Tour guide chair mounting mechanism

A technology of installation mechanism and guide, applied in the direction of detachable/non-detachable seat, thigh cushion, etc., can solve the problems of increasing the cost of the whole vehicle, discomfort, bulkiness, etc., and achieve the effect of convenient riding and increasing the space of the upper door

Inactive Publication Date: 2012-10-24
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Problems solved by technology

[0002] At present, the front and rear dimensions of the folded guide chair are relatively large and heavy; the backrest angle of the wall-mounted seat is vertical and uncomfortable to sit on; after the ord...
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Method used

As shown in Fig. 1, Fig. 2, a kind of tour guide chair installation mechanism comprises connection base 1, first bolt 2, second bolt 3, backrest 4, cushion 5, and described connection base 1 passes first bolt 2 is fixedly connected with the seat cushion 5, and the connection base 1 is slidably connected with the ...
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The invention relates to a tour guide chair mounting mechanism which comprises a connection base, a first bolt, a second bolt, a back and a cushion, wherein the connection base is fixedly connected with the cushion through the first bolt; and the connection seat is in sliding connection with the back through the second bolt. Compared with the prior art, the mechanism provided by the invention can make full use of the limited space in the car, etc., and passengers can feel more convenient and comfortable.

Application Domain

Thigh restsDismountable/non-dismountable seats

Technology Topic

CushionComputer engineering


  • Tour guide chair mounting mechanism
  • Tour guide chair mounting mechanism


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Example Embodiment

[0014] Example
[0015] Such as figure 1 , figure 2 As shown, a guide chair installation mechanism includes a connecting base 1, a first bolt 2, a second bolt 3, a backrest 4, and a cushion 5. The connecting base 1 is fixedly connected to the cushion 5 by the first bolt 2. The connecting base 1 is slidably connected to the backrest 4 by the second bolt 3. The upper end of the connecting base 1 is provided with a hole for the second bolt to slide, and the hole can adjust different angles according to different vehicle body conditions, and the structure is simple and easy to use. The cushion 5 is an automatic return cushion.


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