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Mobile logistics integrated processing system and logistics processing method

The invention discloses a mobile logistics integrated processing system and a logistics processing method. The system comprises a logistics vehicle and an integrated processing platform arranged on the logistics vehicle. The integrated processing platform comprises a main frame. The main frame is provided with an unmanned aerial vehicle storage platform capable of going up and down along the vertical direction. A plurality of circulating and reciprocating type elevating mechanisms are arranged below the unmanned aerial vehicle storage platform. A lifting mechanism is arranged on one side of the circulating and reciprocating type lifting mechanisms. The lifting mechanism is provided with a platform. The lifting mechanism is located directly below a loading and unloading port. The integrated processing platform further comprises a sorting vehicle integration module and a carrying vehicle integration module. According to the embodiment of the technical solution of the invention, the above modules are integrated onto the logistics vehicle, so that the whole-process unmanned logistics of the goods sorting and transporting process is realized. Meanwhile, all modules integrated onto the logistics vehicle can be moved, deformed and expanded, and are highly integrated. Therefore, the space utilization rate is high. Moreover, the system realizes the centralized storage and treatment of delivery goods for unmanned vehicles and unmanned planes, and enables the parallel operations of various processing modes.

Board back insertion type circuit breaker characteristic detection and test device

The invention relates to a test device for detecting and testing the characteristics of a plug-in circuit breaker behind a panel. It includes the control circuit and mechanical mechanism of the device; the control circuit is composed of four cylinder circuits used to connect and disconnect the test electrode and the tested circuit breaker electrode in the control mechanical mechanism and used to provide the test power supply for the tested circuit breaker Regulate the voltage and test the circuit connected to the instrument; the mechanical mechanism includes a pneumatic clamping device fixed on the workbench and a positioning fixture installed on the electrode of the circuit breaker to be tested. The invention can realize that various case circuit breakers are concentrated on one test bench for characteristic detection, thereby saving the cost of the test bench and improving the space utilization rate. The pneumatic pressing device eliminates the energy consumption and variance caused by artificial crimping, and the test current realizes 0-4000A continuous and fine-tuning, which ensures the accuracy of the test current. And the multi-tap transformer realizes gear switching, and the display value of the test current is the actual value, which improves the detection accuracy and efficiency.

Express cabinet intelligent delivery method and system

PendingCN107705061AImprove space utilizationIncrease the amount of shipmentsLogisticsCredit historySystems approaches
The invention discloses an express cabinet intelligent delivery method and system. The method comprises the steps that express cabinet information and courier information are input, wherein the express cabinet information comprises the location of an express cabinet, cell size, the quantity of cells and cell distribution, and the courier information comprises courier numbers, phone numbers and governed regions; when express is sorted, express information is uploaded to a background server with express bill numbers being associated indexes, wherein the express information comprises package sizeand total weight; and after the express arrives at a destination district, the express bill numbers are input, an allocation function of the system is triggered, the express cabinet cells matched with the package size and the total weight of the express are allocated for the express, and the courier with a high credit value is notified according to a credit record for delivery. According to the method, the express and the express cabinet cells are matched, so that proper cells are allocated for the express, the space use rate of the express cabinet cells is increased, the delivery quantity ofthe couriers is increased, and the working efficiency of the couriers is improved.

Non-refrigeration infrared focal plane array detector of double-layer structure

InactiveCN103776546AExpand the effective absorption areaImprove space utilizationPyrometry using electric radation detectorsReadout integrated circuitIntegrated circuit
The invention relates to a non-refrigeration infrared focal plane array detector of a double-layer structure. The non-refrigeration infrared focal plane array detector of the double-layer structure is composed of a substrate, a bridge floor layer and at least one bridge leg layer and is of the double-layer structure comprises an upper-layer bridge floor layer and a lower-layer bridge floor layer. The bridge floor layer is composed of an infrared thermal radiation absorption layer and a heat reactive layer. The bridge leg layer is composed of a supporting layer and a metal conductive layer. The bridge floor layer and the bridge leg layer are located on the upper plane and the lower plane which are mutually parallel and are fixedly connected through an electrical conduction anchor post. The bridge leg layer is suspended above the substrate and is connected to the substrate through the other electrical conduction anchor post. The substrate is a reading integrated circuit substrate, and the infrared radiation absorption layer is arranged on the surface of the substrate. The non-refrigeration infrared focal plane array detector is obtained through the double-layer structure, the stuffing efficiency of a detector unit can be effectively improved, absorption of infrared thermal radiation is enhanced, the heat insulation capacity of the detector can be effectively improved through a broken line bridge leg structure, the heat loss is reduced, and the overall detection performance is improved.

