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Cross-platform extendible satellite dynamic simulation test system

The invention discloses a cross-platform extendible satellite dynamic simulation test system, which comprises a satellite attitude control system simulator, a flight environment and motion simulator, a satellite basic subsystem simulator and an operation monitoring and management system simulator. The satellite attitude control system simulator comprises a sensor simulator, a controller simulatorand an actuating mechanism simulator; the flight environment and motion simulator comprises an orbit and attitude dynamics resolver, a celestial body simulator, a kinematics and dynamics turntable, akinematics and dynamics translation platform, a hot vacuum and electromagnetic environment simulator and the like; and the satellite basic subsystem simulator comprises a power supply subsystem simulator and a remote measuring and remote control subsystem simulator. The operation monitoring and management system simulates functions of a satellite ground measurement and control center, such as remote measuring data decoding, remote control command generating, data archiving and analyzing and operation managing. The cross-platform extendible satellite dynamic simulation test system has strong extendibility, can be conveniently transplanted on a development and debugging platform, a distributed real-time simulation platform and an embedded semi-physical real-time simulation platform.

Evaluation system and method for automatic driving vehicle

The invention discloses an evaluation system and method for an automatic driving vehicle. The evaluation system comprises a system server, a testing parameter generation module, a field driving testing data collection module and a testing result analysis module. The testing parameter generation module is configured to acquire testing demands and generate and output online testing parameters according to the testing demands; the field driving testing data collection module is configured to acquire driving data collection set parameters, acquire driving testing result data which is fed back by avehicle to be evaluated in the field driving testing process based on the driving data collection set parameters and upload the driving testing result data to the system server in real time; the testing result analysis module is configured to download the driving testing result data in real time from the system server, parse the driving testing result data and generate a real-time driving testingresult report. By adopting the evaluation system and method, field testing can be carried out on the driving capacity of the automatic driving vehicle, the testing report can be generated in real time in the testing process, and thus the accuracy and real-time performance of the testing report are improved.

Software test apparatus and test method

The invention provides a software testing method which comprises the following steps: an interface element database and an action element database are established, wherein, the interface element database is used for storing interface element of a tested software, the action element database is used for storing action parameter that is used for operating the interface element and the action parameter comprises action names and action execution scripts; then according to a predefined testing logic, the corresponding interface element and the action element are refined from the interface element database and the action element database to generate a testing case; finally, the testing case is changed into an automated testing script that is then analyzed and executed and the corresponding operations are completed on the tested software. By applying the method of the invention, the script language can be invoked from the interface element database and the action element database when the testing script is operated, thereby ensuring that the software testing efficiency can be greatly improved and a great deal of resources for developing the software can be saved, but also being capable of improving the sharing property; furthermore, the maintainability and the manageability of the script language.

Field programmable gate array (FPGA)-based integrated circuit chip testing system and method

The invention discloses a field programmable gate array (FPGA)-based integrated circuit testing system, and a method for testing a digital-analog hybrid integrated circuit chip provided with a digital module or using a digital module as a main module and provided with a few analog modules by using the testing system. The system mainly comprises a personal computer (PC) machine, a main control chip, a FPGA chip, configuration information storage equipment and testing vector storage equipment. The testing method is implemented by the following steps that: the main control chip configures the FPGA chip, the main control chip sends a testing command to the FPGA chip, the FPGA chip sends an excitation signal to a chip to be tested and acquires the output response of the chip to be tested, or the analog parameter module acquires analog output response, the FPGA chip compares the output response or the analog output response of the chip to be tested with the testing information and judges the consistency of the output response and the testing information, and the chip to be tested is an accepted product or a defective product is judged. The system and the method can be widely applied in the field of integrated circuit chip test.

Virtual oscillating table detection signal processing method and equipment thereof

The invention relates to a vibration table detection instrument field. In order to overcome the defects of the prior art, a signal processing approach is designed to allow a virtue instrument to be applied to the measurement field and an instrument suitable for measurement is designed accordingly on the basis of the signal processing approach. More particularly, the invention relates to a virtual vibration table detecting signal processing method and the instrument. The method comprises the processes: (1) the acceleration value of the vibration table is collected and converted into electric signals; (2) the signal is conditioned by a signal conditioning instrument; (3) the conditioned signal is collected by a data collecting card and transmitted to a computer; (4) the signal is preprocessed by the computer; (5) the preprocessed signal is discrete Fourier transformed and digital signal frequency domain filtered; (6) in the end, a speed component is output after the signal is integrated for one time; a displacement component is output after the signal is integrated for two times. The detection instrument comprises an acceleration sensor, a signal conditioning instrument, a data collecting card and a computer.

