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High-durability super-hydrophobic self-cleaning coating material and preparation method thereof

InactiveCN101962514AHas the following advantages: (1) cleanlinessHas the following advantages: (1) has the functionAntifouling/underwater paintsPaints with biocidesDouble bondDimethyl siloxane
The invention belongs to the technical field of a new chemical material, and in particular relates to a high-durability super-hydrophobic self-cleaning coating material and a preparation method thereof. The coating material of the invention is prepared by curing and drying nanoparticles with photo-catalytic activity, a low-surface-free-energy polymer and a cross-linking agent at the room temperature, wherein the low-surface-free-energy polymer consists of one or more of polysiloxane fluoride, dimethyl silicone polymer and polyphenylene methyl siloxane, which contain active groups, such as hydroxyl alkoxy group, carbon-carbon double bond, silanol group, siloxy group, and the like; the cross-linking agent is hydrogen-containing silicone oil or aminosilane; and the mass content of the photo-catalytic nanoparticles in the coating ranges from 10 to 60 percent. The coating is formed into a micro-nanostructure by nanoparticle self-organization; a super-hydrophobic self-cleaning coating with lotus effect is prepared from the coating and a cross-linked filming matrix with low surface energy; the persistence of a lotus-shaped super-hydrophobic characteristic of the coating is realized by using the photo-catalytic decomposition characteristic of an organic pollutant for the nanoparticles; and thus the material is suitable for large-area construction and has high weathering resistance andprominent self-cleaning characteristic.

Preparation method of star polycarboxylic acid high-performance water reducing agent

ActiveCN102887979AExtended Dionon Design-Structure-PropertyExpanding the theoretical connotation of the design-structure-performance of moleculesWater reducerPollution
The invention relates to a preparation method of a star polycarboxylic acid high-performance water reducing agent. Polybasic alcohol and (methyl) acrylic acid used as main raw materials for esterification are esterified and polymerized to prepare the star polycarboxylic acid high-performance water reducing agent material: the (methyl) acrylic acid and polybasic alcohol used as reactants are esterified under the action of a catalyst to firstly prepare a star polymerizable active terminal, and free-radical polymerization reaction is carried out with unsaturated polyethenoxy ether, molecular weight regulator and unsaturated carboxylic acid monomer under the action of an initiator to prepare the star polycarboxylic acid high-performance water reducing agent. The invention is easy to control, and has the advantages of high polymerization degree, low cost and no pollution; the esterification reaction is carried out form an active core, and the free-radical polymerization is carried out to generate the chain arm, thereby implementing the polycarboxylic acid high-performance water reducing agent in a star molecular structure; and under the condition of common doping amount and low doping amount, the star polycarboxylic acid high-performance water reducing agent has better cement paste flowability and holding capacity than the traditional linear and comb polycarboxylic acid water reducing agents, and has favorable cement adaptability and concrete application performance.

Multifunctional double-layer core-shell structure magnetic nano particle, preparation method and application thereof

The invention relates to a multifunctional double-layer core-shell structure magnetic nano particle. In the invention, a magnetic nano particle with a particle size of 1-300 nm is used as a core and coated with a double-layer shell consisting of a SiO2 layer with a thickness of 1-200 nm and a hydrolyzed silane coupling agent layer is 1-100 nm thick and comprises one or more multifunctional groups; the particle size and the shell layer thickness can be controlled through regulating the volumes, the weight ratios and the reaction time of the magnetic core, a silicon dioxide precursor, a silane coupling agent and a catalyst in a preparation process; the total particle size of the nano particle can be as small as 5-50 nm and as large as 700-800 nm; the nano particle can have superparamagnetism, paramagnetism and ferromagnetism according to the change of the magnetic core particle size; and one or more bioactive molecules can be connected into the shell layer of the magnetic nano particle or to the surface of the shell layer through a chemical method or a physical method. The invention also provides a preparation method of the multifunctional double-layer core-shell structure magnetic nano particle and application thereof. The particle preparation method has the advantages of simplicity, moderate condition, low cost and easy realization of industrial production. The nano particle can obtain different functions through connecting different bioactive molecules and can be applied to the fields of protein enrichment, biological detection, separation and purification, targeted drug carriers, cell imaging and medical imaging.

