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Bactericial composition containing pyrazole aether bacterium ester and multiple anti-teichomycin and uses thereof

The invention relates to a bactericidal composition with active ingredients to be pyrazole-kresoxim-methyl and polyoxin, as well as the application thereof. The bactericidal composition contains the active ingredients of the pyrazole-kresoxim-methyl and the polyoxin, the weight ratio of which are 1:40-40:1 and the weight percentages are 1%-40%; and the bactericidal composition can be prepared into wettable powder, water dispersible granules, a suspending agent, aqueous emulsion, micro-emulsion, soluble concentrate or other formulations. The bactericidal composition at least contains a carrier and an accessory ingredient, wherein at least one is a surface active agent which can be an emulsifier, a dispersant, a humectant or a penetrant. The carrier can be water, organic solvent or latent solvent, and filling material. A stabilizing agent, a thickening agent, a defoaming agent, and a cementing agent can be added. The bactericidal composition is used for preventing and curing a plurality of plant diseases caused by pathogenic fungi such as oomycetes, ascomycetes, basidiomycetes and deuteromycetes. The bactericidal activity is enhanced and the bactericidal spectrum is widened via combination,so that the bactericidal composition has widened usable range and reduced cost, and can cure a plurality of diseases, thus reducign input and increasing production benefit.

Bactericidal composition containing cupric nonyl phenolsulfonate and methoxy-acrylate bactericide

The invention discloses a bactericidal composition containing cupric nonyl phenolsulfonate and a methoxy-acrylate bactericide. The methoxy-acrylate bactericide is selected from azoxystrobin, kresoxim-methyl, metominostrobin, fluoxastrobin, trifloxystrobin, orysastrobin, picoxystrobin, pyraclostrobin, enostrobilurin, SYP-1620, phenylatestrobin, coumoxystrobin, pyraoxystrobin and pyraclostrobin, wherein the weight ratio of the cupric nonyl phenolsulfonate to the methoxy-acrylate bactericide is 1:5-20:1. The bactericidal composition can be prepared into missible oil, microemulsion, water-dispersible granules, wettable powder and a suspending agent which are permitted in the agriculture. The bactericidal composition containing the cupric nonyl phenolsulfonate and the methoxy-acrylate bactericide is reasonable in ingredients, good in bactericidal effect and low in drug cost, and the activity and the bactericidal effect are not formed by the activities of the ingredient simply. Compared with an existing single preparation, the bactericidal composition has remarkable synergistic effect except the remarkable bactericidal effect, is free of pollution to crops and good in safety, meets the safety requirements of pesticide preparations, and has remarkable preventive and control effect on powdery mildew, downy mildew, anthracnose and banded sclerotial blight of the crops.
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