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Medical staff. physicians and dentists who are approved and given privileges to provide health care to patients in a hospital or other health care facility. Medical staff personnel may work full time or part time and may be employed by the facility or granted admitting privileges to practice.

Ablation of rectal and other internal body structures

The invention provides an apparatus and system for ablation of body structures or tissue in the region of the rectum. A catheter is inserted into the rectum, and an electrode is disposed thereon for emitting energy. The environment for an ablation region is isolated or otherwise controlled by blocking gas or fluid using a pair of inflatable balloons at upstream and downstream locations. Inflatable balloons also serve to anchor the catheter in place. A plurality of electrodes are disposed on the catheter and at least one such electrode is selected and advanced out of the catheter to penetrate and ablate selected tissue inside the body in the region of the rectum. The electrodes are coupled to sensors to determine control parameters of the body structure or tissue, and which are used by feedback technique to control delivery of energy for ablation or fluids for cooling or hydration. The catheter includes an optical path disposed for coupling to an external view piece, so as to allow medical personnel to view or control positioning of the catheter and operation of the electrodes. The catheter is disposed to deliver flowable substances for aiding in ablation, or for aiding in repair of tissue, such as collagen or another substance for covering lesions or for filling fissures. The flowable substances are delivered using at least one lumen in the catheter, either from at least one hole in the catheter, from an area of the catheter covered by a microporous membrane, or from microporous balloons.

X ray high frequency high voltage generator for medical use diagnose

The invention discloses a medical diagnosis X-ray high frequency high pressure generator, comprising a power supply, a central control unit, a high frequency inverter circuit, a pulse width modulation driving circuit and a high pressure transform and high pressure output circuit. The generator transforms the industrial power to two ways of high frequency and high pressure, a positive direct current high pressure and a negative direct current high pressure are obtained through rectifying and wave-filtering to provide an X-ray ball tube to work. As the frequency is high, the ripple of the rectified and wave-filtered high electric pressure is tiny, and the X-ray quality projected by the X-ray ball tube is high, and the clearance of photos of the perspective and photograph is also high. The X-ray ball tube of a photograph bed or the X-ray ball tube of an electric perspective bed can work if allocated with the high pressure power. The invention is convenient for the medical staff to use the X-ray to do the work of diagnosing diseases. As the high pressure power supply, the invention is also suitable in the safety inspection fields such as industrial flaw detection, civil aviation, station and customs etc, and provides a stable and high qualified high pressure power supply for the equipments.

Needle biopsy forceps with integral sample ejector

InactiveUS20070073185A1Vaccination/ovulation diagnosticsSurgical forcepsBiopsy instrumentsForceps
A needle biopsy instrument for retrieving a tissue sample from an internal organ such as needle biopsy forceps, includes a pushing surface for safely dislodging a tissue sample from the needle after the instrument containing the sample is retrieved from the patient using mechanical control means operated from the proximal handle to thereby avoid the risk of accidental cuts, punctures and other injuries to medical personnel while trying to manually remove the sample. The instrument has a cam mechanism, or other mechanical links scissor links for operating the cups and producing relative movement between the pushing surface and axis of the needle to cause a tissue sample to be moved toward and eventually off of the tip of the needle into a sample receiving cup. An axial reciprocating control member attached to either the needle or the pushing surface produces the relative movement and is manually controlled by a handle or other grip at the proximal end of the forceps. The needle is either retracted axially from the distal toward the proximal end of the device, or a pushing member attached to the distal end of an actuating cable or cable is moved distally along the axis of a stationary needle. A latch mechanism can be provided on the proximal end to release a biasing force to provide the relative movement between the needle and pushing member to slide a tissue sample off the needle.

