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A method and device for cooling a subsea motor

The invention relates to a cooling method and device for a deep-sea high-power motor, which is characterized in that it includes a heat exchanger composed of a motor shell and a heat-exchange tube. The seawater in the heat exchange tube exchanges heat with the fluid medium (oil or water) in the motor casing to take away the heat, and the fluid medium in the casing cools the motor; the seawater in the heat exchange tube is flowing; The motor is coaxial and is realized by a pump submerged in seawater; the device for realizing the method includes: a motor casing, a heat exchange tube, a pump chamber installed on the front cover of the motor, an output shaft connected to the output end through a key, and installed on the pump The impeller in the room is installed on the front end cover of the pump chamber, and it is characterized in that: the motor casing is a double-layer casing, one end of the heat exchange tube communicates with seawater through the opening on the casing, and the other end passes through the opening on the casing through the connecting pipe 1. The front end cover of the pump chamber communicates with the inlet of the impeller; the outlet of the pump chamber directly communicates with sea water, and the impeller is directly mounted on the motor shaft through a key. The invention has the advantages of simple structure, high heat exchange efficiency and high reliability, and can make full use of existing motors for transformation. Therefore, it can effectively solve the cooling problem of deep-sea high-power motors and meet the requirements of long life and thermal stability.

Integrated manufacturing method of silicon base plate and copper micro heat pipe of LED (light emitting diode) apparatus

The invention discloses an integrated manufacturing method of a silicon base plate and a copper micro heat pipe of an LED (light emitting diode) apparatus for radiation of the LED apparatus. The method comprises the steps of: sputtering a copper seed layer with thickness within 50-300nm on the back of the silicon base plate; coating a 100-900micron thick photoresist on the copper seed layer; photoetching to obtain an electroforming mould and electroforming copper till the needed thickness is obtained; removing the photoresist and obtaining a copper microstructure on the silicon base plate; cutting a pure copper plate to obtain another pure copper sheet in same size; and obtaining a medium pouring hole by a mechanical machining method; bonding the pure copper sheet with the silicon base plate with a copper micro-channel; pouring the medium; and obtaining the silicon base plate integrated with the copper micro heat pipe. According to the method, no interface is available between the copper micro heat pipe and the silicon base plate, so that no interface heat resistor with large heat resistance is not available. The whole heat resistance of the apparatus is small, and the integrated apparatus is stable in heat transfer, the reliability is improved and service life of the apparatus is prolonged.

Heat pipe type high-power LED (Light Emitting Diode) module

The invention relates to a heat pipe type high-power LED module. A closed cavity is formed by adopting a metal-base PCB (Printed Circuit Board) circuit board and a cavity wall, wherein a plurality of LED luminous chips are welded on the surface of the metal-base PCB circuit board, and latticed ribs are arranged on the inner wall of the metal-base PCB circuit board; the cavity wall comprises a plurality of radiating column bodies with hollow cavities, and a great quantity of radiating fins are arranged on the outer wall of each radiating column body. In the other implementation mode, the inner walls of the radiating column bodies and/or the metal-base PCB circuit board and the column surface of a supporting upright column are provided with capillary structures, the inner wall of the metal-base PCB circuit board is connected with a plurality of capillary columns, and the capillary columns extend into the hollow cavities of the radiating column bodies. The invention simultaneously realizes the functions of heating (lighting), transferring heat and radiating heat by using heat pipes and overcomes the defects that when the traditional high-power LED luminous chips work in a high-temperature environment, the heat radiation is difficult, and the service life and the reliability are greatly reduced. The invention is suitable for street lamps, tunnel lamps, projector lamps, stage lamps, and the like and other electronic devices manufactured by high-power LED modules.

Solar heat-collecting core, heat collector and water heater

The invention discloses a solar heat-collecting core which comprises a heat collecting plate and a bottom plate overlapped below the heat collecting plate. A water flowing channels is arranged between the heat collecting plate and the bottom plate; the peripheries of the heat collecting plate and the bottom plate are sealed; and the water flowing channel is formed between the heat collecting plate and the bottom plate to make cold water in the water flowing channel be directly heated by the heat collecting plate. Additionally, the heat collecting plate also comprises a plurality of protruding parts. The invention also provides a solar water heater and a heat collector of the solar water heater. The water flowing channel of the solar heat-collecting core is directly formed by the heat collecting plate and the bottom plate, cold water to be heated in the water flowing channel can be directly heated by the heat collecting plate, thus the heat transfer efficiency is remarkably improved. After the protruding parts are arranged on the heat collecting plate, the light area of the heat collecting plate is enlarged, so that the photo-thermal converting efficiency is improved; on the other hand, the arrangement of the protruding parts can enlarge the heat-exchanging area between the heat collecting plate and cold water, thereby the heat conducting efficiency can be further improved.
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