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Seat excitation apparatus used for MEMS dynamic characteristics test

The invention discloses an exciting device for testing dynamic property of an MEMS microstructure or micro-device and belongs to a minitype mechanical electronic system. A structure of the device comprises that: a microstructure to be tested is arranged on a crossed spring strip of the top part; the crossed spring strip is arranged on the top part of a sleeve by a bolt; piezoelectric ceramics, an upper connecting block, a steel ball, a lower connecting block and a pressure sensor are arranged inside the sleeve; the bottom of the piezoelectric ceramics is fixed on the upper connecting block; the top part is contacted with the crossed spring strip to change the thickness of an adjustable washer; the piezoelectric ceramics is pressed by the crossed spring strip; the pressure sensor is arranged on a base plate; and the base plate and the sleeve are connected by a bolt. The exciting device has the advantages that in normal environment the device can carry out excitation on the MEMS microstructure, can remove shearing force produced in the using process of the piezoelectric ceramics and effectively prolong the service life of the piezoelectric ceramics through exertion of certain pretightening force on the piezoelectric ceramics at the same time; and the device can measure the output force of the piezoelectric ceramics by the pressure sensor, thereby conveniently seeking a frequency response function of the microstructure and obtaining dynamic property parameters of the microstructure.

Squitieri hemodialysis and vascular access systems

A hemodialysis and vascular access system comprises a subcutaneous composite PTFE silastic arteriovenous fistula having an indwelling silastic venous end which is inserted percutaneously into a vein and a PTFE arterial end which is anastomosed to an artery. Access to a blood stream within the system is gained by direct puncture of needle(s) into a needle receiving site having a tubular passage within a metal or plastic frame and a silicone upper surface through which needle(s) are inserted. In an alternate embodiment of the invention, percutaneous access to a blood stream may be gained by placing needles directly into the system (i.e. into the PTFE arterial end). The invention also proposes an additional embodiment having an arterialized indwelling venous catheter where blood flows from an artery through a tube and a port into an arterial reservoir and is returned to a vein via a port and a venous outlet tube distinct and distant from the area where the blood from the artery enters the arterial reservoir. The site where blood is returned to the vein is not directly fixed to the venous wall but is free floating within the vein. This system provides a hemodialysis and venous access graft which has superior longevity and performance, is easier to implant and is much more user friendly.

Compact axial-flow magnetic-levitation artificial heart pump

The invention provides a compact axial-flow magnetic-levitation artificial heart pump, in particular to an artificial heart pump characterized in that two permanent magnet bearings and a mix of radial magnetic bearing suspension, and the radial magnetic bearing and a permanent magnet motor share a stator and a rotor. The compact axial-flow magnetic-levitation artificial heart pump has the structure that the compact axial-flow magnetic-levitation artificial heart pump comprises a stator assembly, a rotor assembly, a front guidance impeller and a rear guidance impeller; a taper-shaped or axial permanent magnet bearing is respectively formed by a first permanent magnet (9) and a right permanent magnet ring (14) as well as a second permanent magnet (19) and a left permanent magnet ring (18) to realize the purpose that the rotor axially supports in a suspension mode; a torque coil (5) and a suspension coil (7) are respectively wound on a motor stator (6); and with a certain decoupling control algorithm, the motor stator not only generates torque force but also generates radial suspension support force. In the compact axial-flow magnetic-levitation artificial heart pump, the rotor is supported by permanent magnetic force and electromagnetic force, and the compact axial-flow magnetic-levitation artificial heart pump has the advantages of small damage on blood, less radiation, compact structure and the like, is easy to transplant, is suitable for patients suffering from cardiac function failure, heart diseases and the like and can be used for ventricular assisting for a long time or a short time.

