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Valve actuator and method

A subsea actuator and method is disclosed that includes all moving components mounted in a compact, concentric configuration. The subsea actuator is highly reliable and will operate at depth even with zero valve body cavity pressure. A preferably cup-shaped spring pusher is provided in telescoping relationship to the hydraulic chamber. A piston position indicator is provided which is connected externally to the hydraulic piston cylinder to avoid the possibility of hydraulic leaks due to the piston indicator. A manual override may be provided with a manual override indicator. The manual override indicator has a shorter travel length than the manual override operating stem to thereby reduce the overall length of the manual override assembly. The driving stem provides a removable connection to the hydraulic piston from the top of the actuator housing and a quick disconnect permits disconnection of the driving stem from the valve stem. In a preferred embodiment, upper and lower t-slot connections are utilized in the driving stem assembly. In a preferred embodiment, two back seat valves are removably secured to the driving stem to engage respective seats and provide additional sealing around the driving stem so as to prevent leakage between the valve chamber and actuator housing chamber. The high tension spring does not need to be removed to perform maintenance, and all wear items and seals are readily accessible. Change or replacement of the stem packing is made from the top of the bonnet to avoid dissasembling the bonnet to valve body connection. Pre-load bolts are used to adjustably preload the tension in the return spring. The height/weight of the actuator is significantly reduced as compared to prior art subsea valve actuators.

Device and method for detecting the coagulation functions of global, especially primary hemostasis

The invention relates to a method and to a device for examining the properties of the global, in particular the primary, hemostasis functions in whole blood or platelet-rich plasma, comprising a storage chamber (15) for the blood to be examined, a reaction device (39) having at least one flow path (5, 16) via which the blood to be examined is transported for carrying out certain reactions, a conveyor device (1) which conveys a volumetric flow for the transport of the blood through the reaction device (39), thereby generating a conveyor pressure, a pressure gauge (8, 9) which in a blood-free pressure gauge chamber (3) measures changes in the conveyor pressure which appear depending on the reactions of the blood to be examined which have taken place in the reaction device (39), a blood collection chamber (10) for collecting the blood transported through the reaction device (39), the conveyor pressure in a pressure-sealed working chamber (12) being generated by a piston-cylinder system (1), a working surface (33) of the piston (4) forming a boundary of the working chamber (12), and the working chamber (12) being formed by the blood collection chamber (10) and the blood-free pressure gauge chamber (3). According to the method of the invention, the volumetric flow is preferably adjusted, depending on the measured pressure of the volumetric flow, in such a way that the shear rate or the shear force, whose action in the reaction opening causes blood components, in particular thrombocytes, to deposit, follows a predetermined characteristic curve and in particular is held constant.

Mechanical automatic vertical drilling tool

One kind of mechanical type automatic vertically well-drilling tool, including turner, the conduction current head, the bearing, the counterweight, the spindle, in-tube, the back plate, above plate-valve, gets down plate-value, the shell, the piston cylinder back plate and the piston, its principle is at the right moment induces the well slanting gravity signal, by the gravity-actuates in the organization, the establishment drills inside and out the column high-low pressure channel between the fluid, uses two between the differential pressure, actuates the piston at the right moment to push depends on the wall of a well is high side, the wall of a well reacting force then pushes the drill bit to is low side, but in well-eye other positions, the piston does not push depends on the wall of a well, drills the column revolves, this process circulation reciprocation, the well is slanting namely is unceasingly induced and the revision, this invention realization is initiative, At the right moment guards against slanting at the same time, but also can effectively liberate distilling, largely enhances drills fast and well-eye the quality, reduces the construction risk, this invention has the structure is simple, reliable, is suitable to the many kinds of well drilling platform, the processing makes the maintenance cost is low and so on the characteristic.

Coal and rock mass stress orientation monitoring method and device

ActiveCN103512693AGood active couplingTargeted Monitoring RealizationMeasurement of force componentsHydraulic/pneumatic force measurementCouplingData acquisition
Provided are a coal and rock mass stress orientation monitoring method and device. The device comprises a three-way valve, a pressure gage, a high-pressure oil pump, a cylinder body pressure sensor. The cylinder body pressure sensor is provided with three piston sensing pieces which are connected with piston cylinders of the piston sensing pieces respectively. The outer ends of high-pressure oil pipes connected with the piston cylinders are connected with the pressure gage or a data converter connected with a data collector and the high-pressure oil pump through the three-way valve respectively. After the cylinder body pressure sensor is arranged in a drilling hole, the cylinder body pressure sensor bears pressure by injecting oil liquid, the piston sensing pieces can be automatically adaptive to good coupling with a coal and rock mass, and stress magnitude and changing in the three directions in the coal and rock mass can be monitored. Monitoring can be carried out on an original rock mass and in a broken coal and rock mass, the coal and rock mass stress orientation monitoring method and device can be widely used in geostress measurement, surrounding rock stability analysis and the like of mines, construction, water conservancy, roads, tunnels and underground engineering.

