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Graphene composite material and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a graphene composite material and a preparation method thereof. The graphene composite material provided by the invention is characterized in that a graphene material plate fixed on a metallic matrix serves as a carrier, and the elementary substance and/or a compound are compounded on the graphene surface. Meanwhile, the invention also discloses a method for preparing the graphene composite material. The graphene composite material prepared by the invention is opened between graphene sheets and is compounded with a chemical substance under the condition that a space body structure is formed, and the obtained material has high conductivity, high specific surface area and excellent performance of low electrical resistivity between the sheets, and can be widely applied to the fields of energy storage materials such as lithium ion batteries, super-capacitors, super lead carbon batteries, super nickel-carbon electrodes, solar energy and fuel cells, the field of heat dissipation materials, the field of environment-friendly adsorbing materials, the field of sea water desalination materials, the field of photoelectric sensor materials, the biological relevance field, the field of catalyst materials and the fields of conductive ink and coating materials.

Method for preparing high-strength conductive graphene fiber by large-size graphene oxide sheet

The invention discloses a method for preparing high-strength conductive graphene fiber by a large-size graphene oxide sheet. The method comprises the steps of: oxidizing expanded graphite and obtaining graphene oxide; dispersing the graphene oxide into water, carrying out centrifugal classification treatment on the dispersed graphene oxide, and obtaining the large-size even graphene oxide sheet; and finally, dispersing the graphene oxide into water or polar organic solvent, preparing spinning solution liquid crystal sol with the mass concentration of 1-20%, transferring the spinning solution liquid crystal sol into a spinning device, continuously squeezing spinning solution out from a spinning head capillary tube at the uniform velocity, leading the squeezed spinning solution into solidification liquid, drying the solidified primary fiber, obtaining graphene oxide fiber, and then obtaining the graphene fiber by chemical reduction. A spinning technology is simple; and the obtained graphene fiber is good in electrical conductivity, excellent in mechanical property and better in toughness, can be woven into pure-graphene fiber cloth, and also can be woven with other fibers in a blending way so as to make various functional fabrics, so that the high-strength conductive graphene fiber can be used for replacing carbon fiber in a plurality of fields.

Method for preparing graphene reinforced metal-based composite material through discharge plasma (SPS) sintering

The present invention relates to a method for preparing a graphene reinforced metal-based composite material through discharge plasma (SPS) sintering. The method is characterized in that the graphene reinforced metal-based block material is prepared through SPS sintering and has the following advantages that: the preparation method is simple, the material is compact and does not have pores, the graphene mass fraction can be arbitrarily regulated, the distribution is uniform, no aggregation is generated, the material mechanical property isotropy is provided, and the wettability of the metal and the graphene interface is good. The method comprises: (1) reducing graphene oxide through a chemical method or a hydrothermal method to obtain graphene sheets with a sheet layer thickness of not more than 4 nm and sheet layer diameter of not more than 50 [mu]m; and (2) preparing metal powder with a particle size of not more than 200 [mu]m through a rotating electrode atomization method, mechanical crushing or a high-speed ball milling method; (3) carrying out mechanical or ball milling mixing on the graphene powder and the metal powder according to the required mass ratio; and (4) carrying out SPS sintering forming on the mixed powder, wherein the obtained material has characteristics of improved mechanical property, decreased density, good heat conduction capability, and good electric conduction capability, and the performance customizing can be achieved by adjusting the preparation parameters.

Graphene composite conductive slurry as well as preparation method and application thereof

The invention discloses graphene composite conductive slurry as well as a preparation method and application thereof. The graphene composite conductive slurry comprises graphene, a non-flaky conducting agent, a dispersing agent, a solvent and a viscosity regulator; the non-flaky conducting agent is at least partially embedded between graphene flakes. The preparation method comprises the followingsteps: mixing expanded graphite, the dispersing agent and the solvent uniformly and performing shear stripping to prepare first slurry; adding the non-flaky conducting agent into the first slurry, andperforming partial intercalation treatment at least through a grinding mode to disperse the non-flaky conducting agent and the graphene flakes uniformly to prepare second slurry. The graphene composite conductive slurry has excellent dispersing stability, enables an active material to show up excellent electrochemical property when being in a lithium ion battery, and can improve the electrode capacity, reduce the internal resistance of the battery and improve cycling performance; meanwhile, the preparation method has the advantages of simple process, high operability, wide raw material source, low cost and the like.

