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Bactericial composition containing pyrazole aether bacterium ester and multiple anti-teichomycin and uses thereof

The invention relates to a bactericidal composition with active ingredients to be pyrazole-kresoxim-methyl and polyoxin, as well as the application thereof. The bactericidal composition contains the active ingredients of the pyrazole-kresoxim-methyl and the polyoxin, the weight ratio of which are 1:40-40:1 and the weight percentages are 1%-40%; and the bactericidal composition can be prepared into wettable powder, water dispersible granules, a suspending agent, aqueous emulsion, micro-emulsion, soluble concentrate or other formulations. The bactericidal composition at least contains a carrier and an accessory ingredient, wherein at least one is a surface active agent which can be an emulsifier, a dispersant, a humectant or a penetrant. The carrier can be water, organic solvent or latent solvent, and filling material. A stabilizing agent, a thickening agent, a defoaming agent, and a cementing agent can be added. The bactericidal composition is used for preventing and curing a plurality of plant diseases caused by pathogenic fungi such as oomycetes, ascomycetes, basidiomycetes and deuteromycetes. The bactericidal activity is enhanced and the bactericidal spectrum is widened via combination,so that the bactericidal composition has widened usable range and reduced cost, and can cure a plurality of diseases, thus reducign input and increasing production benefit.

Technique for producing macroelement water-soluble fertilizer and coproducing slow-release fertilizer

The invention provides a technique for producing a macroelement water-soluble fertilizer and a coproducing slow-release fertilizer by a wet process, which comprises the following steps: introducing ammonia gas into wet-process phosphoric acid to carry out neutralization, and filtering the neutralized slurry with a vacuum-type drum filter to obtain a monoammonium phosphate clear solution and filter residues containing rich citrate-soluble phosphates; adding fertilizer, assistant and synergist into the monoammonium phosphate clear solution, evenly stirring and mixing, concentrating by flash evaporation, and carrying out spray drying to obtain the macroelement water-soluble fertilizer; and dissolving the filter residues in a citric acid solution, adding assistant to obtain a slow-release fertilizer coating solution, evenly spraying the slow-release fertilizer coating solution on the surface of the compound fertilizer, and spraying an anticaking agent on the surface of the compound fertilizer, thereby obtaining the excellent slow-release fertilizer. The technique has the advantages of low equipment investment, favorable raw material adaptability, low production cost and good product quality; and the products water-soluble fertilizer and slow-release fertilizer are hot-sale products, and have high application value.

Phosphoric acid production device by employing hot method

The invention discloses a phosphoric acid production device by employing a hot method, and belongs to the technical field of energy-saving technologies of phosphoric acid production by employing a hot method. The device comprises a combustion tower, an absorption tower, a dynamic wave demister, a gas-liquid separator and an induced draft fan, wherein the combustion tower is communicated with the inlet in the top of the absorption tower; the absorption tower is connected with the dynamic wave demister; the dynamic wave demister is communicated with the induced draft fan through the gas-liquid separator; meanwhile, the absorption tower is connected with a heat exchanger through an absorption tower circulating pump; the heat exchanger is communicated with the absorption tower to form a loop through a pipeline; and the dynamic wave demister and a demister circulating pump form a loop through a pipeline. According to the device, the resistance of the system is reduced, the dosage of circulating acid and circulating water is lowered, the installed capacity of the system is greatly lowered, energy conservation and consumption reduction are achieved, the production capacity of the system is improved, and the device has the characteristics of low investment cost, small floor area, low power consumption, low production cost, and low coal resource and water resource consumption.

Composite herbicide containing rimsulfuron, efficient haloxyfop-methyl and metribuzin and application of composite herbicide

The invention discloses a composite herbicide containing rimsulfuron, efficient haloxyfop-methyl and metribuzin and application of the composite herbicide. The herbicide comprises the following main effective components: the rimsulfuron, the efficient haloxyfop-methyl and the metribuzin, wherein the content of the rimsulfuron, the efficient haloxyfop-methyl and the metribuzin in the herbicide is 25-38%; the mass ratio of the rimsulfuron to the efficient haloxyfop-methyl to the metribuzin is (8-16) to (5-20) to (4-15). The composite herbicide also comprises a wetting dispersant, an emulgator, a stabilizer, a suspension agent and a methyl oleate additive, so that the composite herbicide can be prepared into a dispersible oil suspension. The composite herbicide has a remarkable effect of post-emergence weeding in potato fields and in particular weeding of various gramineous weeds and broadleaf weeds. Compared with binary composite preparations or other ternary composite preparations, for the composite herbicide disclosed by the invention, the weed resistance is delayed under the condition that the herbicide effect is improved; a weeding spectrum is expanded; both gramineous and broadleaf weeds are weeded; the composite herbicide is long in lasting period and reliable in safety on potatoes and afterreap crops.

Amino acid liquid fertilizer

The invention relates to an amino acid liquid fertilizer. The amino acid liquid fertilizer is prepared in the following steps: adding 112-130kg of amino acid, 334-44kg of zinc sulfate, 40-50kg of borax, 58-68kg of ferrous sulfate, 100-110kg of magnesium sulfate, 10kg of a chelating agent and 400-500kg of water, chelating, and adding water to obtain 1000L. The pH value of the amino acid liquid fertilizer is 5.6-6.2, the content of amino acid is 100g/L, the content of trace element zinc is 12g/L, the content of boron is 8g/L, the content of iron is 20g/L, and the content of magnesium is 20g/L; the amino acid liquid fertilizer is uniform and stable and has no precipitate. When in use, the amino acid liquid fertilizer is diluted by utilizing water and is sprayed onto the surface of crop leaves. By utilizing the amino acid liquid fertilizer, the required fertilizer of the crops during the entire growth period is uniform, and the demand of the crops on the amino acid and trace elements in the entire growth period can be satisfied. The crops adopting the amino acid liquid fertilizer can be matured in advance and consistent in mature period, full in grains, less in phenomenon such as flowering without fruiting, flower dropping and fruit dropping, good in fruit taste, high in quality, long in fruit harvesting period and excellent in quality, so that the amino acid liquid fertilizer is worth of being popularized.

Series acceleration inert energy dissipation device

ActiveCN106760846ASignificant effect of quality enhancementActs as a tuning qualityBridge structural detailsProtective buildings/sheltersElectricityAbsorbed energy
A series acceleration inert energy dissipation device comprises a rotating unit, an eddy current unit and an additional mass unit. Operation of the rotating unit promotes synchronous operation of the eddy current unit. The rotating unit comprises a left outer cylinder, the outer cylinder comprises a left ball screw, an external thread of the left ball screw is connected with an internal thread in the left outer cylinder, and axial movement is achieved. The two-node mass unit absorbs energy, the eddy current unit dissipates the energy, the series acceleration inert energy dissipation device has better frequency domain applicability, can be serially connected with an elastic unit, has a certain tuning function and is free from sealing requirements, high in energy dissipation efficiency and excellent in energy dissipation performance, structural safety can be more effectively protected, and vibration energy of an earthquake, wind vibration, human-induced excitation and the like can be dissipated. The left outer cylinder and a right outer cylinder are serially connected and contact with each other through a rotary friction surface, and additional two-node mass efficiency increase is obvious. Compared with a traditional eddy current damper, the series acceleration inert energy dissipation device is higher in efficiency by the aid of the friction surface and eddy current energy dissipation.
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