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Electric water heater capable of intelligently distributing heating power

The invention provides an electric water heater. The electric water heater comprises a controller, an electric heating device and a water tank. The electric heating device is arranged in the water tank. The electric heating device comprises a left pipe box, a right pipe box and floating pipe coils. The floating pipe coils communicate with the left pipe box and the right pipe box to form sealed circulation of heating fluid. The left pipe box, the right pipe box and the floating pipe coils are filled with the heating fluid. One or more floating pipe coils are arranged. Each floating pipe coil comprises multiple arc-shaped pipe bundles. The center lines of the multiple pipe bundles are arcs of concentric circles. The end portions of the adjacent pipe bundles communicate so that the end portions of the pipe bundles can form free ends of the pipe bundles. The concentric circles are circles with the center of the left pipe box as the circle centers. The pipe diameter of the left pipe box is larger than the pipe diameter of the right pipe box. A first electric heater is arranged in the left pipe box. A second electric heater is arranged in the right pipe box. The first electric heater and the second electric heater are in data connection with the controller. The controller determines the ratio of the heating power of the first electric heater to the heating power of the second electric heater according to the pipe diameter of the left pipe box and the pipe diameter of the right pipe box. According to the electric water heater, automatic distribution of the heating power is achieved through the controller, energy is saved, and intellectualization of the water heater is improved.

Active temperature field regulating and controlling system for manufacturing high-energy beam reinforced material and control method for active temperature field regulating and controlling system

The invention discloses an active gradient temperature field regulating and controlling system and a control method thereof. The system is composed of a temperature field monitoring system, a heating system and a control system, wherein the temperature field monitoring system is used for measuring temperature field information on an XOY plane and at the periphery of a forming region and feeding the temperature field information back to the control system after quantitatively processing the temperature field information; and the heating system is used for independently regulating subregions of a temperature field at the bottom and periphery of a forming tank in real time according to a command of the control system so as to keep the temperature field of the whole machining region constant in the machining process, keep a processed region and an unprocessed region in a reasonable temperature gradient and avoid structural member warping, deforming and cracking caused by thermal stresses. The system can also be used for directly carrying out stress relief annealing on a formed structural member or directly carrying out stress relief on the formed structural member while machining, so that the problems of warping, deforming, cracking and the like easily caused in the forming process are effectively solved, not only is the time shortened, but also energy sources are saved, meanwhile, the holding time of equipment can be effectively shortened, and the utilization ratio of the equipment can be increased.

Intelligent plant supplementary lighting method and device

The invention relates to an intelligent plant supplementary lighting method. The method comprises the following steps: setting a red light threshold and a blue light threshold according to the demand of a plant on red light and blue light in each growth stage; detecting the intensities of the red light and the blue light in the growing environment of the plant; comparing the intensities with the corresponding red light threshold and blue light threshold to judge whether supplementary lighting is required and determine the accurate volume of the supplementary lighting; if the supplementary lighting is required, calculating the input current of a corresponding supplementary lighting set according to the volume of the supplementary lighting, so as to accurately control the intensity of the supplementary lighting set and realize intelligent and accurate supplementary lighting on demand, and if the supplementary lighting is not required, turning off the supplementary lighting set. The invention also provides a device realizing the method. By utilizing the supplementary lighting method and device in the invention, quantitative demand supplementary lighting by wavelength can be carried out on the plant according to the characteristics in different growth stage of the plant.

Reciprocating screw vacuum compressor

InactiveCN102226450ARealize forward and reverse commutation rotationReasonable designMechanical actuated clutchesPumpsExhaust valveDrive wheel
The invention relates to a reciprocating screw vacuum compressor. The compressor is characterized in that a driven wheel is provided with a reciprocating screw transmission mechanism formed by a driven wheel supporting shaft, a gear transmitting and reversing system, hollow shafts, bearing blocks, hollow screw rods, nuts, nut sleeves, connecting sleeves, reversing rods, a spring mechanism and a jaw clutch; tandem piston units in a vacuum compression device formed by cylinders, pistons, sealing connecting pipes, sealing elements A, intermediate separate cavities, sealing elements B, a front separate cavity, a rear separate cavity, three-way intake valves, three-way exhaust valves, intermediate three-way exhaust valves, intermediate three-way intake valves, a main exhaust pipe and a main intake pipe are driven by reversion of the reversing rods in the reciprocating screw transmission mechanism to continuously reciprocate in the cylinders, thus realizing the vacuumizing and compressing functions of the vacuum compressor. The vacuum compressor not only has reasonable design and compact structure, but also has the advantages of energy conservation, no vibration, no noises, conformity with the environmental protection requirement, stable operation, convenience in operation and use and the like.