Three-dimensional spiral inductor and forming method thereof

The invention provides a three-dimensional spiral inductor and a forming method thereof. The three-dimensional spiral inductor comprises a substrate, a plurality of interconnection through holes, a plurality of first metal interconnection lines and a plurality of second metal interconnection lines, wherein the substrate comprises a first surface and a second surface, the plurality of intercommunicated through holes are formed in the substrate in a penetration way, the first metal interconnection lines are located on the first surface of the substrate, the second metal interconnection lines are located on the second surface of the substrate, and the first metal interconnection lines, the second metal interconnection lines and the interconnection through holes constitute the three-dimensional spiral inductor. The three-dimensional spiral inductor disclosed by the embodiment of the invention is large in intermediate area, the area of the three-dimensional spiral inductor on the substrate is only the sum of the area of the first metal interconnection lines and the area of the second metal interconnection lines, the distance among the first metal interconnection lines and the distance among the second metal interconnection liens can be extremely small, so that the area of the inductor on the substrate can be reduced largely; in addition, the three-dimensional spiral inductor is located in the substrate and thus has no influence on other devices forming on the surfaces of the substrate, and thus, the space utilization rate is increased; and the process provided by the invention is compatible with the prior art.

Movable desorption device of activated coke

The invention discloses a movable desorption device of activated coke. An inlet blocking valve, a heating chamber, a reaction chamber, a cooling chamber and an outlet blocking valve are sequentially connected from top to bottom in the reactor main body; the heating chamber is provided with a heating heat exchanger therein which is connected with a thermal source device; a cooling heat exchanger is arranged in the cooling chamber; a preheating chamber is arranged between the inlet blocking valve and heating chamber and provided with a preheating heat exchanger, which forms a heat circulating system with a circulating medium heat exchanger, a circulating pump and the cooling heat exchanger; a first cloth gas guide mechanism is arranged between the preheating chamber and heating chamber; a second cloth gas guide mechanism is arranged between the heating chamber and reaction chamber; and the first and second cloth gas guide mechanisms are respectively connected with a gas recovery suction pump for recycling desorption gas. The invention has higher utility ratio of heat energy by redesigning each part in the reactor, and has more complete air suction, higher desorption efficiency and less corrosion to devices by adding the cloth gas guide mechanisms.

Multi-ground-clearance self-steering intelligent sprayer and control method

The invention discloses a multi-ground-clearance self-steering intelligent sprayer and a control method. The sprayer comprises a vehicle platform, two self-steering traveling mechanisms, a controllable lifting spraying device, a gasoline power generation and supply device and a control device, and each self-steering traveling mechanism is connected with the vehicle platform by adopting a rotation structure; the controllable lifting spraying device is fixed at the tail of the vehicle platform and comprises a sprayer lifting mechanism, a spraying rod device and a drug mixing device, the spraying rod device is arranged on the sprayer lifting mechanism and connected with the drug mixing device, and a spraying rod can move up and down along with traction of the sprayer lifting mechanism; the drug mixing device is fixed in the middle of the vehicle platform and provides drug to spraying equipment for spraying, the gasoline power generation and supply device is fixed on the front portion of the vehicle platform and serves as a stable voltage power source of the equipment, and the control device is connected with driving equipment, a control motor and multiple sensors. Four hub motors are controlled by the control device to realize self-steering of wheels at differential speeds, and the sprayer is high in control accuracy and small in turning radius.

Memory allocation processing method and device

InactiveCN107153618AReduce memory fragmentationImprove space utilizationMemory systemsOptimization systemMemory block
The embodiment of the application discloses a memory allocation processing method and device. The method comprises the steps that memory application information is obtained, and whether or not the applied memory is less than the maximum allocable memory of the memory blocks in the established memory pool is judged; when it is determined that the memory application is greater than the maximum allocable memory, according to the recorded large block of memory information in the data header of the memory block, the memory is allocated from the large block of memory to the application memory; otherwise, whether or not the application memory is greater than the free memory of current memory block is judged, when it is determined that the application memory is less than the free memory of current memory block, whether or not the current remaining space of current memory block meets the needs for the application memory is judged; if the current remaining space of current memory block meets the demand by the application memory, the memory is allocated from the current remaining space of current block memory block to the application memory. By the method and device, the time spent for memory allocation can be reduced, the memory utilization rate of a system is increased, and memory allocation efficiency of the system is optimized.