Method for low-temperature atmosphere-pressure hydrothermal synthesis of stephanoporate metal-organic framework

The invention discloses a method for hydrothermally synthesizing a porous metal-organic framework under low temperature and normal pressure, which comprises the following steps: 1) bivalent transition metal salt is put into proper amount of distilled water to be dissolved; 2) a multidentate organic ligand is put into proper amount of distilled water, and ammonia (30 percent, W/W) is added into the solution until the organic ligand is dissolved; 3) solutions obtained in step 1) and step 2) are mixed, and diluted by the distilled water; 4) the solution obtained in step 3) reacts for 4 to 24h at a temperature of between 80 and 100 DEG C, and is naturally cooled to room temperature at an environmental temperature to obtain an MOF crystal product; and 5) the MOF crystal product obtained in step 4) is filtered, MOF crystals are colleted and washed by the distilled water and absolute ethyl alcohol respectively, and the product is obtained after the natural drying. By performing a hydrothermal reaction in an ammonia solution, the method has mild conditions needed by the synthesis, less energy consumption and time consumption, and does not need a voltage resistant reactor. Therefore, the method is simpler and has lower cost; and a porous crystal material obtained by the synthesis has potential application value in the fields of gas separation, gas storage and heterogeneous catalysis.

Epoxy resin micro-capsule and its preparation method

The invention discloses an epoxy resin microcapsule and a preparation method thereof. The epoxy resin microcapsule comprises a capsule core and a capsule wall, wherein, the capsule core is an epoxy resin, and the capsule wall is a composition of an aepoxy acrylate resin, a polymerizable emulsifying agent, a crosslinking agent and an optical initiator; and the polymerization method of the capsule wall is ultraviolet irradiation and film forming through curing. The preparation method for the microcapsule comprises the following steps that: core materials, wall materials and an ultraviolet initiator are added into a water solution which is dissolved with a surfactant in turn under the condition of high-speed stirring; after an oil-in-water emulsion system is prepared by emulsification, ultraviolet light is immediately used for irradiating the emulsion, and the surface compositions of oil-in-water liquid droplets undergo in-situ polymerization and film forming through curing; a great dealof water is added for repeated sedimentation and water scrubbing; and microcapsule products are prepared through vacuum freeze drying of microcapsule deposits. The method has a simple technique, low energy consumption, quick speed and friendly environment. The capsule prepared takes the shape of a regular sphere, has good leak tightness and heat resistance, and can be widely applied to self-repairing of self-setting thread fasteners and thermosetting resin substrate composite materials.

Sodium alginate-graphite phase carbon nitride nano-sheet hybridized composite membrane as well as preparation and application of composite membrane

The invention relates to a sodium alginate-graphite phase carbon nitride nano-sheet hybridized composite membrane. The composite membrane is prepared by the steps of firstly, with melamine as the raw material, preparing ultrathin and porous graphite phase carbon nitride nano-sheet by using a hot separation and liquid-phase separation combined method; blending the nano-sheet and sodium alginate to obtain a casting membrane liquid; defoaming, then preparing the membrane by using a spin-coating method; performing cross-linking with a calcium chloride solution; and finally drying to obtain the sodium alginate-graphite phase carbon nitride nano-sheet hybridized composite membrane. According to the hybridized composite membrane, by virtue of the structure characteristic that the graphite phase carbon nitride nano-sheet is planar, ultrathin and porous, the thicknesses of separation layers are reduced; an orderly transmission channel is built; the transmission resistance of water molecule is lowered; the ethyl alcohol molecule is prevented from transmitting; therefore the osmosis and the selectivity of the membrane are improved simultaneously. According to the hybridized composite membrane, the preparation process is simple, raw materials are easily available and the structure is controllable, and the composite membrane is used for ethyl alcohol/water mixture separation, and has relative high osmosis flux and separation coefficient.
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