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Apparatus and method for event correlation and problem reporting

An apparatus and method is provided for efficiently determining the source of problems in a complex system based on observable events. By splitting the problem identification process into two separate activities of (1) generating efficient codes for problem identification and (2) decoding the problems at runtime, the efficiency of the problem identification process is significantly increased. Various embodiments of the invention contemplate creating a causality matrix which relates observable symptoms to likely problems in the system, reducing the causality matrix into a minimal codebook by eliminating redundant or unnecessary information, monitoring the observable symptoms, and decoding problems by comparing the observable symptoms against the minimal codebook using various best-fit approaches. The minimal codebook also identifies those observable symptoms for which the greatest benefit will be gained if they were monitored as compared to others.
By defining a distance measure between symptoms and codes in the codebook, the invention can tolerate a loss of symptoms or spurious symptoms without failure. Changing the radius of the codebook allows the ambiguity of problem identification to be adjusted easily. The invention also allows probabilistic and temporal correlations to be monitored. Due to the degree of data reduction prior to runtime, extremely large and complex systems involving many observable events can be efficiently monitored with much smaller computing resources than would otherwise be possible.

Product test method and terminal thereof

ActiveCN108255653AAvoiding Missing Configuration SituationsImprove accuracyFaulty hardware testing methodsProduct typeProduct testing
The invention provides a product test method and a terminal thereof. The product test method and the terminal thereof are applicable to the technical field of product management. The method comprisesthe steps of receiving a test instruction for a product and extracting a product identifier of the product from the test instruction; on the basis of a test case template in a test case database, obtaining test case instances matched with the product identifier; determining a test project according to the product type of the product; calculating a matching coefficient of each test case instance and the test project separately according to test parameters of each test case instance; if the matching coefficient of each test case instance is greater than a preset matching threshold value, identifying the test case instance as an associated use case of the test project; generating a test script based on all the associated use cases of the test project. According to the product test method andthe terminal thereof, the problem that test projects can be automatically associated with test case instances in existing product test methods is solved, the accuracy of product tests is improved correspondingly, and the occurrence of missed selection of the test cases is avoided.

Pressure testing method and device and readable medium

The invention discloses a pressure testing method and device and a readable medium, and relates to the technical field of communication. The method comprises the following steps: determining a pressure measurement server; guiding first flow to the pressure measurement server; acquiring performance data of the pressure measurement server from a unified monitoring platform, wherein the unified monitoring platform is used for collecting performance data of at least one application server, and the at least one application server comprises the pressure measurement server; and when the performance data reaches a bottleneck value, acquiring a pressure testing result according to the performance data. By arrangement of the unified monitoring platform, the performance data of the application servers are acquired in real time, the testing server can directly acquire the performance data of the application servers from the unified monitoring platform, complicated steps of needing to receive the performance data from the different application servers after a performance data acquiring request is transmitted to the different application servers when the testing server tests the different application servers are avoided, and only the corresponding performance data need to be acquired in a unified manner from the unified monitoring platform.

PCIE link detection method and system, electronic equipment and storage medium

The invention discloses a PCIE link detection method and system, electronic equipment and a computer readable storage medium, and the method comprises the steps: identifying a PCIE port number corresponding to target equipment when it is detected that the target equipment is accessed; determining a PCIE slot position corresponding to the target equipment by utilizing the system command according to the PCIE port number; judging whether the bandwidth and the rate of the current PCIE bus are within a preset range or not; if not, outputting alarm information, wherein the alarm information comprises a PCIE slot position. According to the PCIE link detection method provided by the invention, the PCIE slot of the target device is determined by detecting the PCIE port number of the target device,and the PCIE slot is output when it is detected that the target device has a fault. The PCIE slot position of the faulted equipment is determined through system commands, the analysis process of maintenance personnel is replaced, the purpose of rapidly identifying and positioning the faulted equipment is achieved, the maintenance speed of a production line is increased, and the operation efficiency of the production line is improved.

Multimedia board card detection method and apparatus

The invention is suitable for the technical field of board card detection and provides a multimedia board card detection method and apparatus. The method comprises the steps of obtaining a device identifier of a to-be-detected multimedia board card; determining a test policy of the to-be-tested multimedia board card according to the device identifier; based on the test policy, testing a performance parameter of the to-be-detected multimedia board card; and according to a preset parameter threshold and the performance parameter, generating a detection result of the to-be-detected multimedia board card. According to the method and the apparatus, the device identifier of the multimedia board card is obtained; the corresponding test policy is determined; corresponding test items are executed for the to-be-detected multimedia board card; and according to the performance parameter obtained by testing, the corresponding detection result is obtained, so that the problems of low test efficiency and high possibility of missing detection and misdetection due to the fact that detection personnel need to determine the test items needed to be carried out and make a corresponding detection process before performing detection each time and the test items need to be manually detected in an existing multimedia board card detection technology are solved.

Verification platform and verification method for symmetric encryption algorithm based on UVM

The invention discloses a verification platform for a symmetric encryption algorithm based on a UVM. The verification platform comprises a top layer, a test case and a verification environment. The verification environment is derived from uvm_env. Required components are integrated and connected to work. The platform comprises a register model, a sequence generator, a sequence, transaction data, adriver, a coverage rate counter, an input monitor, an output monitor, a scoreboard, a reference model, an input interface and an output interface. Transaction data is generated through the sequence,and random excitation is transmitted to the reference model and the DUT module through driving. Then, the operation results of the reference model and the DUT module are transmitted to the scoreboard,the scoreboard performs data comparison to judge the functional verification condition, and meanwhile, coverage rate check is performed through the coverage rate model to ensure that functional verification simulation is normal. According to the invention, the symmetric encryption algorithm is not limited, the function verification of various encryption symmetric algorithms can be realized, and the verification platform has good reusability and reusability.

Automatic evaluation method and system for equal protection evaluation

The invention provides an automatic test and evaluation method and system for equal protection test and evaluation. The concrete steps include obtaining test and evaluation instruction information sent by a user, wherein the test and evaluation instruction information includes network equipment type to be tested and network equipment login information to be tested. Selecting a corresponding evaluation script in a preset evaluation script library according to the type of network equipment to be tested; Logging on to the network equipment to be tested according to the login information of the network equipment to be tested to execute the evaluation script, and obtaining the evaluation data returned after the evaluation script is executed; Analyze the evaluation data to get the evaluation result value, and compare the evaluation result value with the preset evaluation value in the preset evaluation index database to get the evaluation result. The invention obtains the evaluation instruction information sent by the user and evaluates the network equipment to be tested according to the evaluation instruction information to obtain the corresponding evaluation result, which can realize the automatic evaluation of a plurality of network equipment at the same time, so that the evaluation process is no longer limited and a large amount of human cost is saved.
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