Double-star and double-beam phased-array antenna for S-frequency band satellite communication

The invention discloses a double-star and double-beam phased-array antenna for S-frequency band satellite communication. The phase-array antenna comprises a dual-circular-polarization antenna array, a radio-frequency circuit layer, a transceiving feed network and a wave controlled and power supply board which are sequentially arranged from top to bottom, wherein the dual-circular-polarization antenna array comprises a plurality of dual-circular polarization antenna units, the radio-frequency circuit layer comprises a plurality of radio-frequency device combinations, the positions of the plurality of radio-frequency device combinations are in one-to-one correspondence to the positions of the dual-circular polarization antenna units, and the radio-frequency device combinations are isolated by metal tapes. The phased-array antenna provided by the invention is used for partitioning an S-frequency band transceiving signal by internal radio-frequency branches, so that the phased-array antenna can work two frequencies of large S and a relay, two wave beams are formed according to time, and the phased-array antenna can be communicated with a large S satellite and a relay satellite according to time. A system adopts a phased-array technique to carry out space wave beam scanning, and rapid tracking of the signal is achieved.

Multi-layer intelligent automatic water culture planting system

The invention discloses a multi-layer intelligent automatic water culture planting system. The planting system comprises a planting frame, a planting tray, an automatic circulating liquid supply device, a lifting and moving device, a light filling device and a control device; the planting tray is arranged on the planting frame; the automatic circulating liquid supply unit comprises a water storagetank, a sinking pump, a liquid supply pipe and a reflux pipe; the sinking pump is arranged inside the water storage tank to supply water to the planting tray through the liquid supply pipe, and the automatic circulating liquid supply device and the reflux pipe form a circulation loop through the liquid supply pipe; the lifting and moving device is arranged on one side of the planting frame, and the lifting and moving device can be used for moving the planting tray; the filling device is arranged at the bottom of each shelf; the control device is arranged on the planting frame, and the sinkingpump, the lifting and moving device and the light filling device are electrically connected with the control device respectively and controlled by the control device. According to water culture planting system, the spatial utilization of indoor planting can be improved, manpower input is reduced, the harvesting of plants and the cleaning of the planting tray are facilitated, and automation and intelligentization are effectively improved.

Raw material prescription with hydrophile ion interchange and inphase opposition ion interchange separation mode chromatographic column and preparation

The invention provides a material formulation of a chromatographic column with two separating modes including hydrophilic ion exchange and reversed phase ion exchange and a preparation method thereof. The material contains matrix monomers, ionic monomers, initiator and porgenic agent. According to the material formulation, the matrix monomers and the ionic monomers are polymerized in the presence of the porgenic agent and the initiator in a silanized capillary; after the reaction is finished, the chromatographic column is washed with methanol, and epoxy bonds on the surface of an immobile phase are immobilized by hydrolyzing with acid or base solution to obtain the hydrophilic ion exchange chromatographic column and the reversed phase ion exchange chromatographic column. Plug burning at two ends of the entire column is obviated during preparation and difficulty on filling the column is also avoided. The column has good permeability, simple preparation process and wide range of applicable separated objects, and can satisfy the requirement of high-efficiency and continuous separation of neutral, acidic and basic substances. Two different separation modes can be provided for the same chromatographic column by adjusting proportion of organic modifier in a mobile phase.

Novel filtering material for air cleaning machine, and preparation method and use thereof

The invention belongs to the field of air cleaning, and especially relates to a novel filtering material for an air cleaning machine, and a preparation method and a use thereof. The filtering material comprises at least one melt-blown fabric filter layer subjected to surface electrostatic treatment, and an active carbon layer uniformly arranged on the at least one melt-blown fabric filter layer, and the outer side of the at least one melt-blown fabric filter layer is also provided with a polyester skeleton supporting layer. The novel filtering material is an one body formed by sequentially bonding the polyester skeleton supporting layer as a first layer, the melt-blown fabric filter layer as a second layer, the active carbon layer as a third layer, the melt-blown fabric filter layer as a fourth layer and the polyester skeleton supporting layer as a fifth layer, can realize efficient cleaning of solid pollutants and gas pollutants, and can greatly reduce the volume of the filter core of the air cleaning machine and improve the space utilization rate; and the melt-blown fabric filter layers are subjected to the surface electrostatic treatment, so the adsorption efficiency of pollutants is greatly improved under same conditions, and the air cleaning efficiency is improved.
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