Optical vision effect testing apparatus and testing method thereof

A testing device and testing method technology, applied in teaching models, educational appliances, instruments, etc., can solve problems such as general fatigue

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But the above-mentioned result is the result of human observation on the one hand, it will produce different observation results due to the difference in the degree of concentration of the observer's gaze, the speed of the head moving back and forth, and the stability of the head and neck during the m...
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Disclosed is an optical visual effect testing device and testing method belonging to the technical field of experiment demonstration device, wherein the testing device comprises a testing vehicle, a specific raceway for running the testing vehicle and a testing board, the testing vehicle is positioned on the specific raceway, the testing board is fixedly mounted on the testing vehicle, the heights of the testing board and the tester are different, the testing board is provided with two patterns with fundamental color, the two patterns are arranged from top to down with same graphs and different size, the patterns comprises concentric circles formed from 1-6 identical line segments, there is a separation angle between the tester's horizontal sight line and the tester's sight line when observing concentric circle centers on the testing board, a rectilinear raceway is employed to produce non-interrupted relative or opposite direction movement between the testing board and the tester on the testing vehicle, the tester will be able to observe that, the patterns on the testing board will rotate around the center of circle on the circumference counterclockwise or clockwise.

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  • Optical vision effect testing apparatus and testing method thereof
  • Optical vision effect testing apparatus and testing method thereof
  • Optical vision effect testing apparatus and testing method thereof


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Example Embodiment

[0017] Example: The structure of the present invention is as figure 1 with figure 2 As shown, it is composed of a test car 1, a special track 2 for the operation of the test car, and a test board 3. The test car 1 is located on the special track 2, and the test car 1 is fixed with a seat and used for the head and neck of two testers The positioning device, the test board 3 is fixedly installed on another test car 1. The height of the test board 3 is different from the height of the tester. The test board 3 is provided with 2 patterns with background colors, and the 2 patterns are arranged up and down. The patterns are the same and different in size, and the pattern is composed of a circle composed of the same line segment.
[0018] The described head and neck positioning device is a height-adjustable clip-type positioning device. The positioning device is composed of a vertical shaft, a horizontal plate and a vertical plate. The vertical shaft is fixed on the test vehicle, and the horizontal plate is installed through a horizontal plate adjustment slot. On the vertical axis, the vertical plate is installed on the horizontal plate through the vertical plate adjusting groove.
[0019] The difference between the height of the test board and the height of the tester means that there is an angle between the horizontal line of sight of the tester and the line of sight of the tester when observing the center of the concentric circles on the test board.
[0020] The dedicated track is a linear track.
[0021] An optical visual effect test device and test method, the specific test method is:
[0022] (1) Adjust the head and neck positioning device to position the head and neck of the two testers and observe a pattern each, keeping their eyes on the center of the circle.
[0023] (2) Drive the two test vehicles to make the test board on the test vehicle and the tester move relative to each other uninterruptedly. The tester will see that the pattern on the test board is counterclockwise or along the center of the circle on the circumference. Turn clockwise; when speeding up or slowing down the movement speed of the test car, the angular speed of the pattern rotation will also speed up or slow down.
[0024] In the above optical visual effect test method, the arrangement of the line segments on the circumference of the test board pattern is different, and the rotation direction and angular velocity of the pattern seen by the observer are also different.
[0025] The present invention can be used as an experimental demonstration device and method for observation and testing of optical visual effects, and can also be used as a game device and method, so that people, especially teenagers, can enhance the fun of the game while enhancing the optical visual effect during the game. Perceptual knowledge.


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