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Method of controlling receiver and receiver using the same

InactiveUS20080031595A1Accurately and efficiently confirmedFacilitates user accessTelevision system detailsColor television signals processingProgress barComputer graphics (images)
A receiver and receiver control method facilitate user access to recorded content, including access for viewing, editing, and deletion, by providing means for improved file recognition so that recording items can be accurately and efficiently confirmed via a main screen without playing back any of the recording items in full. The method uses a recording list including at least one window, at least one progress bar, and additional information such as a program title and enables the recording list to be constructed from a received stream. The method includes steps of receiving at least one video program; and constructing a recording list from the received at least one video program, the recording list including at least one window, at least one progress bar, and additional information indicative of at least one feature identifying a corresponding video program of the recording list, each window corresponding to one video program of the recording list and each progress bar corresponding to one video program of the recording list, wherein at least part of a specified video program is displayed in a corresponding window of the constructed recording list in response to a user command for controlling a corresponding progress bar of the constructed recording list. A specific recording item (video program) may be selected in correspondence to a thumbnail image displayed as part of the recording list. The selected video program or a video sample thereof is displayed, after scaling, to occupy a screen area coinciding with a screen area previously occupied by the corresponding thumbnail image.

Printing method and apparatus having multiple raster image processors

A multiple raster image processor (RIP) system which enables faster system performance over multiple processors includes a zero RIP feature consisting of a language interpreter sub-RIP that interprets a print instruction file but does not process the graphics rendering steps or the post-language processing operators. The zero RIP discovers page related attributes for individual pages within a multipage job and reports any potential errors or warnings with the file. A thumb RIP consists of a very low resolution RIP that is used specifically for the creation of thumbnail images. A skip RIP interprets selected pages in a way that skips all or most of the processing for that page. Pages to be skipped are scheduled for a different processor, thereby saving processing time and enabling the provision of a multiple processor RIP. A rules based scheduler on an page/face or machine characteristic basis supports a dynamic assignment and assessment algorithm. Scheduling results in optimum use of available resources and requested print constraints (e.g. constrained time window) and optimum use of system bandwidth (e.g. bandwidth control). Archiving and editing capability enables tagged archiving of jobs or parts of jobs in a post RIPed (i.e. raster) format in a special cache located with in the multiRIP system.
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