Vacuum packaging bags equipped with deflating device and deflating cylinders for use thereof

Disclosed is a vacuum packaging bag. Three edges of the bag are sealed and one edge is equipped with a concave-convex fastener. The bag is equipped with a deflating device. The deflating device consists of a base, a holding washer, a cover, and a sealing washer. The cover and the based are connected through screw threads. The base is placed inside the bag. The screw part of the base penetrates through one side of the bag. The holding washer fastens the film against the base. The sealing washer is placed on a support. The support is placed in the passageway between the base and the outside of the bag. The middle of the cover has a pressure post which is connected to the sealing washer. The middle of the pressure post has an opening to the outside of the bag. A deflating cylinder is used with the deflating device of the bag. The deflating cylinder is a piston cylinder. The front part of the piston rod has two holding boards. Between the holding boards there is a spacer. The backside board has a notch; the back part of the piston rod is connected to a pulling handle. On the front part of the cylinder is a convex. A pulling ring is attached to the convex. The vacuum packaging bag of the invention is simple in structure, easy to make, and convenient to use. It ensures the stored goods quality and value.

Winch heave compensation device for ocean floating drilling platform

The invention relates to a winch heave compensation device for an ocean floating drilling platform. The device comprises an active compensator and a passive compensator which are arranged on one side of a winch in parallel. The active compensator comprises a first single-rod piston cylinder with a piston rod stretching upwards and a force transducer, wherein two chambers of the first single-rod piston cylinder are connected to a hydraulic system through a three-position four-way magnetic exchange valve, and the force transducer is used for detecting force on a steel wire rope and electrically connected with a force feedback controller which controls exchange actions of the three-position four-way magnetic exchange valve. The passive compensator comprises a second single-rod piston cylinder with a piston rod stretching upwards. Tops of the piston rods of the first piston cylinder and the second piston cylinder are connected onto a movable pulley, a fixed pulley is further arranged on the drilling platform, and the steel wire rope on the winch is connected with a crown block and a traveling block after bypassing the movable pulley and the fixed pulley sequentially. According to the device, the compensation effect that active compensation and passive compensation are mutually synchronous and promoted can be achieved.

Electric control pneumatic cardio-pulmonary resuscitation machine

The invention relates to an electric control pneumatic cardio-pulmonary resuscitation machine and belongs to the field of medical machinery. The machine is used for cardio-pulmonary resuscitation emergency treatment for sudden cardiac arrest of a patient. The electric control pneumatic cardio-pulmonary resuscitation machine structurally comprises a rigid fixing press bow and an equal-altitude back plate. The press bow is composed of fixing rods with scale display, movable sliding rails, a press piston cylinder, a resetting spring and a recessed face press head. The press bow is connected with fixed locks on movable sliding rails on two sides of the equal-altitude back plate through the fixing rods on two sides and is capable of moving vertically through the two fixing rods. A chip control circuit board, an electromagnetic valve, a pressure adjusting valve, a stabilizing air storage cylinder and the like are arranged in the equal-altitude back plate. The equal-altitude back plate has certain inclination, so that doctors can conveniently open an air channel of the patient. The machine utilizes the principle that the machine is controlled by chip circuit board program, press and ventilation are accurately controlled by an electromagnetic valve, press depth and ventilation quantity are controlled by a pressure adjusting valve, system pressure can be compensated by a stabilizing air storage cylinder, and continuous pressure output and ventilation can be ensured. The machine is suitable for cardio-pulmonary resuscitation emergency treatment of the patient suffering from pre-hospital cardiac arrest and in-hospital cardiac arrest.

Novel energy automobile battery protection damping mechanism

The invention discloses a novel energy automobile battery protection damping mechanism which comprises a fixed base, a battery tank and a baffle plate, wherein a sealing tank and a piston cylinder are arranged between the fixed base and the battery tank; a horizontal main piston is arranged inside the sealing tank; a vertical main piston rod is fixedly connected with the upper end of the main piston; a rubber tube is communicated with the bottom inside the sealing tank; the rubber tube extends into the piston cylinder; the piston cylinder is connected inside a chute in a sliding manner; a support block is fixed at the upper end of a secondary piston rod; a protection plate is fixed on a side wall of the battery tank; and a vertical inner plate body is fixed on the protection plate. As the main piston rod is pushed downwards through the battery tank, the main piston is moved downwards, the air inside the sealing tank is compressed, downward movement of the battery tank is retarded, then collision is avoided, and a damping function is achieved; and moreover, the air is compressed inside the sealing tank, the secondary piston inside the piston cylinder is moved upwards, then the support blocks contacts a pressing block, the battery tank is supported, the battery tank can be conveniently recovered, and the damping effect is enhanced.

Automotive Construction Engine and Lifting Column for a Contruction Engine

Disclosed is an automotive road construction engine (1), particularly a recycler or a cold stripping machine, comprising an engine frame (4) that is supported by a chassis (2), a working roller (6) which is stationarily or pivotally mounted on the engine frame (4) and is used for machining a ground surface or road surface (24). The chassis (2) is provided with wheels (10) or tracked running gears which are connected to the engine frame (4) via lifting column (14) and are vertically adjustable relative to the engine frame (4). The lifting columns (14) are composed of two hollow cylinders (13, 15) that can be inserted into each other, are used as a guiding unit, and preferably coaxially accommodate at least one piston-cylinder unit (16) therein for vertical adjustment purposes. Each individually vertically adjustable lifting column (14) is equipped with a device (18) for measuring the actual vertical state of the lifting column (14). Said measuring device (18) is coupled to lifting column (14) elements that can be adjusted relative to each other according to the vertical position in such a way that the measuring device (18) can continuously detect a path signal regarding the vertical position of each lifting column (14). A controller (23) which receives the measured path signals of the measuring devices (18) of all lifting columns (14) regulates the vertical state of the lifting columns (14) in accordance with the measured path signals of the measuring devices (18) and/or the changes thereof over time.
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