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Combination gravimetric and volumetric dispenser for multiple fluids

A combination gravimetric and volumetric fluid dispenser is disclosed which includes a scale linked to a controller. The controller is linked to a plurality of two stage valves which control the dispensing of large quantities of base materials. The controller is also linked to a plurality of nutating pumps which together with the controller controls the dispensing of smaller quantities of additive materials. The dispensing system disclosed is particularly useful for paints or other liquid formulations where larger quantities of base materials are added and which can be added by weight and whereby precise measurements of the larger base materials is not particularly required. However, the incorporation of nutating pumps and the addition of smaller amounts of additives by volume using the nutating pumps enables precise dispensing of the additives, such as colorants for paint. The larger containers or reservoirs of base material may be disposed at a remote location from the dispensing apparatus. The dispensing apparatus is also preferably designed with a modular configuration as shown and described. For viscous materials, an improved dispensing method is disclosed whereby viscous base material is added to the container first followed by smaller amounts of additives followed by additional dispensing of viscous base materials. By sandwiching the smaller amounts of additives between layers of base materials, an improved mix ability results for viscous materials such as base materials of paints and colorants.

Gate valve

A gate valve has a transfer chamber-side valve element and a process chamber-side valve element connected to a single shaft actuated with a single three-position air cylinder to selectively close a process chamber opening and a transfer chamber opening or fully open both the openings to allow an object to pass therethrough. A lever member is secured to the single shaft. A roller supported by the lever member is kept in engagement with a cam groove of a cam member. A cam support member for supporting the cam member is connected to the piston rod of the three-position air cylinder. A spring is interposed between the lever member and the cam support member. When the piston rod is in the first (lower extremity) position, both the transfer chamber-side valve element and the process chamber-side valve element fully open the transfer chamber opening and the process chamber opening, respectively. As the piston rod shifts from the first position to the second position, the roller shifts from engagement with an upper position of the cam groove to engagement with an intermediate position, causing the process chamber-side valve element to close the process chamber opening. As the piston rod shifts from the second position to the third (upper extremity) position, the roller shifts from the engagement with the intermediate position to engagement with a lower position of the cam groove, causing the transfer chamber-side valve element to close the transfer chamber opening.
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