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In computer architecture, a control bus is part of the system bus, used by CPUs for communicating with other devices within the computer. While the address bus carries the information about the device with which the CPU is communicating and the data bus carries the actual data being processed, the control bus carries commands from the CPU and returns status signals from the devices. For example, if the data is being read or written to the device the appropriate line (read or write) will be active (logic one).

Hybrid cloud computing system based on cloud bus and realization method of hybrid cloud computing system

The invention discloses a hybrid cloud computing system based on a cloud bus and a realization method of the hybrid cloud computing system. The system is based on a local private cloud, one or more public clouds are integrated, the internal constitution of the local private cloud is consistent with that of the public cloud, both the internal constitution of the local private cloud and the internal constitution of the public cloud comprise an infrastructure, a virtualization layer, a cloud platform layer, a cloud bus layer, a cloud application layer, a management center and a storage center, wherein the hardware resources on a bottom layer are grouped into a virtual cluster through the infrastructure and the virtualization layer so as to provide different virtual resources to the superior layer; the cloud platform is used for operating a web application program or a service and utilizing an open interface to carry out the secondary development and application integration; and the cloud bus layer is used for managing and monitoring various services on the cloud platform layer and is a hub for connecting the cloud application layer and the cloud platform layer, and the cloud bus layer is established on the basis of SOA (service oriented architecture) concept and comprises a control bus, a plurality of node buses and an adapter. Due to the adoption of the hybrid cloud computing system, the migration of the existing IT (internet) environment of an enterprise to a cloud computing environment can be accelerated, the investment can be reduced, and the resource can be adequately utilized.

Convolutional-neural-network accelerating system based on field-programmable gate array

The invention discloses a convolutional-neural-network accelerating system based on a field-programmable gate array. The convolutional-neural-network accelerating system comprises a general processor,the field-programmable gate array, a storage module, a data bus and a control bus, wherein the general processor is a soft core of a reduced instruction set, and is responsible for starting an accelerator, being in communication with a host terminal, conducting time measurement and the like; a DDR3 DRAM serves as an external storage of the accelerator system; an AXI4-Lite bus is used for demand transmission, and an AXI4 bus is used for data transmission; the field-programmable gate array comprises multiple processing engines (PE), and each processing engine adopts a most-suitable fragment unfolding strategy to correspond to calculation of one layer in the convolutional neural network; all the processing engines are mapped onto a same FPGA chip, and therefore different layers can simultaneously work in a production line mode. Compared with an existing convolutional-neural-network accelerating system, the convolutional-neural-network accelerating system based on the field-programmable gate array can obtain higher energy efficiency benefit.

Operation training system and method of special vehicles

The embodiments of the invention disclose an operation training system and method of special vehicles. The system comprises a simulation system, a controller, an immersed type display apparatus and a driving operation console of the special vehicles, wherein the driving operation console comprises operation components consistent with operation components in actual driving cabins of the special vehicles in an airport; the controller is connected with the driving operation console through a control bus and is in communicating connection with the simulation system for receiving operation control instructions sent by users through operating the driving operation console and converting the operation control instructions into digital operation control signals for transmission to the simulation system; the simulation system stores setup data of virtual three-dimensional scenes for realizing synchronization and interaction between operation of the driving operation console and changing of the states of the virtual three-dimensional scenes; and the immersed type display apparatus is used for displaying the virtual three-dimensional scenes of current special vehicles. According to the embodiments of the invention, the problems caused by fewer actual operation opportunities during training of special vehicle drivers of a civil aviation airport in the prior art can be solved.

Method and system for arbitrating between bus masters having diverse bus acquisition protocols

A data processing system is disclosed which includes a first processor having an m-byte data width, an n-byte data bus, where n is less than m, and a second processor electrically coupled to the bus which performs bus transactions utilizing n-byte packets of data. An adaptor is electrically coupled between the first processor and the bus which converts n-byte packets of data input from the bus to m-byte packets of data, and converts m-byte packets of data input from the first processor to n-byte packets of data, thereby enabling the first processor to transmit data to and receive data from the bus utilizing m-byte packets of data. In a second aspect of the present invention, a method and system are provided for arbitrating between two bus masters having disparate bus acquisition protocols. In response to a second bus master asserting a bus request when a first bus master controls the bus, control of the bus is removed from the first bus master. Thereafter, in response to a signal transmitted from an arbitration control unit to the first bus master instructing the first bus master to terminate its bus transactions, control of the bus is granted to the second bus master. In response to the second bus master terminating its bus request, control of the bus is granted to the first bus master and a signal is transmitted from the arbitration control unit to the first bus master acknowledging the grant of control.
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