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Abamectin is a widely used insecticide and anthelmintic.

Insecticidal suspending agent containing dinotefuran and preparation method of insecticidal suspending agent

The invention provides an insecticidal suspending agent containing dinotefuran. The suspending agent is characterized by being prepared from the following components in mass percentage: 1-30% of the dinotefuran, 0.1-35% of a second active component, 3-9% of a wet dispersant, 0.1-0.5% of a de-foaming agent, 1-6% of an anti-freezing agent, 0.1-4% of a thickening agent, 0.1-0.5% of a preservative, 0-2% of a pH (Potential of Hydrogen) adjusting agent, 0-2% of an antioxidant, 0.5-5% of a functional auxiliary agent and the balancing being water, wherein the second active component is one of bifenthrin, imidacloprid, methylamino abamectin benzoate, cyhalothrin, thiamethoxam, indoxacarb, chlorfenapyr, acetamiprid and ethiprole. According to the insecticidal suspending agent, special components are selected and the content of each component is strictly limited; and the prepared insecticidal suspending agent has the very good fast-acting property and lasting period and has the very good prevention effect on tea lesser leafhopper, aleyrodid, thrips, aphids and the like. After the functional auxiliary agent is added, the insecticidal efficacy is improved by 10-12% when being compared with a medicament which is not added with the functional auxiliary agent.
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Abamectin microcapsule powder prepared from lignin-based wall material and method for preparing abamectin microcapsule powder by use of lignin-based wall material

ActiveCN105010362ATo achieve the effect of encapsulating pesticidesPH responsiveBiocideAnimal repellantsCross-linkAbamectin
The invention discloses abamectin microcapsule powder prepared from a lignin-based wall material and a method for preparing the abamectin microcapsule powder by use of the lignin-based wall material. The method comprises the following steps: dissolving a purified amido sodium lignosulfonate wall material and an emulsifying agent in water so as to prepare an aqueous solution to obtain a water phase; dissolving an abamectin tech in an organic solvent to obtain an organic phase; uniformly adding the organic phase into the water phase under a rotating condition, and then shearing; and then regulating the pH value of a dispersion liquid and performing a complex coacervation reaction; cooling, adding a cross-linking agent for a cross linking reaction, performing centrifugal separation, filtering and drying to obtain the microcapsule powder. The preparation process of the abamectin microcapsule powder is simple, the wall material is environmentally friendly and degradable, and abamectin tech photolysis can be prevented; the prepared microcapsule is relatively high in drug-loading rate and entrapment rate and obvious in slow release effect, and regulation and control on release can be realized within a certain pH range.

Biological suspension pesticide prepared by compounding abamectin with bacillus thuringiensis

The invention relates to a biological suspension pesticide prepared by compounding abamectin with bacillus thuringiensis, which comprises 88-93 percent by weight of main agent and 7-12 percent by weight of auxiliary agent, wherein the main agent is a mixture of the abamectin and the bacillus thuringiensis; the auxiliary agent comprises a dispersing agent, a thickening agent and other assistants; and the dispersing agent is polyoxyalkylene ether FS1 and urea and magnesium aluminum silicate. According to the formula, the biological suspension pesticide is prepared by the steps of: adding a bacillus thuringiensis fermentation liquor, the abamectin, the urea, the magnesium aluminum silicate and the thickening agent into a ball-milling reactive kettle, stirring at low speed, adding the FS1, and stirring at high speed; and then adding the other assistants for stirring uniformly to obtain the biological suspension pesticide. In the biological suspension pesticide, the content of the abamectin is not less than 2 percent, the content of insecticidal crystal protein of the bacillus thuringiensis is kept above 80 percent, the survival rate of the bacillus thuringiensis spore is above 90 percent, and the cotoxicity coefficient of the pesticide is more than 120. The invention is beneficial to delaying the generation of pesticide resistance of insects, and has the advantages of quick effect-taking, long valid period and low cost lower than or not more than that of the traditional similar pesticides.
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