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Also called multiple-value function. a relation between two sets in which two or more elements of the second set are assigned to each element of the first set, as y 2 = x 2, which assigns to every x the two values y = +x and y = −x. Sociology. the contribution made by a sociocultural phenomenon to an ongoing social system.

Method and apparatus for integrating manual input

Apparatus and methods are disclosed for simultaneously tracking multiple finger and palm contacts as hands approach, touch, and slide across a proximity-sensing. compliant, and flexible multi-touch surface. The surface consists of compressible cushion, dielectric, electrode, and circuitry layers. A simple proximity transduction circuit is placed under each electrode to maximize signal-to-noise ratio and to reduce wiring complexity. Such distributed transduction circuitry is economical for large surfaces when implemented with thin-film transistor techniques. Scanning and signal offset removal on an electrode array produces low-noise proximity images. Segmentation processing of each proximity image constructs a group of electrodes corresponding to each distinguishable contact and extracts shape, position and surface proximity features for each group. Groups in successive images which correspond to the same hand contact are linked by a persistent path tracker which also detects individual contact touchdown and liftoff. Combinatorial optimization modules associate each contact's path with a particular fingertip, thumb, or palm of either hand on the basis of biomechanical constraints and contact features. Classification of intuitive hand configurations and motions enables unprecedented integration of typing, resting, pointing, scrolling, 3D manipulation, and handwriting into a versatile, ergonomic computer input device.

Membrane suitable for use in an analyte sensor, analyte sensor, and associated method

A multifunctional membrane is provided. The multifunctional membrane is suitable for use in an analyte sensor. In a particular application, the multifunctional membrane may be used in connection with an amperometric biosensor, such as a transcutaneous amperometric biosensor. Some functions of the membrane are associated with properties of membrane itself, which is comprised of crosslinked polymers containing heterocyclic nitrogen groups. For example, the membrane, by virtue of its polymeric composition, may regulate the flux of an analyte to a sensor. Such regulation generally improves the kinetic performance of the sensor over a broad range of analyte concentration. Other functions of the membrane are associated with functional components, such as a superoxide-dismutating/catalase catalyst, either in the form of an enzyme or an enzyme mimic, that can be bound to the scaffold provided by the membrane. The effect of any such enzyme or enzyme mimic is to lower the concentration of a metabolite, such as superoxide and/or hydrogen peroxide, in the immediate vicinity of the sensing layer of the biosensor. Lowering the concentrations of such metabolites, which are generally deleterious to the function of the sensor, generally protects or enhances biosensor integrity and performance. The membrane is thus an important tool for use in connection with analyte sensors, amperometric sensors, biosensors, and particularly, transcutaneous biosensors. A membrane-covered sensor and a method for making same are also provided.

Multipurpose, universal Converter with battery control and real-time Power Factor Correction.

The Electric Power Converter has the qualifications for an uninterruptable power supply, battery management, energy conversion, micro-grid formation, Power Factor Correction including Total Harmonic Distortion correction in real time. Uninterruptable power supply's use is for always-on, real-time, all-time, reduced distortion with functions of load reduction and management during peak load events. The Electric Power Converter as well has the ability to provide maintenance for most types of batteries including charging and discharge regiments to increase the overall lifetime of a battery, the maintenance, incorporating restorative functions that can refurbish dead batteries or can further increase the overall efficiency and useful function of weaker/aged/defective batteries. Energy conversion capabilities allow for the conversion of AC or DC to AC or DC with high efficiency and ability to actively vary the frequency in accordance to the required parameters. The Electric Power Converter is able to establish and sustain a micro-grid with multiple and varying sources of power generation and load conditions. The Electric Power Converter is achieving dynamic, real-time, interactive Power Factor Correction (PFC) function with advanced voltage harmonic distortion correction with a high efficiency ratio. The Electric Power converter is designed to function with the emerging Smart Grid technologies and provide an overall higher level of operating efficiency and higher quality of electrical power.
Owner:3DFS L L C

Telecommunications initiated data fulfillment system

A system for providing a wide range of telecommunications initiated data fulfillment services in which a multi-function code, such as “*#” (star, pound), input into an originating telecommunications device, such as a conventional land-line or wireless telephone, triggers the treatment of the input sequence as a multi-function code service request rather than a dialed directory number. The multi-function code is followed by an input data string to complete the multi-function code service request, which the user typically enters into the telecommunications device just like a conventional telephone call, except that the input string begins with the multi-function code. The telecommunications system recognizes the multi-function code as a trigger, and in response takes one or more actions, such as automatically terminating the call to an announcement and routing a data message to a data fulfillment center, which responds to the message by implementing a response action indicated by the multi-function code service request. For example, the data fulfillment center may respond by transmitting a message over a wireless data network or the Internet to implement a service, such as activation of a vending machine, remote control of device, delivery of a message over the Internet or wireless data network, initiation of an interactive Internet session with the originating device, or a wide range of other services. In addition, a charge for this service may be automatically charged to an account associated with the originating telecommunications device, which may be billed separately or incorporated on the user's conventional monthly telecommunications invoice.

Picture-in-picture and multiple video streams using slice-based encoding

Methods for slice-based encoding of program guides and user interfaces. The program guides include multiple video streams for picture-in-picture and other applications. A method for encoding the program guide includes encoding a first set of slices for each of a plurality of graphics pages; and encoding a second set of slices for each of a plurality of video streams. The user interfaces are multi-functional and may be used for electronic commerce and other applications. A method of generating the user interface includes encoding a set of slices for each of a plurality of objects, each object being characterized by an identity, at least one attribute, and at least one operation. In one embodiment of this method, the plurality of objects include an electronic commerce object, where the electronic commerce object is attributed with a first hyper text markup language (HTML) page. A head-end centric system and apparatus for encoding and delivery of realtime content, including: a non-realtime content source for providing non-realtime content; a non-realtime encoder for encoding the non-realtime content into encoded non-realtime content; a realtime encoder source for providing realtime video and audio content; a realtime encoder for encoding the realtime video and audio content into encoded realtime video an audio; a remultiplexor for repacketizing the encoded non-realtime content and the encoded realtime video and audio into transport packets; and a re-timestamp unit coupled to the remultiplexor for providing timestamps to be applied to the transport packets in order to synchronize the realtime and non-realtime content therein.
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