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Method and system for entropy coding for scalable video codec

A method, program product and apparatus for encoding a scalable bit stream from the binarization results of a video sequence by selectively encoding syntax elements and avoiding redundancy in coding. The result is a decrease in the size of the compressed bit stream of an enhancement layer. One method includes determining whether a skipping flag in the base layer macro block of the video data is set, and encoding an enhancement layer macro block of the video data, corresponding to the base layer macro block, with a skipping flag only if the base layer macro block skipping flag is set. Another method includes determining which of a plurality of blocks in a base layer macro block contain zero coefficients, generating a coded block pattern (CBP) of an enhancement layer macro block, where the CBP includes a number of digits equal to the number of blocks in said base layer macro block containing only zero coefficients, and then encoding the CBP of the enhancement layer. Yet another method includes encoding a CBP value of a base layer macro block and differentially encoding a CBP value of an enhancement layer macro block relative to the CBP of the base layer macro block. An additional method includes determining the zero-value coefficients in a block of a base layer, determining whether any of the zero-coefficients become non-zero coefficients in a corresponding block in an enhancement layer, and encoding a coding block flag in an enhancement layer based on that determination.

Plastic component having visible part and light source

ActiveUS20070091614A1Impair impressionImpair qualityNon-electric lightingPoint-like light sourceFiberIn vehicle
The present invention relates to a plastic component having a visible part that is made in one single layer from a plastic molding compound and that comprises a transparent or translucent matrix, and having a light source that comprises one or more lamp elements, situated under the surface of the visible part. The visible part is implemented as essentially opaque in relation to daylight and transparent or translucent in relation to the light emitted by the lamp elements. The visible part also contains admixed effect pigments and defines a surface appearance image which, when the light source is inactive, essentially corresponds to the surface appearance image of the remaining wall of an object in which the plastic component is installed and which, when the light source is active, is essentially determined by the light source activity. The plastic component according to the invention is characterized in that the lamp elements are selected from a group which comprises light-emitting diodes, organic light-emitting diodes, and fiber-optic light systems, the lamp elements at least partially being embedded in the plastic molding compound of the visible part. The manifold uses of this plastic component comprise installation in vehicles, paneling elements, and furniture, as well as in housings of greatly varying devices.
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