Voice-control no-hand back pounding device

A technology of a main control machine and a mounting base, which is used in physical therapy, vibration massage, massage auxiliary products, etc., can solve the problems of inability to operate, trouble, inconvenience, etc., and achieves the effect of thumping the back conveniently.

Inactive Publication Date: 2013-10-23
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[0002] The current physical therapy and health care equipment must be controlled by hand. If you are a disabled person with both...
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The invention provides a voice-control no-hand back pounding device which comprises a transverse frame and a lifting column. The transverse frame is installed on the top of the lifting column. Cam machines are installed on the transverse frame. Back pounding heads are installed on the cam machines. A voice-control device is installed on the lower portion of the lifting column. A base is installed on the bottom of the lifting column. A main control computer is installed in the base. A foot control switch is installed on the upper portion of the base. Wheels are installed on the lower portion of the base. The main control computer is electrically connected with a power plug through a power line and electrically connected with the foot control switch and the voice-control device. The voice-control device is electrically connected with the cam machines through a guide line. The cam machines and the back pounding heads can be multiple. According to the voice-control no-hand back pounding device, people with both upper limbs disabled can control the back pounding device through voice of themselves, and people without hands can also use the back pounding device. As the wheels are installed on the lower portion of the base and the back pounding heads which can be lifted vertically to pound the back are evenly installed above the transverse frame, people with the both upper limbs disabled can pound the back conveniently and safely.

Application Domain

Vibration massage

Technology Topic

Pounding headElectricity +4


  • Voice-control no-hand back pounding device


  • Experimental program(1)

Example Embodiment

[0009] in figure 1 In the illustrated embodiment, a horizontal frame (1), a beating head (2), a lifting column (3), a voice control device (4), a foot switch (5), a power plug (6), and a power cord (7) are provided , The main control machine (8), wheels (9), wire (10), cam machine (11), base (12).
[0010] The sound-controlled handless person back-beating device implementing the present invention, a voice-controlled handless person back-beating device, includes a horizontal frame (1) and a lifting column (3). The top of the lifting column (3) is installed with a horizontal frame (1), Install the cam machine (11) on the frame (1), install the back head (2) on the cam machine (11), install the voice control device (4) on the lower part of the lifting column (3), and install the base (12) on the bottom of the lifting column (3) ), the main control machine (8) is installed in the base (12), the foot switch (5) is installed in the upper part of the base (12), the wheels (9) are installed in the lower part of the base (12), and the main control machine (8) passes through the power cord (7) ) Is electrically connected to the power plug (6), the main control machine (8) is electrically connected to the foot switch (5) and the voice control device (4), and the voice control device (4) is electrically connected to the cam machine (11) through a wire (10) , Cam machine (11) and beating head (2) can be installed multiple.
[0011] The sound-controlled handless back-beating device of the present invention makes the horizontal frame, the lifting column and the base into a "earth"-shaped bracket. The base is equipped with four wheels with brakes, and the horizontal frame is evenly installed. A back beating head that can be raised and lowered up and down to beating the back. The present invention controls the back beating by sound, which can be used by people without hands.
[0012] The effect of the present invention is very good.


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