitable for an individual to realize vehicle keyless entry, vehicle theft prevention and remote alarm, suitable for vehicle use with a key shared by multiple persons, and also suitable for cloud management of vehicle leasing, and the like.

Elderly health monitoring and management system based on mobile Internet

InactiveCN104102801AImprove the quality of lifeComprehensive pension and health information servicesDiagnostic recording/measuringSensorsElderly healthMobile end
The invention relates to an elderly health monitoring and management system based on the mobile Internet. The elderly health monitoring and management system comprises an intelligent mobile terminal, medical diagnosis equipment, a biological characteristic reader, a wrist watch and an elderly health condition monitoring cloud platform, wherein the medical diagnosis equipment, the biological characteristic reader and the wrist watch are respectively connected with the intelligent mobile terminal through Bluetooth, and the elderly health condition monitoring cloud platform is connected with the intelligent mobile terminal through a wireless network; the medical diagnosis equipment comprises an electronic blood pressure meter, an electronic blood glucose meter, an electronic oximeter and an electronic electrocardiogram instrument, the wrist watch is provided with a gravity sensor, a pulse sensor and a pedometer, the intelligent mobile terminal is provided with a two-dimensional code verification system and a mobile electronic health archive system, and the elderly health condition monitoring cloud platform is used for querying and processing the health information of the elderly and assessing the health status and comprises a data processing server and a database server. According to the elderly health monitoring and management system based on the mobile Internet, through realizing the seamless connection of intelligent elderly care, health information and services are provided for the elderly all the time, the quality of life of the elderly is improved by technological means, and comprehensive and accurate elderly care health information service is provided for the elderly and children thereof.

Multi-base-station satellite differential positioning and inertia combination vehicle precise positioning method

InactiveCN106646570AHigh precisionSolve the difficult problem of obtaining high-precision position dataSatellite radio beaconingMobile vehicleMobile end
The invention relates to a method which is based on the technology of satellite differential positioning and inertial navigation, employs the data fusion and wireless bandwidth data communication, and achieves the precise positioning of a vehicle. The invention aims at effectively integrating various types of positioning navigation technologies, the data fusion and the wireless bandwidth data communication into a seamless positioning system suitable for intelligent traffic, providing real-time stable continuous position information for a sub-meter level to a centimeter level for a running vehicle, and achieving the lane-level positioning navigation of the vehicle. The technical scheme of the invention is that the method employs a reference station and a moving terminal, wherein the reference station is installed nearby a road, and consists of a satellite receiver of the reference station and a wireless bandwidth data communication module; the data is transmitted according to the demands of the moving terminal; the moving terminal is disposed on the vehicle, consists of the wireless bandwidth data communication module and a combined positioning system, can actively visit a plurality of reference stations for obtaining data to complete the multi-base-station differential positioning, and also can adjust the updating frequency of data transmission in real time.

Orderly parking system based on cloud platform and realization method thereof

The invention provides an orderly parking system based on a cloud platform. The orderly parking system comprises systems which are established on a cloud platform and serve supply and demand parties of a parking place. The systems comprise a mobile end parking space reservation service system and a PC end parking space reservation service system for serving people who park vehicles and also comprise a vehicle management staff mobile vehicle management instrument service system and a parking lot fixed vehicle management instrument service system for serving a parking lot. A decision system of cloud platform orderly parking is established. The decision system comprises a cloud platform large data information acquisition and processing system, a client emergency service system which asks to adjust parking time for the people who park the vehicles, parking space real-time monitoring system and parking space dynamic adjustment system for the normal operation of the parking lot, a parking space redundant emergency processing system for the parking space reliable distribution of the parking lot, and other service and application systems. On the basis of the orderly parking, the people who park vehicles can stop according to needs. An implementation method is provided for intelligent transportation and smart travel.

Quick network access method of intelligent device

InactiveCN105072012AReduce configuration networking processReduce configuration accountsNetworks interconnectionBroadcast packetMonitor mode
The invention relates to a network communication technology, and aims to solve the problem that the networking operation in the existing intelligent household appliances is complicated, thus the user experience is influenced. The invention provides a quick network access method of an intelligent device, and the method specifically comprises the following steps: step 1 of setting a wifi (Wireless Fidelity) module of the intelligent device into a monitoring mode, and monitoring the broadcast or multicast data packets of all hot spots; step 2 of logining a cloud platform by a user by using a mobile terminal, and inputting a verification code needed in configuration fast connection, and an ssid (Service Set Identifier), a password and a login account needed to be accessed to a wifi hot spot through a user interface; step 3 of sending broadcast by the mobile terminal, wherein the broadcast data packet carries the verification code, the ssid, password and login account needed to be accessed to the wifi hot spot; step 4 of verifying each received broadcast data packet by the intelligent device, and if the broadcast data packet is verified to be correct, then conserving the ssid, password and login account of the wifi hot spot carried in the data packet; step 5 of restarting a network card by the intelligent device, and automatically and quickly accessing to a network according to the ssid and password of the wifi hot spot.

System and method for multi-system authentication and synchronization in mobile equipment

The invention discloses a system and method for multi-system authentication and synchronization in mobile equipment. The system is composed of a unified authentication assembly SDK and a unified authentication platform, wherein the unified authentication assembly SDK comprises an equipment fingerprint module, a sandbox module, a certificate module, a secret key management module, an algorithm module and an authentication logic module; and the unified authentication platform comprises a user management module, an authority management module, an SSO module, an equipment management module, a mail service module, a log module, an interface management module, a push module, a text message/voice module, a face module, a voiceprint module and a fingerprint module. The system and method can be applied to service scenes where existing enterprise services migrate to mobile ends, provide authentication and state synchronization on the mobile ends for enterprise users, through an innovative equipment fingerprint generation algorithm, a matching algorithm and a system activation process, the users can bind their mobile phones with enterprise accounts, and thus the enterprise accounts can realize login and state synchronization on the mobile equipment.
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