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Method for selecting cell in cellular network

The present invention relates to prioritizing special cells in cell selection in a cellular radio network. In a cellular radio network one or more cells provide a subscriber with special services or tariffs not offered to all subscribers. These cells are called subscriber's special cells. The mobile station measures an average reception level and calculates by means of them cell selection parameters on the basis of which the best cell is selected. In accordance with the invention, when the mobile station detects that the cell is one of cells of a special cell list stored in a memory, it checks first if the cell fulfils a minimum requirement of cell selection on the basis of the measured signal level. If the minimum requirement is fulfilled, the mobile station manipulates the calculation of the cell selection parameter of a special cell to the effect that the selection probability of a special cell is improved with respect to a normal cell. In a preferred embodiment of the invention, the manipulation of the calculation comprises a step of adding a predetermined margin to the measured signal level of a special cell before the cell selection parameter is calculated. This will minimize the possibility that the mobile station would accidentally be camped on a normal cell when it is within the area of a special cell.

Preparation method for carbon-containing material metal organic framework-based composite phase change material

The invention discloses a preparation method for a carbon-containing material metal organic framework-based composite phase change material and belongs to the field of nano composite materials and composite phase change materials. The preparation method comprises the following steps: carrying out in-situ growth of MOFs particles on a polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP)-modified carbon material surface by adopting a hydrothermal method to prepare a carbon-containing material metal organic framework-based porous carrier material; then, dispersing a carbon material @MOFs porous carrier material into a prepared solution containing a phase change core material by adopting a solution dipping method; adsorbing a phase change core material by utilizing an oversized specific surface area of the metal organic framework material and a nao duct structure; and drying at a temperature higher than the phase change material to obtain the carbon-containing material metal organic framework-based composite phase change material. The material can be used for improving the heat transfer performances of the composite phase-change material, effectively preventing core material leakage, and has the advantages of wide core material selection range. The composite phase change material prepared by the method provided by the invention is excellent in heat transfer performance, good in circulating stability, simple in process and suitable for large-scale production.
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