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Oligochitosan and plant source substance-containing agricultural composition and applications

The invention relates to an oligochitosan and plant source substance-containing agricultural composition and applications, wherein the plant source substance is prepared by one or more of derris, tripterygium glycosides, tobacco, pyrethrum cinerariifolium, tagetes erecta, eupatorium adenophorum, radix stemonae, cayenne pepper, macleaya cordata, radix sophorae flavescentis, pyrethrum cinerariifolium, chinaberry, excoecaria sebifera, black nightshade herb, rhododendron sinensis sweet, coriaria sinica maxim, garlic, fruit of cubeb litsea tree, yellow flowered rhododendron, thymelaea, radix euphorbiae lantu, lysimachia foenum-graecum hance, peppermint, calamendiol, cortex cinnamomi, black pepper, artemisia scoparia, rhizoma alpiniae officinarum, mugwort, pepper, cynanchum komarovii, chinese honeylocust abnormal fruit, stramonium, ginko, camphora officinarum, caulis spatholobi, chinese mosla herb, herba asari, red sandalwood, erythrina indica, myrsine africana and fructus cnidii. The composition is low in people and livestock and non-target organism toxicity, fast degraded in the environment, low in residue, and free from environmental pollution. The oligochitosan and certain plant source substances in the composition are mixed and can achieve synergistic interaction, and the usage amount of the plant source substances can be reduced.

Nuisance-free medical fertilizers for prevention and curing of nematode and underground pest and production process thereof

InactiveCN101139234AEfficient fertilizerOvercome the disadvantages of poor efficacyBiocideNematocidesBiological StressPhoxim
The present invention discloses a non-social pollution drug fertilizer for preventing wireworm and underground pest and the relative technics process; the drug fertilizer consists of the following components according to the weight ratio: 1-10 percent of bitter bean, 1-10 percent of cattle heart Preserving Simplicity, 1-10 percent of azedarach fruit, 1-3 percent of carapace or chitosan, 0.5-2 percent of salicylic acid or natrium salicylicum, 1-3 percent of Chlopyrifos or phoxim, 1-5 percent of diffusing agent, 1-5 percent of surface active agent, 1-10 percent of adhesive agent, 5-15 percent of disintegrant, 5-20 percent of micro fertilizer, 10-50 percent of corrupted acid; wherein, the weight ratio of all components is 100 percent. The drug fertilizer in the present invention integrates nutrient, improving soil and preventing pest together, which has much better immunity, prevention and curing effect to the wireworm and underground pest. The present invention can realize the purpose for ''detoxification to the soil and epidemic prevention to the crops'', decrease the use quantity for fertilizer and venomous pesticide and enhance the biological stress for the soil and crops. The present invention does not leave in the crop and pollute the environment. The present invention can accelerate the growth for the crops, decrease the pests in the crops, increase the output and improve the quality.

Compound bacterium for preventing and treating root-knot nematode and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a compound bacterium for preventing and treating root-knot nematode and a preparation method thereof. The compound bacterium for preventing and treating root-knot nematode is prepared by the following steps: carrying out high-density cultivation on raw material strains of bacillus thuringiensis, pseudomonas fluorescens, bacillus subtilis, streptomycete, aspergillus niger, paecilomyces lilacinus and fusarium oxysporum, inoculating activated and cultivated strains in a fermentation tank and implementing fermentation and extended cultivation; dehydrating and drying various single strains obtained from extended cultivation to obtain resting microorganism dry powder; and mixing 10-20 parts of bacillus thuringiensis, 5-10 parts of pseudomonas fluorescens, 10-20 parts of bacillus subtilis, 10-20 parts of streptomycete, 10-15 parts of aspergillus niger, 10-25 parts of paecilomyces lilacinus and 8-15 parts of fusarium oxysporum to obtain the compound bacterium for preventing and treating root-knot nematode. The compound bacterium disclosed by the invention is used for preventing and treating root-knot nematode; and compared with an existing product, the compound bacterium is environment-friendly, harmless and non-toxic to a human body and good in control efficiency.

Chinese herbal medicinal insecticide

InactiveCN102578171AEffective against insectsImprove adsorption capacityBiocideFungicidesPumpkin seedBetel
The invention relates to a Chinese herbal medicinal insecticide, and aims to solve the problem of public hazards of the conventional insecticide. The Chinese herbal medicinal insecticide comprises the following Chinese herbal medicines in part by weight: 50 to 110 parts of macleaya cordata, 50 to 110 parts of eucalyptus robusta smith, 40 to 100 parts of betel nut, 40 to 100 parts of pumpkin seed,40 to 100 parts of clematis root, 40 to 100 parts of celastrus angulatus, 30 to 90 parts of stone-like omphalia, 30 to 90 parts of grand torreya seed, 30 to 90 parts of camphor tree, 30 to 90 parts of pomegranate rind, 30 to 90 parts of lightyellow sophora root, 30 to 90 parts of rhododendron molle, 30 to 70 parts of fourstamen stephania root, 30 to 70 parts of sessile stemona root, 30 to 70 parts of hindu datura flower and 30 to 70 parts of liquoric root. The Chinese herbal medicinal insecticide is prepared by the following steps of: performing alcohol precipitation on the Chinese herbal medicines to obtain the original liquid medicine; diluting sodium usnic acid by using a solvent; and adding 0.1 to 0.3 weight percent of diluted sodium usnic acid into the original liquid medicine. The finished Chinese herbal medicinal insecticide comprises 0.5 percent (g/ml) of sanguinarine, is brownish red, has the ph value of 7 to 8 and the density of 1.10g/cm<3>, and has the advantages of effective insecticidal capability, no damage to humans, high adsorbability and durable seepage force.
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Organic bentonite pesticide sustained-release granular formulation and preparation method thereof

InactiveCN102578081AGood compatibilityDoes not constitute pollutionBiocideFungicidesChemical structureControl release
The invention relates to a sustained-release granular formulation for preventing and treating crop diseases and insect pests and a preparation method thereof. The pesticide sustained-release granular formulation comprises bentonite, an organic modifier, pesticide active ingredients, an inert filler and a binding agent, and is prepared by the preparation method comprising the steps of: (1) with the bentonite as a basic material, modifying the bentonite by the organic modifier to obtain organic bentonite; (2) loading the pesticide active ingredients on the organic bentonite to prepare medicine-carrying organic bentonite; and (3) mixing the medicine-carrying organic bentonite, the inert filler and the binding agent proportionally, and pelleting to obtain the sustained-release granular formulation. The preparation method of the sustained-release granular formulation, provided by the invention, not only overcomes the defect of low pesticide loading rate of the natural bentonite, but also realizes the controlled release of the pesticide by adjusting a chemical structure and the amount of the modifier, so that the sustained-release granular formulation is coincident with an occurrence rule of the plant diseases and insect pests, and the pesticide sustained-release granular formulation is used safely, reasonably, economically and effectively.
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