Multistoried garage

A technology of three-dimensional garages and garages, applied in the field of construction, can solve problems such as insecurity, inability to meet the demand for the number of cars, and limited number of underground garages, and achieve the effect of solving the shortage of parking spaces

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-06-01
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[0002] At present, the existing garages are built under the ground of the building except for the open air. With the increasing number of cars, the number of underground garag...
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The invention relates to a multistoried garage. The multistoried garage comprises garages which are arranged on one sides of buildings and communicate with the buildings, wherein each of the garages is provided with an outer door and an inner door, and the garages are adjacent to a vehicle transport elevator; the outer doors communicate with the door of the vehicle transport elevator. When the multistoried garage is used, the vehicle transport elevator is lowered to the ground, a vehicle runs into the vehicle transport elevator, the vehicle is lifted to garage door corresponding to the target floor through the vehicle transport elevator, and the vehicle runs into the garage. The multistoried garage has the characteristics of being simple in structure and easy to realize.

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Automotive engineeringExternal doorway


  • Multistoried garage


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[0008] The structural principle and working principle of the present invention will be further described in detail below with reference to the accompanying drawings.
[0009] see figure 1 , a three-dimensional garage, including a garage 2 connected to the building on one side of the building 1; the garage 2 is provided with an outer door and an inner door, the garage 2 is adjacent to the car delivery elevator 3; the outer door is connected with the car delivery elevator 3 the door communicates.
[0010] When in use, lower the car-delivery elevator 3 to the ground, drive the car into the car-delivery elevator, raise the car to the garage door corresponding to the target floor through the car-delivery elevator, and drive the car into the garage.


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