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Methods and apparatus for minimizing evaporation of sample materials from multiwell plates

ActiveUS7208125B1Eliminates and reduces of excessive evaporationBioreactor/fermenter combinationsBiological substance pretreatmentsEvaporationBuffer solution
Methods and devices for reducing evaporation of sample materials from the wells of multiwell plates are disclosed which find particular utility when the plates are placed in a stacked configuration. An example of the methods includes providing at least a first multiwell plate which is configured to be placed in a stacked configuration with at least one second multiwell plate, the at least first multiwell plate having a plurality of wells for receiving sample material therein and opposing side walls which extend around the plate and which define a ridge spaced inwardly of the side walls and extending around the plate between the side walls and the plurality of wells, the method including at least partially filling the ridge with a liquid such as water or buffer solution. The ridge can include one or more ribs which extend upwardly from a lower surface of the ridge to help reduce sloshing of the liquid contained within the ridge and to add structural strength and rigidity to the multiwell plate. The second multiwell plate can be provided with a downwardly extending flange which extends around a lower surface of the plate and which is configured to be removably received by the ridge of the at least first multiwell plate such that when the second multiwell plate is removably positioned on top of the at least first multiwell plate in a stacked configuration, the flange extends at least partially into the ridge and contacts the liquid to thereby create a substantial evaporation barrier to minimize evaporation of sample liquids in the wells of the at least first multiwell plate.

Reaction calorimeter and differential scanning calorimeter for the high-throughput synthesis, screening and characterization of combinatorial libraries

InactiveUS7033840B1Easily adapted to microscaleChemical analysis using catalysisChemical analysis using titrationReaction calorimeterHigh flux
Workstation, apparatuses and methods for the high-throughput synthesis, screening and/or characterization of combinatorial libraries. The invention relates to an array, which permits various high-throughput methods for synthesis, screening and/or characterization in the same array, without requiring sample transfer from the array. In a preferred embodiment, the synthesis, screening, and/or characterization steps are carried out in a highly parallel fashion, where more than one compound is synthesized, screened, and/or characterized at the same time. The invention may be practiced at the microscale. The array may comprise thermal channels, for regulating the temperature of the wells in the array. The wells of the array may comprise a membrane, which is used in various screening and characterization methods. The invention also relates to a covered array, comprising the array and an array cover, as well as an apparatus comprising the array, which comprises the array, an array cover and a stage. The array, array cover, and the stage may be modified as required for a variety of synthesis and/or analysis techniques. The array is easily interchangeable between different analytical instruments, and in an embodiment, the invention relates to an automated workstation, where the array is transferred between different synthesis, screening, and characterization stations. The invention also relates to a variety of methods for synthesis, screening, and characterization, which are adapted for combinatorial chemistry. Any of the embodiments of the invention may be used either alone or taken in various combinations.
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