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System and method for germicidal sanitizing of an elevator or other enclosed structure

ActiveUS20100032589A1Preventing unintentional exposureRadiation pyrometryLavatory sanitoryUltraviolet lightsUltraviolet
A system for sanitizing an enclosed structure comprises a first sensor, a second sensor, a third sensor, a germicidal ultraviolet light source, a motor, and a controller. The first sensor detects the presence of humans or animals within the enclosed structure. The second sensor detects the position of at least one door of the enclosed structure. The third sensor detects tampering with the system. The ultraviolet light source provides electromagnetic radiation in the ultraviolet range. The motor moves the ultraviolet light source from an inactive position to an active position and from the active position to the inactive position. The controller receives inputs from the first sensor, the second sensor, and the third sensor, and transmits outputs to the ultraviolet light source and the motor. When the controller receives signals that no humans or animals are present in the enclosed structure and that the door is in a closed position, the controller transmits a signal to the motor to move the ultraviolet light source from the inactive position to the active position and a signal to activate the ultraviolet light source. If humans or animals are detected to be present in the enclosed structure or if the door is detected to be open, then the controller deactivates the ultraviolet light source and repositions the ultraviolet light source.

Super capacitor energy-storage type elevator driver

The invention relates to a super capacitor energy-storage type elevator driver which mainly comprises a diode three-phase uncontrollable rectifier, a three-phase inverter, a three-phase alternating current variable-frequency motor, a voltage-stabilizing filter capacitor, a super capacitor group, a first current limiting circuit, a second current limiting circuit, a direct current side voltage detecting circuit, a super capacitor group end voltage detecting circuit, a super capacitor group current detecting circuit, a signal conditioning circuit and a set of driving and controlling circuits, wherein the diode three-phase uncontrollable rectifier is connected with a three-phase electric network, the three-phase inverter comprises IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) antiparallel diode moulds, and DSP (Digital Signal Processing) is used as the control core of the set of driving and controlling circuits. The invention changes the energy-saving scheme of feeding braking energy back to the electric network, energy is stored in the super capacitor group, and on-the-spot utilization is realized, thereby not only more conveniently and efficiently realizing energy saving, but also lowering the cost of the elevator driver, improving the operating safety of an elevator, and achieving popularization and application values.
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