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Unmanned aerial vehicle integrated defense system and method

ActiveCN105842683AImprove stabilityIncrease electronic reconnaissance functionSpectral/fourier analysisRadio wave finder detailsRadarUncrewed vehicle
The invention discloses an unmanned aerial vehicle integrated defense system and a method. The unmanned aerial vehicle integrated defense system comprises a reconnaissance equipment unit, an interference equipment unit and a control unit, and is characterized in that the reconnaissance equipment unit integrates a radar reconnaissance technology, a photoelectric reconnaissance technology and a radio reconnaissance technology to carry out monitoring on a designated area so as to recognize an unmanned aerial vehicle and acquire movement and position information and instruction and image transmission information of the unmanned aerial vehicle and azimuth information of a manipulator of the unmanned aerial vehicle; and the control unit realizes interference for instruction signals, navigation signals and image transmission signals of the unmanned aerial vehicle through the interference equipment unit according to the acquired information. The unmanned aerial vehicle integrated defense system increases electronic reconnaissance on the basis of integrating the radar, photoelectric/infrared reconnaissance and electronic interference technologies so as to carry out reconnaissance analysis on wireless signals of the unmanned aerial vehicle, is applied to guidance interference, and improves the interference effectiveness and the efficiency; and meanwhile, the unmanned aerial vehicle integrated defense system can carry out remote positioning on the manipulator of the unmanned aerial vehicle, provides capture guidance for a law-enforcing department while realizing unmanned aerial vehicle defense, and improves the crime committing cost of unmanned aerial vehicle crime committing.

Filter structure for iterative signal processing

The present invention relates to improved multiple access communications. In one form, the invention relates to an improved signal processing method and apparatus for an iterative method of determining the reception of a signal in a multi user packet based wireless OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) communication system. In other forms the present invention provides recursive filtering for joint iterative decoding in a variety of systems and functions such as linear multiple access channel decoders, iterative equalisation, iterative joint channel estimation and detection/decoding, iterative space-time processing, iterative multi user interference cancellation and iterative demodulation. In one particular form the present invention provides an iterative decoding circuit for a wireless multiuser communications receiver comprising a first signal processing means for receiving at least one received signal, said first signal processing means comprising at least two linear iterative filters such that the first linear iterative filter provides an estimate of a selected received signal to an estimated signal output and a second linear iterative filter provides estimates of at least one other received signal, delayed by one iteration cycle, to an input of said first linear iterative filter, a second signal processing means for receiving the estimated signal output of the first linear iterative filter and providing a further received signal estimate to the input of the first signal processing means in a succeeding iteration cycle of the decoding circuit.

Optimum design method for staged fracturing perforation cluster parameters of horizontal well of shale reservoir

The invention relates to an optimum design method for staged fracturing perforation cluster parameters of a horizontal well of a shale reservoir. The optimum design method includes the following steps of S1, selecting high-fracture-performance fracturing well sections; S2, building a mathematical model for hydrofracture fracture progressing, analyzing an induction stress field model for fracture extension, and analyzing a fracture diverting mechanism; S3, analyzing extending conditions of main fractures, and selecting cluster distances capable of allowing the main fractures to evenly extend forwards; S4, analyzing change conditions of stress fields around the main fractures, selecting the perforation cluster distances with the horizontal principal stress ratios smaller than 1.3, and determining the optimal perforation cluster distances in cooperation with the step S3; S5, further improving the complexity of the fractures through an alternate fracturing principle, and setting the perforation density of perforation clusters in the middle to range from 10 to 16 per m and the perforation density of perforation clusters in the two sides to be larger than 16 per m. By means of the optimum design method, the perforation cluster distances can be optimized, largest fracture transforming sizes can be obtained, the practical effect of reservoir transforming can be improved, and high construction cost and the poor fracturing effect which are caused by aimlessly setting the perforation cluster distances can be avoided.

Light diffusing sheet and backlight unit using the light diffusing sheet

[Problem]To provide a light diffusing sheet which enables the light from a lightguide plate or light source of the backlight unit to be conducted to lens film after having been converted to diffused light having a small brightness peak angle, and which generates neither a moiré or interference fringe nor luminance unevenness, and is advantageous also from the standpoints of productivity and cost, and to provide a backlight unit having this light diffusing sheet incorporated therein. [Means for Solution]
The invention is composed of a light diffusing sheet 10 comprising a light-transmitting resin, characterized by having fine recesses formed in at least one of the surfaces 2 thereof, the fine recesses 3 having a shape which is any of the shape of an inverted polyangular pyramid, the shape of an inverted truncated polyangular pyramid, the shape of an inverted cone, and the shape of an inverted truncated cone. brightness peak angle of diffused light is reduced, which restrains both a moiré and interference fringe, according to light refraction due to inclined face of fine recess 3 or a taper face. The invention is composed of a backlight unit characterized by including the light diffusing sheet and has been disposed on upper side of lightguide plate 20, or in front of a light source, so that that surface of the sheet which has fine recesses formed therein serves as a light emission side.

A composite attitude and vibration control method for an anti-jamming flexible spacecraft

InactiveCN102298390AEliminate vibrationInterference torque effect eliminationAttitude controlVibration controlSpacecraft attitude control
A composite anti-jamming attitude control method for a flexible spacecraft, which is characterized in that it includes the following steps: First, by considering the vibration of the flexible attachment, the change of the spacecraft moment of inertia caused by the expansion of the flexible attachment and the space environment disturbance torque on the attitude In order to control the influence of control, a flexible spacecraft dynamics model including neutral uncertain dynamic items and external equivalent disturbance variables is established; secondly, in view of the serious influence of structural vibration on the stability of the spacecraft, and the large existence of flexible accessories such as sailboards, With the characteristics of flexibility and low damping, the PPF active vibration controller is constructed to reduce the impact of vibration modes on the spacecraft body; thirdly, the H∞ anti-jamming controller is designed to suppress vibrations from flexible mechanisms such as sailboards and extension rods. The disturbance caused by the change of the spacecraft rotational inertia caused by the deployment and the bounded disturbance such as the space environment disturbance moment; finally, based on the convex optimization algorithm, the composite anti-jamming output feedback attitude and the vibration composite controller are solved; Design and other advantages, can be used for high stability control of flexible spacecraft.

Closure having rotatable spout and axially movable stem

A closure for a container having a foil or membrane sealed opening. The closure includes a cap, a spout and a stem. The stem includes a downwardly extending piercing structure adapted for piercing the foil or membrane of the container upon rotation of the spout relative to the cap. The cap includes a cap top, a cap skirt depending from the cap top, an open sleeve and a stem guide. The open sleeve has an inwardly extending thread adapted to detachably engage the container. The open sleeve extends upwardly from the cap top. The stem guide extends along an internal surface of the sleeve. The spout rotatably engages the sleeve and includes a spout top having an aperture, an outer spout skirt and an inner skirt. The outer skirt depends from the spout top radially outward of the sleeve and rotatably engages the sleeve. The inner spout skirt depends from the spout top radially within the sleeve. The stem includes a substantially cylindrical body positioned radially within the inner spout skirt, a plug for selectively sealing the aperture, an outwardly extending spout-engaging thread, and an outwardly extending cap-engaging member. The spout engaging member engages the inner spout skirt and is adapted for helical motion with respect to the inner spout skirt. The cap-engaging member engages the stem guide and is adapted for axial motion with respect to the sleeve. Preferably, the stem guide includes a substantially vertically extending groove and the cap-engaging member includes a tab received in the groove.
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