Preparation method of graphene-carbon nano-tube composite nanofiltration membrane with high flux

The invention discloses a graphene-carbon nano-tube composite nanofiltration membrane with high flux and a preparation method of the graphene-carbon nano-tube composite nanofiltration membrane. The composite nanofiltration membrane is prepared by uniformly depositing a full-carbon selective separation layer on a porous polymer supporting layer by using the method disclosed by the invention, wherein the full-carbon selective separation layer is formed by compounding and assembling graphene and a carbon nano-tube. By using the method disclosed by the invention, the carbon nano-tube can be effectively intercalated among graphene sheet layers which are compactly stacked. The nanofiltration membrane prepared by using the preparation method disclosed by the invention is high in water flux, good in pollution resistance, high in retention rate (approach to 100%) of organic dyes, relatively high in salt removing rate of the organic dyes and capable of keeping relatively high flux under the conditions of high operation pressure and high salinity. The preparation method disclosed by the invention is simple and easy, strong in controllability, relatively low in production cost and free of pollution so as to have favorable application prospects in the nanofiltration field.

Graphene enhanced magnesium-based composite and preparing method thereof

The invention relates to a graphene enhanced magnesium-based composite and a preparing method thereof, and belongs to the technical field of composites. In the inert atmosphere, graphene with a certain lamella size and pure magnesium particles are subjected to ball-milling treatment, and meanwhile peeling of a graphene lamella and mixing between the graphene lamella and the pure magnesium particles are achieved; an ultrasonic dispersing and mechanical stirring technology is adopted, the peeled graphene lamella is further dispersed in a liquid phase, the pure magnesium particles are inserted in the parts among graphene layers in the stirring process, and the solid phase interval and sufficient mixing between the pure magnesium particles and the graphene layers are achieved; the compactness of graphene/pure magnesium particle composite powder is enhanced through a thermal extrusion technology, a magnesium-based precursor containing graphene is obtained, and the graphene enhanced magnesium-based composite is finally obtained through an alloy component blending and stirring casting method. The method technology is simple and convenient to conduct, environment friendliness is achieved, and sufficient dispersing of graphene in a magnesium base body is achieved. The graphene/magnesium-based composite with the enhanced mechanical performance is obtained, and wide application prospects are achieved in the fields such as aerospace, automobiles and electronics.

A vortex graphene stripping device, a graphene producing system and a producing method

A vortex graphene stripping device is disclosed. The vortex graphene stripping device comprises an outer cylinder provided with a heating jacket. The outer cylinder is provided with a pressure gage for detecting the pressure in the outer cylinder and a temperature measuring device for measuring the temperature in the outer cylinder. The top of the outer cylinder is provided with a feed port. The middle and lower part of the outer cylinder is provided with a discharging port. An inner sleeve of the outer cylinder is provided with a truncated cone-shaped inner cylinder with a downward taper angle. The upper and lower ends of the inner cylinder are open. The inner cylinder is fixed in the outer cylinder in a suspension manner through a hollowed-out support. Shear blades used for stripping graphene flakes are tightly arranged on the inner wall of the inner cylinder. A groove is formed between each adjacent shear blades. A turbine is disposed between the lower end of the inner cylinder and the lower end of the outer cylinder, and is driven to rotate by a driving mechanism disposed outside the outer cylinder. Turbine blades are perpendicular to and towards the opening at the lower end of the inner cylinder. The vortex graphene stripping device can achieve successful stripping of graphene. The invention also relates to a graphene producing system comprising the vortex graphene stripping device and a graphene producing method.
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