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Road network. The road network is the system of interconnected roads designed to accommodate wheeled road going vehicles and pedestrian traffic.

Area road network traffic safety situation early warning system and method thereof

The invention discloses an area road network traffic safety situation early warning system and a method thereof. The system comprises monitoring equipment, a data transmission system, a data process system and an early warning system. The method comprises the following steps: acquiring data information of road traffic, meteorology, illegal behaviors, and accidents through the monitoring equipment; sending the data information through the data transmission system; carrying out a multiple heterogeneous treatment on the acquired data information through the data process system, and merging data of the same kind; analyzing and assessing early warning grade through the early warning system, and determining and publishing a early warning scheme. Thereby road network traffic safety situation information can be comprehensively grasped, and dangerous source existing in the road network can be discovered timely to determine an early warning grade and generate an intelligent early warning countermeasure. Pertinence, instantaneity and validity of a measure of a road traffic management department actively preventing traffic accidents are improved. Technology support is provided in the invention to reduce area road network traffic risk factor and prevent major and extraordinarily serious road traffic accidents.

Method and apparatus for traffic information conversion using traffic information element knowledge base

InactiveUS20110160986A1Easy to processExtracting the intersection on the real roads accuratelyAnalogue computers for vehiclesAnalogue computers for trafficRoad networksTrunk road
A method and apparatus for conversion of traffic information based on traffic information element knowledge base are provided. According to the present invention, a road network is described using roads, intersections and sections as traffic information elements and a correspondence between these elements and a road topological network in a digital map is established, so that a universal traffic information describing model, which is compatible with language used in people's daily life, can be established. Further, a traffic information element knowledge base can be generated based on the roads, intersections and sections, their respective attributes and the relationship between them, to support inter-conversion between road topological network traffic information and text-based traffic information. With the universal traffic information describing model and the traffic information element knowledge base according to the present invention, it is possible to support fusion and conversion for traffic data from various sources and to support various forms of presentation and interaction for traffic information, such as presentation of traffic information on digital navigation map, textual description of traffic information, map presentation of traffic information for urban trunk roads, interaction for natural language queries of traffic information, etc.

Method for detecting traffic state based on mobile phone signal data

ActiveCN101510357ALess investmentEffective real-time traffic informationDetection of traffic movementData acquisitionTime signal
The invention provides a method for detecting traffic state based on mobile phone signals. A virtual sensor network is set up to acquire the real-time signal data sent from all mobile phones within a time interval from a mobile phone network at a fixed time interval, a virtual sensor section and the traveling speed vi can be obtained according to the real-time signal data sent from an i-th mobile phone; the virtual sensor section is superposed onto a road network to obtain the road network section and the traveling speed Vi of the i-th mobile phone; a real-time traffic flow intensity K and a section traffic flow Q can be obtained by collecting the number n of the mobile phones on each road network section and the traveling speed V of each road network section; and finally, through a traffic parameter prediction model, the predicted traffic flow speed V, the traffic flow intensity K and the section traffic flow Q can be obtained. The method has the advantages that the large range of real-time traffic data acquisition in the city can be completed in a short time by fully relying on the existing mobile communication network resources, and utilizing the information in the existing mobile phone communication network, meanwhile, the initial investment is relatively small, the data coverage is wide, and data accuracy is high.

System for forecasting harbor district road traffic requirement based on TransCAD macroscopic artificial platform

ActiveCN101436345AComprehensive evaluation of traffic service levelImprove the efficiency of collecting and sparseDetection of traffic movementSpecial data processing applicationsCountermeasureSimulation
The invention discloses a harbor district road traffic demand predicting system which is based on a TransCAD macro simulated platform and is used to obtain harbor district road traffic generation amount in an objective year. The predicting system at least comprises a storage module, a harbor district road network model, a road network model application module, a road network loading distribution unit, an analysis evaluation module and a planning module, wherein the storage module is used to store data basis for predicting harbor district road traffic generation amount; the harbor district road network model inputs a harbor district project map into a TrarsCAD model platform through a harbor district project geographical information database so as to establish the harbor district road network model according to road traffic circulation in a harbor district; the road network model application module optimizes and selects traffic parameters by means of genetic algorithm to obtain a harbor district objective year OD matrix; the road network loading distribution unit is used for obtaining the traffic flow distribution state and traffic circulation state of the entire road network; the analysis evaluation module combines with the traffic distribution result to carry out traffic adaptability analysis evaluation on a future road network planning scheme; and the planning module is used to put forward guidance instructions and overall measures with regard to harbor district road traffic planning.

High-precision map data structure, high-precision map data acquiringand processing system and high-precision map data acquiringand processingmethod

The invention provides a high-precision map data structure, ahigh-precision map data acquiringand processing system and a high-precision map data acquiringand processingmethod. The high-precision map data structure adopts a layering structure and comprises four layers of structures in total, wherein all layers of data are inter-related, i.e., the first layer is a road network; the second layer is a lane network and is related to roads of the first layer; the third layer is lane line information and simultaneously is related to roads of the second layer; and the fourth layer is special information data. The system comprises a panoramic image shooting and processing module, a GPS processing module, an inertial navigation module, a rotary encoder and a geographicinformation processing module. According to the invention, a panoramic camera is used for shooting panoramic images of the roads, simultaneously, GPS original data, inertial navigation device data, rotary encoder data are acquired, different perspectives of projection images of single panoramic image, corresponding GPS and vehicle course angle information are obtained by processing the data, and then geographicinformation data of roads is labeled according to the defined data structure, so that a high-precision map is obtained.
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