Automatic cleaning basket filter

A basket filter and automatic cleaning technology, which is applied in the direction of fixed filter element filter, filtration separation, chemical equipment and methods, etc., can solve the problems of clogged filter cartridges, time-consuming, and excessive filtering impurities in industrial filters.

Inactive Publication Date: 2014-05-21
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[0002] Industrial filters are widely used in petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, pharmaceutical, food and other industries because of their simple structure and many impurities. canister for cleaning
Since the filter cartridge is inside the filter, it is...
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The invention discloses an automatic cleaning basket filter, which includes an upper cover, a shell, a water inlet, a water outlet, a filter cartridge, a sewage outfall, and a cleaning device. The filter cartridge is disposed in the shell, the water inlet is arranged below a filter cartridge port, and the water outlet is disposed above the filter cartridge port. The cleaning device consists of a cleaning brush, a drive device and a drive shaft, the drive device is fixedly connected to the upper end face of the upper cover, the cleaning brush is arranged in the filter cartridge, and the drive device drives the cleaning brush through the drive shaft at the lower end. During use of the automatic cleaning basket filter, when the pressure difference of the water inlet and the water outlet reaches a set value, a pressure difference control system sends a signal to the drive device, the drive device starts to work and drives the drive shaft. The drive shaft drives the cleaning brush to rotate so as to scrape off impurities in the inner wall of the filter cartridge. The scraped impurities fall into the bottom of the shell and are discharged from the sewage outfall. The automatic cleaning basket filter provided by the invention can realize automatic cleaning of the filter cartridge, greatly reduces the cleaning workload of the filter cartridge, alleviates the labor intensity of workers, and ensures normal production.

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Stationary filtering element filters

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  • Automatic cleaning basket filter


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Example Embodiment

[0009] Hereinafter, the present invention will be further explained based on the drawings and the embodiments.
[0010] The automatic cleaning basket filter shown in the drawings includes an upper cover 1, a housing 3, a water inlet 4, a water outlet 7, a filter cartridge 6, a sewage outlet 9, a cleaning device 2, and the filter cartridge 6 is placed in the housing 3. The water inlet 4 is set below the port of the filter cartridge 6, and the water outlet 7 is set above the port of the filter cartridge 6. The cleaning device 2 includes a cleaning brush 2.3, a driving device 2.1, and a driving shaft 2.2. The driving device 2.1 is fixedly connected to the upper cover 1. On the upper end surface, the cleaning brush 2.3 is placed in the filter cartridge 6, and the driving device 2.1 drives the cleaning brush 2.3 through the drive shaft 2.2 at the lower end; in this embodiment, the driving device 2.1 is connected to the pressure difference control system.
[0011] In the present invention, when the pressure difference between the water inlet 4 and the water outlet 7 reaches the set value, the pressure difference control system sends a signal to the driving device 2.1, and the driving device 2.1 starts to work, driving the driving shaft 2.2, and driving the cleaning brush by the driving shaft 2.2 2.3 Rotate and clean the brush. 2.3 Scrape the impurities on the inner wall of the filter cartridge 6, and the scraped impurities fall into the bottom of the housing and are discharged from the sewage outlet 9.


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