Washbasin plug

A washbasin and plug technology, which is applied to indoor sanitary pipe installations, water supply installations, buildings, etc., can solve problems such as damage, improper force direction, and indeterminate pressing direction, and achieves obvious pressing position, easy maintenance, and long life. Effect

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[0002] At present, in the middle and low-grade washbasins used in homes, hotels and public places, the plugs are generally turned over and a relatively smooth flat design is adopted. After people use it, the pressing direction canno...
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The invention relates to a washbasin plug. At present, turning plugs in medium-low-grade washbasins used in homes, hotels and public places adopt smoother plane design. By use of the plugs, people can not determine the press direction and sometimes easily reach the aim by gently pressing the plugs and exerting forces properly, but sometimes a big force needed if the force exerting direction is not proper, and the plugs are easily damaged if the force exerting direction is on a rotating shaft. The washbasin plug comprises a plug body, wherein oval grooves are formed in the two axisymmetric sides of the plug body respectively. The washbasin plug has the characteristics of obvious press position, easy maintenance, convenient use, long service life and the like.

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Domestic plumbing

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[0008] See figure 1 : A washbasin plug, comprising a plug body 1, and an elliptical groove 2 is respectively provided on both axisymmetric sides of the plug body 1.
[0009] When the present invention is in use, the fingers can be directly pressed on the groove.


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