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Definition of multiwavelength. : using, involving, or composed of multiple wavelengths About 20 times more sensitive than Hubble's current wide-field camera, WFC3 can record across many wavelengths, simultaneously.

Currency bill sensor arrangement

A currency processing device for receiving a stack of U.S. currency bills and rapidly processing all the bills in the stack, the device comprising: an input receptacle adapted to receive a stack of U.S. currency bills of a plurality of denominations, the currency bills having a wide dimension and a narrow dimension; a transport mechanism positioned to transport the bills, one at a time, in a transport direction from the input receptacle along a transport path at a rate of at least about 1000 bills per minute with the narrow dimension of the bills parallel to the transport direction; a currency bill sensor arrangement positioned along the transport path, the currency bill sensor comprising: i) a multi-wavelength light source configured to emit a first wavelength of light and a second wavelength of light; ii) a cylindrical lens positioned to receive the first and second wavelengths of light from the multi-wavelength light source, the cylindrical lens illuminating an elongated strip of light on a surface of one of the plurality of currency bills, the cylindrical lens being configured to receive light reflected from the surface of the one of the plurality of currency bills; iii) a photodetector positioned to receive the reflected light, the photodetector generating an electrical signal in response to the received reflected light; iv) a processor configured to receive the electrical signal generated by the photodetector; wherein, the processor is configured to determine whether the surface of the one of the plurality of currency bills is a primary surface or a secondary surface based on the electrical signal.
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