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Data profiling is the process of examining the data available from an existing information source (e.g. a database or a file) and collecting statistics or informative summaries about that data.

Method for predicting the onset or change of a medical condition

InactiveUS20050119534A1Minimizes adverse reactionMaximize therapeutic responseDrug and medicationsSurgeryMedical recordCost effectiveness
Nonlinear generalized dynamic regression analysis system and method of the present invention preferably uses all available data at all time points and their measured time relationship to each other to predict responses of a single output variable or multiple output variables simultaneously. The present invention, in one aspect, is a system and method for predicting whether an intervention administered to a patient changes the physiological, pharmacological, pathophysiological, or pathopsychological state of the patient with respect to a specific medical condition. The present invention uses the theory of martingales to derive the probabilistic properties for statistical evaluations. The approach uniquely models information in the following domains: (1) analysis of clinical trials and medical records including efficacy, safety, and diagnostic patterns in humans and animals, (2) analysis and prediction of medical treatment cost-effectiveness, (3) the analysis of financial data, (4) the prediction of protein structure, (5) analysis of time dependent physiological, psychological, and pharmacological data, and any other field where ensembles of sampled stochastic processes or their generalizations are accessible. A quantitative medical condition evaluation or medical score provides a statistical determination of the existence or onset of a medical condition.

Computer-readable recording medium with recorded performance analyzing program, performance analyzing method, and performance analyzing apparatus

A recording medium which is readable by a computer stores a performance analyzing program for searching for a node that is peculiar in performance in a cluster system, as well as unknown problems. The performance analyzing program enables the computer to function as various functional units. A performance data analyzing unit collects performance data of nodes which make up the cluster system from performance data storage unit for storing a plurality of types of performance data of the nodes, and analyzes performance values of the nodes based on the collected performance data. A classifying unit classifies the nodes into a plurality of groups by statistically processing the performance data collected by the performance data analyzing unit according to a predetermined classifying condition. A group performance value calculating unit statistically processes the performance data of the respective groups based on the performance data of the nodes classified into the groups, and calculates statistic values for the respective types of the performance data of the groups. A performance data comparison display unit displays the statistic values of the groups for the respective types of the performance data for comparison between the groups.
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