Computer system and method for increasing patients compliance to medical care instructions

The Electronic Compliance Promoter is a computer system for increasing a patient's compliance with medical post-care treatment instructions. The system permits the patient to review the treatment instructions that have been entered into a treatment instructions database by medical personnel at the time of the examination. The system includes a patient-client computer interface, a medical person-client interface, a treatment instructions database, and a compliance-server program. The database contains the post-visit care instructions and other types of information that the patient should have to understand and follow those instructions. The database also has treatment guideline information to assist the doctor in formulating the post-care treatment instructions. The patients client-computer interface provides a knowledge-based means for the patient to review interactively the Doctor's after care instructions, and measures compliance by tracking a patients' use of the specific designated diagnosis related resources. The medical personnel client-computer interface provides a knowledge-based means to designate the post-care medical visit instructions the patient is to follow. The compliance-server program tracks patients compliance and can send messages to patients reminding them to review the post-care treatment instructions. The Electronic Compliance Promoter system provides a means to significantly increase a patient's compliance with medical care instructions.

Outlet tube device for urinary drainage bag

InactiveUS6132407AReduce manufacturing costEasy to operateClosuresCheck valvesUrinary drainageResidual urine
An improved outlet tube device for a urinary drainage bag is disclosed wherein an outlet valve mechanism is contained with a rigid housing fixed securely to the drainage bag, rather than just being clamped to the outlet tubing, and thus cannot become separated from the bag. The outlet valve can be opened only by positive action on the part of the medical care personnel, thereby assuring that urine will be discharged only in a controlled manner. Further, because the valve mechanism does not require that a substantial length of tubing with a freely movable end be used in conjunction with the outlet port, there is no need to engage the free end of the tubing with a keeper. Thus the possibility of the tubing springing back to its straight configuration and flicking residual urine on the attending medical personnel is eliminated. In one embodiment the outlet tube device comprises a pinchcock-type valve which is fixedly mounted to the bag and which is normally operative to clamp off the outlet tube. In a second embodiment the outlet tube device comprises a syringetype fitting which is fixedly mounted to the bag. Depressing the syringe plunger closes the valve, and retracting the plunger opens the valve to permit fluid to be discharged through the outlet tube. In a third embodiment, a hose clamp is contained within a rigid housing and is selectively operative to clamp a hose to prevent fluid flow therethrough.

Remote medical information acquisition system

The invention provides a remote medical information acquisition system and belongs to the technical field of information acquisition. The system is based on a wireless communication network formed by an existing wireless network and a portable communication device and is implemented through the following steps: arranging a mobile terminal application program and a far-end server scheduler program on a remote server; arranging an external information acquisition unit on the portable communication device; enabling the portable communication device to download and run a remote medical system mobile terminal application program; and intelligently selecting and outputting information guide by virtue of built-in software so as to assist non-medical staff to observe according to a specified sequence/method and imitate the diagnosis process of a clinician, carrying out information/characteristic acquisition on various characteristics of a patient according to medical standards, so as to generate original electronic physiological data, and then splitting/packaging/uploading the original electronic physiological data to a designated server. The system can guarantee the integrity and pertinence of information to the largest extent, is low in installation and operation cost, is easy to realize, and is suitable for information acquisition field for various remote medical treatment /healthcare/nursing/monitoring systems.
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Intelligent home based old person caring device

ActiveCN103393412AReal-time attention to health statusEnable remote accessDiagnostic recording/measuringSensorsSign detectionGeolocation
The invention discloses an intelligent home based old person caring device and belongs to the technical field of Internet of things. The device comprises a sign detection terminal, a fall detection terminal, a remote server and a personal mobile terminal, wherein the sign detection terminal is used for monitoring pulse, body temperature and heart rate data of a human body in real time and sending the data to the remote server; the fall detection terminal is used for monitoring acceleration, posture change and geographical position of the human body in real time, and sending alarm information and position information to the remote server and the personal mobile terminal when detecting the occurrence of fall, and a user receives falling condition information of old persons in real time through the personal mobile terminal and logging in of the remote server. The device can realize remote access, monitoring and positioning to the device user by medical staff and family members via dependence on the Internet of things about intelligent home while monitoring physical conditions and falling conditions of the old persons, and performs real-time attention on the health status of the old persons, so as to provide rescue and help in the shortest time conveniently.
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