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Tunnel for conditioning of products, especially for sterilization of food in prepackaged containers

ActiveUS20090283517A1Reduce maintenanceIncreases useful treatment capacityDough treatmentDisinfectionControl systemClosed loop
Tunnel is provided for conditioning of food products, especially for sterilization of food in containers or vessels of the heat-sealed type, in which the conditioning unit has: 1) an active temperature and pressure control system provided in at least one magnetron supported heating stage, which provides for balancing of the pressure within the heat-sealed vessels or containers; 2) a conveyor which conveys the heat-sealed vessels or containers through the stages along the conditioning unit which contains mechanisms that move the conveyor outside of the conditioning tunnel, and 3) doors operating like check valves that separate the conditioning stages, but still provide for continuous linear feed of products through conditioning tunnel. In preferred embodiment, the conditioning tunnel in includes a plurality temperature sensors, such as linear pyrometers for measuring the temperature of for mapping the temperature of products within the tunnel Moreover, preferably the conveyor is adjustable to move forward and rearward, and the magnetrons, which preferably operate at approximately 915 Mhz and 2400 Mhz, are adjustable to provide a controllable movement and amplitude. A controller is connected to the temperature sensors, conveyor and magnetrons to cause the conveyor to move products forward or rearward, or cause the magnetrons to move the magnetic field relative to the food products to more thoroughly and evenly cook the food products. Movement of the magnetron electromagnetic field and/or conveyor is controlled by software which utilizes the temperature and/or density measurements in a closed loop process to ensure uniform heating of the products.
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