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Multi-function micro speaker

The present invention relates to a multi-functional subminiature speaker, more particularly, to a bone conduction speaker, which can generate vibration for bone conduction, bodily sensation of vibration, speaker attachment, and the vibration mode over the housing unit, that is, over a front protector of the speaker, a housing, and an outer side of a rear cover, without any projections, and which has an acoustic portion unit further detachably mounted. According to the multi-functional subminiature speaker of the present invention, it is possible to perform the bone conduction without the projections because the vibration can be generated over the whole surface of the multi-functional subminiature speaker, that is, over the whole outer side of the housing unit, by constructing such that loss of the magnetic force transmitted to the vibration coil is minimized by disposing the magnets on both inner and outer sides with respect to the vibration coil, the vibration force has been improved by making the vibration weight unit to be constructed of the yoke, the central and external magnets, and the inner and outer top plates integrally by means of the rivet shaft to thereby increase the weight of the vibration weight, and the corrugated cross-type vibration spring is provided that is adapted to generate the vibration over the whole housing unit in such a manner as to vibrate the vibration weight of the increased weight effectively and to generate vibration in the upward and downward directions as well as in the right and left directions. Also, it is possible to implement the bone conduction of wide-band region by providing the multi-functional subminiature speaker as described above, and it is possible to provide the multi-functional subminiature speaker capable of performing the bone conduction of subminiature security mode, bodily sensation of vibration, speaker attachment, and vibration mode with low manufacturing cost.
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