System for measuring and analyzing digital-controlled machine-tool dynamic characteristic

A test and analysis system of digital machine process-dynamics character comprises hardware prepared as arranging acceleration transducer at tail end of cutter, connecting hammer and said transducer to electric charge amplifier being connected to data collector and carrying out data transmission with computer by said collector; and software formed by man-machine interactive boundary and module of data collection, data play-back, hammering test, transmission function analysis, parameter identification, noise test and analysis.

Interface testing method and device

The invention provides an interface testing method and device. The interface testing device comprises an interface scanning unit, a data defining unit, a test case packaging unit, a case executing unit and a report generating unit, wherein the interface scanning unit is used for scanning an object to be tested according to an interface parameter appointed by a user; the data defining unit is used for analyzing a scanning unit of the interface scanning unit to the object to be tested, showing the structure of an interface parameter type and obtaining configuration information of the basic object type appointed by the user, wherein the interface parameter type comprises basic object types; the test case packaging unit is used for obtaining a case element selected by the user, obtaining test data corresponding to the basic object types by using the configuration information of the basic object types in the case element obtained by the data defining unit, and packaging a test case by using the case element and the test data corresponding to the basic object types; the cast executing unit is used for running the test case; and the report generating unit is used for generating a test case according to the run result of the test case. By using the technical scheme provided by the embodiment of the invention, the testing efficiency can be increased.

Automatic testing method and system for mobile phone software

The present invention relates to the automatic test method and the system of mobile phone software. The method mainly includes five steps; firstly, the keystroke operation of a mobile phone is simulated by a program-controlled switching switch; secondly, communication between a base station and the mobile phone is simulated by a comprehensive mobile phone tester; thirdly, the images of the display screen of the mobile phone are real-timely collected by a camera; fourthly, according to a test task, an industrial control computer controls the unified operation of the program-controlled switching switch and the comprehensive mobile phone tester, collects information coming from the serial port of the mobile phone and the camera-collected real-time images of the display screen of the mobile phone and compares the collected real-time images with corresponding preset template images; fifthly, according to the information coming from the serial port of the mobile phone and the comparison result of the images, the industrial control computer judges the operation state of the mobile phone software. The present invention can accurately simulate the process in which a person operates a mobile phone, so the test result is more accurate. Moreover, the present invention can increase the test efficiency and ensure the comprehensive traversal of test cases.

Method for automatically testing embedded software

The invention provides a method for automatically testing embedded software, and aims to provide a method which is not separated in design and execution and is capable of improving the testing efficiency and the testing quality of the embedded software. The method is realized through the following technical schemes of integrating interface design, test planning, test design, test execution, defect management and regression test in a unified platform for management by adopting software engineering; allocating the grades between a data element and a data block according to difference of items, and designing an interface control file; establishing a test cross-linking environment diagram, formulating test types, and designing test items or test sub-items, the name of test cases and the description of test cases; designing independent test cases, forming a scene / business flow test case by linking the independent test cases together through a flow diagram, and saving data of the test design in a database; jointly forming a test platform by enabling the test execution to be combined with the test environment diagram, the test cases and an interface route; automatically recording a test result by a system.

Comprehensive test stand for water-lubricated bearings for pumps

The invention discloses a comprehensive test stand for water-lubricated bearings for pumps. The comprehensive test stand comprises a driving transmission system, a main box, a bearing, a lubricating system, a loading system, a measuring system, a signal analyzing and processing system and the like, the driving transmission system consists of a variable-frequency motor, an elastic coupler, a step-up box and the like, the main box is a cube with a transparent top cover plate, and a spindle horizontally enters the box from a side wall, which is close to the end of the elastic coupler, of the main box. A pressure sensor, an eddy current sensor, a vibration acceleration sensor, a temperature sensor and the like are sequentially arranged and mounted on the spindle or around the spindle and used for acquiring displacement signals, rotation speed signals, phase signals, temperature signals, pressure signals, vibration signals and the like, and the sensed signals which are acquired by the various sensors in an online manner are transmitted to an upper computer to be processed, displayed and stored. The comprehensive test stand has the unique advantages of fine performance, high precision, low cost, environmental protection, zero pollution, friction reduction, energy conservation, noise and vibration reduction, fine fire resistance, easiness in maintenance and the like.
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