Light insulating brick prepared from fly ash, boiler slag, construction garbage and straw and preparation thereof

The invention relates to a light-weight insulating brick produced by adopting pulverized fuel ash, furnace slag, building waste and stalk and a production method thereof. The materials of pulverized fuel ash, furnace slag, building waste, stalk, lime power, cement, gypsum, Na2SO4 and water are prepared according to the following mass ratio and are then mixed, molded and cured to product the light-weight insulating brick; the light-weight insulating brick comprises the following weight percentage of all ingredients of the raw materials: 36-55 parts of pulverized fuel ash, 6-20 parts of furnace slag, 26-35 parts of building waste, 3-15 parts of stalk, 12-15 parts of carbide slag, 8-14 parts of cement, 2-5 parts of gypsum, 1-3 parts of Na2SO4 and proper amounts of water. The method utilizes the industrial and agricultural wastes such as the pulverized fuel ash, furnace slag, building waste, stalk and so on to produce the light-weight insulating brick, and the brick is light in weight, heat-insulating, has high strength and meets the quality standard; furthermore, the production technique is simple and no wastewater, waste residue or exhaust gases is discharged, so the invention is energy-saving, pollution-free, low-cost and has good production condition.

Data center and cooling system thereof

The invention discloses a data center, comprising a cabinet and at least one server system, wherein the cabinet is provided with an elevated floor, and the at least one server system is arranged in the cabinet; the server system comprises multiple severs at different heights; and the elevated floor has a ventilating grate hole. The cooling system used for the data center comprises an air conditioner, multiple temperature sensors respectively arranged nearby the exhaust ends of the servers, a group of guide fans arranged nearby the ventilating grate hole of the elevated floor, and a control module electrically connected with the air conditioner, the temperature sensor and the guide fans, wherein the cool air from the air conditioner is injected below the elevated floor; the guide fans can drive the cool air to pass through the ventilating grate hole to flow upwards at an acceleration mode; and the control module adjusts the rotation speed of the guide fan based on the temperature value acquired by the temperature sensor, so as to enable the cool air to be uniformly distributed, and servers at different heights to uniformly cool. Compared with the prior art, the data center provided by the invention can improve the cooling efficiency, so as to save energy.

Vapor generator for intelligently controlling vapor temperature

The invention provides a vapor generator for intelligently controlling vapor temperature. The vapor generator comprises a box, an electric heating pipe, a cold water inlet and a vapor outlet. The cold water inlet is formed in the side wall of the box. The upper portion of the box is provided with an exhausting opening. The electric heating pipe is arranged in the box and comprises an outer pipe and an electric heater arranged in the outer pipe. The electric heating pipe is arranged in the vertical direction. A water input channel is formed in the lower portion of the electric heating pipe to ensure that water in the box can enter the electric heating pipe to be heated. The upper portion of the electric heating pipe is connected with the vapor outlet. The vapor outlet is provided with a temperature sensor and used for measuring temperature of the vapor outlet. The temperature sensor, the electric heating device and a controller are in data connection. The vapor generator of the new structure is designed, vapor can be generated fast and efficiently, moreover, the vapor generator has the beneficial effects of carrying out heating fast, enabling temperature distribution to be uniform and being safe and reliable, and the heating efficiency is improved.

Preparation method of environmentally-friendly aqueous polyurethane adhesive

The invention discloses a preparation method of an environmentally-friendly aqueous polyurethane adhesive. The environmentally-friendly aqueous polyurethane adhesive is prepared from the following raw materials: polydiol with a number-average molecular weight between 500 and 5,000, a hydrophobic chain extender with a number-average molecular weight between 61 and 400, an inner-crosslinking agent,a hydrophilic chain extender, diisocyanate, a catalyst, an organic solvent, a neutralizing agent and deionized water. The preparation process comprises: heating the polydiol, the hydrophobic chain extender, the inner-crosslinking agent and the hydrophilic chain extender in a protective atmosphere of nitrogen, dewatering under vacuume and cooling; adding diisocyanate for reaction, cooling and adding a catalyst for a reaction; adding a proper amount of organic solvent for regulating viscosity; and adding aqueous solution of the neutralizing agent under the action of a high-speed shearing force to obtain the product. The product has the advantages of extremely low organic solvent content, high stability, insusceptibility to agglomeration and sedimentation, long storage period and low thermalactivation temperature, can be used for dry type combination and has the characteristics of high initial viscosity, high flexibility, high breathability, light odor and the like.

Vanadium slag treatment method capable of saving energy and reducing emission

InactiveCN102086487ARelieve the pressure of dephosphorizationEnergy savingProcess efficiency improvementWater solubleOxide
The invention belongs to the field of rare metal extraction, and particularly relates to a vanadium slag treatment method capable of saving energy and reducing emission. The method comprises the following concrete steps: first, placing high-temperature liquid vanadium slag with the temperature of higher than 1200 DEG C, which is separated from molten iron, in a slag tank; then, adding a sodium compound into the slag tank according to the grade of the vanadium slag; and supplying oxygen to the slag tank with a water-cooling supersonic speed or subsonic speed oxygen lance to produce a strong oxidizing atmosphere while realizing a stirring effect to promote quick generation of water-soluble sodium vanadate in the vanadium slag, wherein in order to ensure that the supplied oxygen is more than the oxygen required for totally oxidizing all components in the slag into the highest-valence oxides, FeO/T.Fe in the slag is taken as an index for checking the oxidation degree, V2O5 generated in the vanadium slag reacts with the added sodium compound to generate the water-soluble sodium vanadate, and finally the obtained slag containing the water-soluble sodium vanadate is treated to obtain V2O5. The method provided by the invention realizes vanadium extraction and steelmaking at the same time; and by adopting the method, tremendous economical and environmental benefits can be produced.

