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Sitting is a basic human resting position. The body weight is supported primarily by the buttocks in contact with the ground or a horizontal object such as a chair seat.

Breakaway leg sling

The Breakaway Leg Sling is provided for use with a walker or crutches and suspends a single leg in a below-the-knee cast, shoe, or bandaged foot in a rearward, elevated position and assists the patient with weight avoidance on the suspended leg. The apparatus is prepared for use from a safe sitting position, and the leg is placed into its suspended position during the natural motion of standing. If needed, the apparatus includes a breakaway safety fastener that disengages at an effective, pre-determined force using the muscles of the suspended leg thereby providing the patient with immediate use of the suspended leg to regain balance and prevent a potential fall. If disengaged, the safety fastener is easily restored to operational use. The Breakaway Leg Sling is comprised of a torso harness device, a detachable foot cradle device, a load strap used to engage the torso harness to the foot cradle device, and the breakaway safety fastener incorporated into the length of the load strap. The foot cradle device may be left on the foot for extended periods of time without hampering the patient's comfort thereby leaving the foot cradle anchor in a ready-to-connect position. If desired, the foot cradle device may be removed for bathing or other purposes, and the foot cradle device will retain its custom size thus saving the patient time and effort when replacing the foot cradle device on the foot or cast.

Full-automatic body-turning nursing bed

The invention relates to a full-automatic body-turning nursing bed, which comprises a bedstead, a combined bed board, a standing-sitting device, a side turning device, a defecating device, a leg bending device, a water box device and an electronic control system, wherein a front bed board, a back bed board, a left side turning board and a right side turning board are adopted to be combined into the bed board; operations of standing-sitting and body turning are respectively completed by a standing-sitting motor and a body turning motor; a defecating seat cover is adopted, and a seat cover moving motor and a seat cover lifting motor are sequentially operated to open and close a defecating box; a water spray head and a drying head are additionally arranged to flush and dry the nursing bed after a patient defecates; and by matching with supply water temperature control, drying temperature control, wind source control, leg bending control, head washing control and manual-automatic switching control, the nursing body integrally and simultaneously satisfies the operation requirements of standing-sitting, body turning, leg bending and urine-excrement cleaning of the patient. The full-automatic body-turning nursing bed has the advantages of compact structure, high automation degree, convenience in operation and use, and sanitation and safety during the use of the patient, and is suitable for being used by various bedridden patients.
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