Repercussion type revolver gun

A technology of turning wheels and holding guns, which is applied to pistols, firearms, offensive equipment, etc., and can solve the problems of inferior power to automatic pistols and gunpowder gas leakage

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-08-17
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[0002] The current revolvers all use the "trigger" to touch the "hammer" to excite the bullets. Because of the need to maintain the free rotation of the revolver, there is a large contact gap betwee...
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The present invention connects the runner and the gun barrel in series on a rotating shaft, and allows the runner to rotate along with the rotating shaft and slide forward for a distance of about 5 mm through the trigger of the pistol, and then bumps into a fixed firing pin. The front and back of the runner and the part in contact with the barrel and the butt have flat planes, so that when the barrel and the runner hit the firing pin on the butt, the bullet is fired in a sealed space. Due to the effect of the reaction force, this closed space is compacted, and the leakage of high-pressure gas is greatly reduced.

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[0011] Create a pistol in which the barrel and the revolver slide and rotate with the shaft. The gunpowder is no longer excited by the hammer. Instead, the barrel and revolver slide backwards to hit the fixed firing pin, barrel, revolver, The butt is a sealed whole.
[0012] Because it hits the firing pin in the reverse direction, it is called a "revolver."


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