Technique for producing deep-drawing cold-rolled plate based on CSP technique

The present invention discloses a CSP process-based manufacturing technique of a cup drawing stage cold-rolled steel sheet. The manufacturing technique comprises the working procedures of steel-making, continuous casting, heat soaking, hot continuous rolling, cooling, curling, pickling and cold rolling, annealing and flattening. The pickling and cold rolling working procedure is realized by that after decoiling, a hot rolled coil enters into a pickling tank with the pickling speed of 160-170 m/min, and then enters into a four-frame cold continuous rolling mill train. The present invention has the relative percent of reduction that STD1 is 30-37 percent, STD2 is 35-40 percent, STD3 is 30-35 percent and STD4 is 0.1-0.5 percent, and the curling is performed after the cold rolling. The annealing and the flattening working procedures are realized by that the cold rolled hard coil enters into a cover-type annealing furnace, the annealing temperature is 675-685 DEG C, the temperature holding time is 10-15 h, and the flattening elongation rate is 1.0-1.5 percent. Compared with the prior art, the performance of the cup drawing cold-rolled steel sheet produced with the present invention can achieve the European standard EN10130: 1999, at the same time, the production cost can be reduced, the energy is saved, and the consumption is reduced.

Photovoltaic cleaning robot

The invention discloses a photovoltaic cleaning robot. The photovoltaic cleaning robot comprises a mobile platform mechanism, a driving mechanism, a walking mechanism, a cable collecting mechanism and a cleaning mechanism, wherein the mobile platform mechanism spans a photovoltaic module; the driving mechanism is positioned at one side of the mobile platform mechanism, and comprises a first motor; the first motor drives a driving wheel to walk on the surface of the photovoltaic module; the walking mechanism comprises liming wheels walking along the upper and lower side walls of the photovoltaic module, and walking wheels walking along the upper and lower edges of the photovoltaic module; the cable collecting mechanism comprises a second motor; the second motor drives a cable shaft to rotate; a cable on the cable shaft is wound up or payed off around the cable shaft; the cable is connected with the cleaning mechanism, and drives the cleaning mechanism to ascend or descend; the cleaning mechanism comprises a third motor; and the third motor drives a brush to rotate so as to clean ash on the photovoltaic module. The photovoltaic cleaning robot adopts a waterless cleaning mode, is simple in use, is directly placed on the photovoltaic module, widens application places of a photovoltaic power station, and reduces the product use cost.

Warm-mixed auxiliary agent for asphalt mixture and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a warm-mixed auxiliary agent for asphalt mixture. The auxiliary agent is formed by uniformly mixing 93 to 97 percent of synthetic zeolite with 3 to 7 percent of granular sodium sulfate decahydrate by weight, wherein the synthetic zeolite includes 15 to 22 percent of crystal water, and the sodium sulfate decahydrate includes 55.9 percent of crystal water. Under normal temperature, the auxiliary agent is mixed with other raw materials according to the content of 0.3 to 0.5 percent of the total mass of the mixture, thereby preparing the product of the warm-mixed asphalt mixture; and other raw materials are 150 to 165 DEG C asphalt, 140 to 180 DEG C aggregate and mineral powder filling materials. During the blending of the mixture, the warm-mixed addition agent and the heated asphalt are added simultaneously, great amount of vapor generated by the moisture-containing auxiliary agent are released, which results in volumetric expansion of the asphalt, thereby forming foamed asphalt; meanwhile, the workability of the asphalt can be enhanced, the blending and mold temperature of the mixture can be reduced by 15 to 25 DEG C, exhaust emission can be effectively reduced, energy consumption is lowered, the aging of asphalt during blending is reduced, and the auxiliary agent has the advantages of simple preparation and low cost.

Method for adjusting indoor temperature and system

The invention discloses a method for adjusting indoor temperature and a system, which belong to the automatic control field. The method comprises the steps of: obtaining indoor temperature and outdoor temperature; comparing the outdoor temperature with the highest and lowest preset outdoor temperature, and adjusting the opening and closing of an indoor window and the use state of an air conditioner according to the result of comparison; when the air conditioner is turned on, comparing the indoor temperature with the highest and lowest preset indoor temperature and adjusting whether the air conditioner is in cooling status according to the result of comparison. The system comprises the air conditioner, a collection module and a control module. The invention can adjust the indoor temperature automatically, control the opening and closing of window and the use state of the air conditioner as well as the cooling status of the air conditioner according to the indoor temperature and the outdoor temperature; when the outdoor temperature is lower, the window is opened to ventilate for cooling down instead of the air conditioner, thereby reducing use time of the air conditioner, saving energy and creating a healthy environment for people with improved quality of indoor air.
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