Constant volume combustion device for observing mutual effect of flame and pressure wave

The invention discloses a constant volume combustion device for observing the mutual effect of a flame and a pressure wave. A combustion bomb body is provided with an observation hole provided with an optical observation window; the optical observation window comprises optical glass provided with an annular boss on the outer side; the inner side and the outer side of the optical glass are respectively provided with an embedding end cover and a compressing end cover which are mutually connected through a bolt; the embedding end cover and the compressing end cover are arranged on the combustion bomb body through bolts; and high-temperature resistant gaskets are respectively arranged among the embedding end cover, the compressing end cover and the optical glass. According to the constant volume combustion device, the influence of the installation of the optical observation window of the combustion bomb body to the regularity of the inner cavity shape of the optical observation window is reduced, and the inner cavity smoothness is improved, so that the reflection effects of an inner flow field and a wall pressure wave are improved; and meanwhile, the stress manner of glass in the traditional optical observation window is changed, the thickness of the glass is reduced, and the device is beneficial to observation and shooting effects of experiments.

Multifunctional biological solid fermentation tank

The invention relates to a multifunctional biological solid fermentation tank. The main body structure of the fermentation tank is a horizontal propeller, and spiral auger propeller blades are installed below the tank bottom. An auger is directly communicated with steam for sterilizing form the bottom of the tank and communicated with air for cooling, a spray tube on the upper part of the tank body sprays bacterial liquid for inoculation and can also spray water mist for humidity regulation, and thus, uniform inoculation and humidity control can be realized. The unique tank body horizontal type propeller and the auger coordination system below the tank body are utilized, and the circular flowing and the thorough mixing of a solid material in the tank body during fermentation are realized by controlling the rotating speed and the rotating direction; stirring nonuniformity caused by using a motor to rotate forwards or backwards repeatedly is avoided, automatic material discharge can be realized after fermentation, and material discharge is clean and complete. The operations of sterilization, cooling, inoculation, fermentation, temperature control, humidity control, ventilation, vacuum drying and the like required by solid fermentation can all be completed in the biological solid fermentation tank. The biological solid fermentation tank has the advantages of hardly no bacterial contamination, small occupied space, high automation degree, labor saving, investment saving and the like.

Hollow short grow body of oral cavity tooth grow

InactiveCN101366664AImprove support strengthMake up areaDental implantsHeavy loadShort implants
The invention relates to a hollow short implant of a dental implant, which comprises an one-stage structure and a two-stage structure, wherein the one-stage implant part is connected with an abutment part into a whole; the two-stage structure comprises an implant, a bridge adapter ring and a central bolt; peripheral cylinder spirochaeta of the implant part is divided into three stages, saw-tooth double thread in the main part of the implant can bear heavier load; the hollow structural design of the implant part keeps live bone column with a base and blood supply so as to enhance the supporting strength of the bone and the implant; a self-tapping socket can make bone tissue of the internal and external of the implant grow through and heal; a platform transfer design allows the epithelial cuff of the gum around the implant more reliable to avoid bone resorption caused by micro moving and micro leakage. The short hollow implant realizes combination of the internal and external bone, increases the combination area and supporting strength for a short or a long term, can be implanted rapidly with high strength, better retention in the early stage, high success rate in a long term, and solves the problem that the upper and lower jaws abrase the dental area in the conventional oral implant technology.

Excavating tooth component, tooth holder and bucket teeth

The invention discloses an excavating teeth component, a tooth holder and bucket teeth. The excavating tooth component comprises the tooth holder, the bucket teeth, and a locking piece. The rear part of the bucket teeth is provided with a cavity and the front end of the tooth holder is provided with a tooth holder head. The cavity of the bucket teeth and the tooth holder head are firmly combined together through the locking piece. The upper part of the tooth holder head is provided with a first transition connecting surface, a first matching surface and a third matching surface, and the lower part of the tooth holder head is provided with a second transition connecting surface, a second matching surface and a fourth matching surface. The first matching surface and the third matching surface are connected through the first transition connecting surface, and the second matching surface and the fourth matching surface are connected through the second transition connecting surface. The first matching surface and the second matching surface form a predetermined angle with a central axis of the tooth holder head respectively, and the third matching surface and the fourth matching surface are parallel to the central axis of the tooth holder head respectively. An inner surface of the cavity of the bucket teeth is provided with a plurality of matching surfaces which are contacted with the matching surfaces.
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